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Metal Detecting Becomes More Popular In Wales!

Posted by on May 1, 2017

Every year, there has been an increase in the amount of treasure found in Wales, as reported by BBC News and National Museum Wales experts. Most of the items being found are medieval and Bronze Age artifacts. There are specific areas that are considered “hotspots” for these types of items: Wrexham, Southern Pembrokeshire and South East Wales. A whopping percentage of these finds are being discovered by..yep, you guessed it! – metal detectorists! It’s 90% to be exact! How great is that? 

  • “If the item is declared treasure, it will be taken to the British Museum in London, where it will receive a valuation.
  • In Wales, the National Museum Wales has the right to buy the treasure. This also allows local museums to get a significant proportion.
  • The money made from the sale of the treasure is then split 50-50 with the finder and the land owner.
  • Even if the finds are not treasure, it is still important to report them, so that they can be added to a database under the Portable Antiquities Scheme.”

We urge you to get started and join the hobby, so you can find a unique piece of history!

Photo credits: Getty images and BBC News

Photo credits: Getty images and BBC News


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