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Grove Street Treasure Hunting

Posted by on June 24, 2013
Mark Pietka searching for relics

Mark Pietka searching for relics

Grove Street Livonia and former resident of Farmington, Utah, Mark Pietka uses his metal detector to go on searches for relics. He sees construction sites, such as the Grove Street project in downtown Farmington as an opportunity. Pietka sees endless possibilities and has discovered some valuable finds over the last eight years. So far, Pietka has found a variety of jewelry, Civil War uniform buttons, plenty of coins and more! I would say that is pretty good.

The excitement and passion for the hobby can make anyone want to keep on searching and learning as much as possible. After a recent few days spent at the Grove Street site, he added a 19th century Indian Head penny, as well as an aged token for five cents off the purchase of a cigar, which he said came from England. Pietka says the thrill of the hunt is enough to satisfy his hunger for all things historical. He argues that he has always been a history buff, recalling how he got his first detector as a kid, an inexpensive version that he upgraded to his current model, which cost him about $325. Pietka said one of his more interesting finds over the years was a bracelet, engraved with the name of a victim of a terrorist bombing in the Middle East.

Pietka loves the story behind the objects. He states, “It always makes me wonder, who was the last person to touch this item? And how did it get here?” Pietka brings up a good point on how it is important to get permission from the foreman before going onto construction sites to search. I love to find stories like this where you see someone’s enthusiasm for a hobby and how much they have found. Frequently, they have great advice to give out to others.


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