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One Wonderful Kellyco Customer Story!

Posted by on September 1, 2016

Check out this amazing comment from our fan and customer, Jason Marlin. Jason came into Kellyco over a few weeks ago. It was such a fun day! We treat each person like VIP and place our customers first.

He has the Garrett ATX, Nokta FORS Core and Garrett Pro Pointer AT.

He said,

“Thank you so much for showing me and my family around the store and warehouse. The Kellyco store was a must on my stop while in Florida. I was able to finally give my Garrett ATX a good run on half reale beach. Although I only found coins at this location it was a great opportunity to give it a great first test run. The Garrett ATX is an amazing machine. I consider my metal detecting time valuable and if I can cover twice the depth with one machine.

I’m basically covering twice the ground at the same time. I’d also like to thank the entire Kellyco staff for going above and beyond with customer service. I ordered both the waterproof grey ghost headphones for the ATX and a pair for my Nokta fors core. They had to ship them and they arrived right on schedule and I was able to pack the for the Iowa leg of my trip. All I can say is WOW money well spent! They are just an amazing product, crisp clear and everything I dreamed they would be.

My brother who lives in Iowa picked the location we were going to detect. He was quite surprised that the Nokta was nailing the coins and weeding out the junk. He was even surprised when I dug up a plastic bottle cap. Placed the Garrett Pinpointer on it and it beeped. “it’s in there!” I said. As he replied “No way!”. With confidence I asked him to dig out the coin.

His only response was to laugh for quite some time as a quarter that had obviously been pressed in many many years ago reveled itself from it’s dirt tomb. I later came across a spot in the park that I told my brother was a coin spill. He seemed lost and as I explained what I was hearing in my “New Grey Ghosts” was all crisp clear coin signals everywhere. Even prior to digging, I was excited as I new something special that doesn’t happen very often was about to happen. The first dig revealed a quarter with a penny sitting on top, at which point my brother was in disbelief and had to bust out the camera. After much laughter and digging, the hole revealed 15 coins. Although nothing of great value it was a great moment to share with my brother who is now a believer in the Nokta brand.

Don’t worry I’ve already told him to shop with Kellyco!”


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