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History Unearthed In Arkansas!

Posted by on February 16, 2018

People are falling in love with metal detecting across the globe. Once you get a machine, you are hooked! Everything from the sound of the metal detector makes to hunting a new location, it’s just too awesome to put into words! I personally look for stories having to do with treasure hunters who are passionate about the hobby and finds some . Here’s the most recent one!

A metal detectorist in Arkansas has a passion for bringing natural history to life. OneĀ  of his most favorite things is the beeping sound his machine makes when it locates treasure. His eyes widen with excitement and his focus becomes intensified. It’s a piece of history just waiting for him. He’s been in the hobby for 10 years and either goes hunting with his friends a few times or by himself about three times a week. On metal detecting, he said, “It never really gets old. The joy is in the hunt. It really is. That’s where I find my happiness.” As far the locations are concerned, he looks up the history in Arkansas and asks for permission. One of his best finds, as the article says, is a European compass face with an eagle that has drooped wings. Over the years, he has found thousands of items! Another unique item he’s found mentioned in the article was a 1850’s luggage tag!

This guy really is an incredible treasure hunter and there are so many out there. He started a Facebook group two years ago called Arkansas History Unearthed. It has over 92,000 members! We highly recommend you take a look and follow this guy. We wish him many more successful hunts and adventures!

Note: This is not the actual picture. Image courtesy of Garrett.

Note: This is not the actual picture. Image courtesy of Garrett.


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