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Giant Dinosaur Tail Discovered In Mexico

Posted by on August 9, 2013


Hadrosaurs (photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hadrosaurs (photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speaking of a incredible find! Images from Jurassic Park filled my head when I read this article. Paleontologists discovered a well-preserved tail about 16 feet long with 50 vertebrate and belonged to a hadrosaur, which is a  duck-billed dinosaur that lived about 72 million years ago. The length of Hadrosaurs are about 40 feet long with the tail taking up just under half the length of its body. In the desert region of  Coahulia, the tail was discovered and it is the first intact dinosaur tail of this size to be discovered in Mexico. Back in 2008, archaeologists discovered another hadrosaur called  ”Velafrons coahuilensis”, which belonged to a juvenile dinosaur.In 2012, locals stumbled up the fossils. Paleontologists with INAH and the National Autonomous University of Mexico spent about a year surveying the area and discovered other bones besides the tail vertebrae along the way, such as the hip bone of the animal. They have decided to expand the digging plot to 13 feet by 26 feet (4 by 8 meters) to see if more of the animal is underneath the rock. The team is hopeful that the results will help explain the mechanics of how the tails of the hadrosaur moved. What is next for the discovery? According to the article, the bones will be transported in separate parts to the city of General Cepeda and then it will be analyzed more.



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