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New Evidence Revealed On Diet In Pompeii!

Posted by on January 6, 2014
Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius

I was excited when I found this article from because I have always loved recent news concerning ancient civilizations. Ancient civilizations provide clues for many areas of modern life. Most people are familiar with Pompeii’s story. Thousands of years ago, Pompeii was destroyed by a massive volcano known as Mount Vesuvius and the damage done on the Roman city was very large. What we understand about life on Pompeii is more that we knew years ago, but we still do not know enough about many areas of their life.

For example, what was their diet like? What was available around them? From what I remember, Pompeii was a major city in an Italian region known as Campania. Big pieces of the puzzle relating to diet have been revealed, thanks to information revealed by the International Business Times. The article said, on January 4th, in Chicago, Steven Ellis and his team presented their recent discoveries based on an analysis of 20 different plots that were thought to be shops and restaurants.

The article mentioned that the items tested were mineralized food remains located in toilets and drains. The evidence revealed some unique and exotic foods that were consumed, including giraffe, sea urchin and flamingo! What is also interesting about these recent finds, according to the article, is that they were all located in an area that was not wealthy and show that the foods were brought from great distances.



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