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Treasure Hunters Hit Unexpected Jackpot!

Posted by on January 13, 2017

Two treasure hunters in Galveston, Texas came across a treasure find that they were not expecting!┬áRobert Hodson and Clyde Longworth discovered several hundred foreign coins on a beach. Hodson said to Click2Houston News, “Sometimes we don’t find like maybe $2 or $3 in maybe a little coin spill, But this was a big coin spill.” They knew immediately that this was a different kind of coin spill, since so there were so many of the coins. They knew it had to be theft. Hodson also stated, “Somebody dumped this. This isn’t a couple coins that accidentally dumped out of somebody’s pocket.” After research online, the two hunters found that the coins belonged to a man known as┬áPeter Grasso. When he was recovering in a senior living center from triple-bypass surgery, he had not only the coins taken from him, but guns and a flat screen TV as well. Read what happens next here.

Photo credits: Robert Hodson and Clyde Longworth




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