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This Treasure Hunter Found Amazing Things From A Spanish Galleon!

Posted by on January 26, 2018

Treasure hunter J. Herbert “Herbo” Humphreys Jr lead a very adventurous life. Even though he had passed this world, we wanted to share some amazing things that he did. He used a ship known as The Beacon to find shipwrecks. One of the most successful techniques he used to find them was known as blowing holes. This technique, as the article pointed out, includes, “attachments placed over the Beacon’s propellers shot a forceful column of water down to the sandy, shallow bottom of the Little Bahama Bank.”

That would push away the sand to expose any possible shipwreck treasures. Humphreys and his crew found all kinds of treasure! One example is some coins from the Spanish galleon Mirivallas as it carried riches to Queen Isabella in 1656. In addition to that, they found gold bars and an unbelievably beautiful, emerald studded cross! All of that treasure was from the same shipwreck! Read more about this cool treasure hunter. We can say he had a full life filled with adventure indeed!

Not actual image.

Not actual image.



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