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Rare Late Roman “Evil Eye” Ring Found!

Posted by on August 21, 2013
Sixth century "evil eye" ring that protected the wearer from spells. (photo credits: Croatian Times and

Sixth century “evil eye” ring that protected the wearer from spells. (photo credits: Croatian Times and

Archaeologists in Croatia discovered a ring from the third century! The ring was unearthed two meters in the ground in theĀ eastern town of Vinkovci. The author points out that the ring is believed to protect the wearer from spells. At the same place, researchers have also found ceramics that date from the sixth century. Museum director Hrvoje Vulic argues, “The ring has a drawn rabbit that tastes a flower and that was seen as a symbol of happiness, while the ‘evil eye’ represents protection against disasters and spells.”

On a family trip to Greece and Turkey, I saw many items with the “evil eye” on it. I remember a few times that I got some jewelry items with the eye as well. I love the stunning blue color of the beads and how it represents part of the cultures from which I was visiting. Still, to this day, I enjoy wearing them and have even seen them plenty of times here in the US. After graduating college, I visited a quaint boutique in North Florida where they sold evil eye earrings, necklaces, and even large ones to hang inside or outside of the house.

One of my most vivid memories relating to this, is when I was in Istanbul. While shopping, I saw a booth covered in the items and gorgeous shades of silver and blue. It caught my attention immediately. The ring in the picture is pretty fascinating. As soon as I found the article, all the memories of my trip came back to me. I thought this was so neat that I had to share.


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