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Scotland Is A Hot Treasure Hunting Location!

Posted by on February 1, 2017

Scotland’s “The National” has announced that more people are anxious to search for treasure there! More people are eager to search estates, fields and woodlands for more valuables. This is largely due to the rise of high profile finds at that location. For example, as pointed out in the article, there was a Viking cache found in 2014. Not only that, there was also gold neckbands found in 2009 that were found to be from the Iron Age. Kevin Munro of┬áHistoric Environment Scotland (HES) said, “We know that detectorists have a great interest in history, and we hope that the project will help us to ensure that they are aware of the appropriate processes for reporting finds when they are discovered.” We think it’s great that so many people have an interest in finding a piece of history! Read the full article on source below.


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