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Learn More About Metal Detecting On Farms!

Posted by on March 5, 2018

Have you seen what’s new on our other blog, listed on our website? In this one, we talk about metal detecting on farms. These places have even more potential for treasure than you realize and we talk about how YOU can find the most!

Here’s a short sample:

Finds From Workers-

“Farming is one of the longest-running activities in the world. It was what allowed people to settle in one place after all. Because of this, you could find some pretty old treasure, depending on how long the farm or community has been around, as well as current clad. It’s not uncommon to find pocket spills from workers, either from working in the field or taking a break. Since farms have the soil broken up on a regular basis, you are likely to find things for many years to come.” 


One Response to Learn More About Metal Detecting On Farms!

  1. Christina Hanks

    I think metal detecting is the interesting hobby and It’s an educative method. For this people learn so much about the metal detector and other knowledge. And I think it is a good method. And Metal detecting on farms is also a great idea.

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