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Treasure Hunter Looking To Return Rings

Posted by on July 13, 2017

Treasure hunter Mike Elliot found three rings and is hoping to find the owners. As reported by the Martinez-News Gazette, Elliot discovered an engraved child’s ring (could be a toe ring)  a silver woman’s cocktail ring and the third, which they believe to be gold, is a United States Specialty Sports Association championship ring! Elliott often uses his metal detector in Mountain View and at Waterfront Park. He also discovers plenty of coins, usually modern American ones that get a distinctive patina under dirt. He’s been in the hobby, as the article states, for over 5 years and has familiarized himself with all his detector’s unique sounds for locating treasure.

Metal detecting reminds Elliot of fishing. As the news source stated, “The tones emitted by the detector as he sweeps the ground remind him of a fishing line’s bobber that tells a fisherman he might have a catch.” He has already started the research process, so he can locate the owners. Read the complete story by clicking source below.



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  1. wattsam jassy

    Metal detecting is used to detect the Elliot of fishing, Eliot found three rings and find the owners

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