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Check Out This Treasure Hunter!

Posted by on January 15, 2018

There are many great places to go metal detecting. In fact, we like to tell others to go to places where people gather or have gathered a lot. For example, parks, colleges and churches. Treasure hunter Trevor Ponte loves to hunt at old churches where people have gathered for decades. He said, “In Fairhaven there is an entire block of churches. You can bounce back and forth across the street. It’s awesome. It’s like a metal detector’s playground.” One of his favorite things to hunt for is coins. As the article mentioned, he has an obsession with them. He said on coins, “Coins are so nice looking.” He bought his first metal detector at 21 and has always enjoyed the process of finding treasure. He mentioned about finding treasure, “it’s all about how you’re feeling. You have to want to find something.” Trevor, we love your excitement about the hobby and wish you continued success!


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