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Newport Teen Strikes Gold!

Posted by on July 5, 2013
Scott Newman holding the ring he found

Scott Newman holding the ring he found

Scott Newman remembers his first metal detector when he got it eight years ago at six years of age. After receiving the detector as a gift, he did not know the passion that would take hold the following years later. His metal detector is long gone, but he is now thrust into a different kind of search. A few months ago, while sweeping the rocky shore near Seymour’s Boatyard, Scott noticed a reading on hisdetector and unearthed a gold ring. He stated, “I had been digging a lot of brass, and when brass is in the salt water, it turns kind of yellowish.” However, it could also be gold; a 22-karat gold ring with three years imprinted on it-1882, 1849 and 1856.

It was up to Scott to find out what was significant about those years and Scott had his mind set on finding the right owner, instead of dollar signs. There was no guarantee that he would have any success. It could have been lost at sea and washed ashore. It could have been dropped by a vacationer. Or it could have been lost by the Lewis family of Northport. Scott said, “I want to present it to the family and ask them to give it to the historical society.”

The ring did not say “Lewis” on it, however, Scott investigated and researched which allowed him to narrow the search to the Lewis family.¬†Heather Johnson, the director of the Northport Historical Society, could not confirm whether the ring belonged to the Lewis family. She was enthusiastic about Scott’s work. She argued, “Scott is an extraordinary kid. He is very dedicated. He’s very passionate about what he does. I think it is more than a hobby. He really does do his research and he is very serious about it.” Capt. Carl “Fizz” Fismer, a longtime treasure diver and a mentor to Scott is very supportive of his work ¬†and regularly phones him from Florida to talk to him about shipwreck diving. Clearly, Scott is an articulate, thoughtful kid who loves history and loves hunting for treasure.


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One Response to Newport Teen Strikes Gold!

  1. matt crorkz

    BUXnO1 Hello. splendid job. I did not expect this. This is a excellent story. Thanks!

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