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Waste of Time

Virginia boy finds Civil War sword

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. A week after receiving a metal detector for his seventh birthday, Lucas Hall’s gift is already paying dividends for the first-grader. While metal detecting with his father, Gary, on private property outside Berryville, Lucas had a feeling the two needed to stop and look. His hunch paid … Continue reading »

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To the Person Subscribed to Us Who Lives Off the Coast of Africa:

Hi! – Shaun & the Gang

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“Change Hunters” vs. “Treasure Hunters” – Who Does Better?

I just read an article about one family that collected over $1,000 in coins… Nothing impressive there. I know guys who turn in one year’s worth of clad and have well over $1,000. But these people are NOT treasure hunters. They’re “change hunters” and they pick up spare change (read: clad) wherever it lies; forgotten, … Continue reading »

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Yarrr! Beware the scurvy & treat wenches well! It’s International “Talk like a Pirate” Day

No treasure hunter is complete without a good story of pillaged booty and pirate ships… that’s why we’ve decided to properly celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day here at Our sponsor, Kellyco Metal Detectors is also celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day by offering a replica Spanish coin, the same one plundered by … Continue reading »

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Have $16,000 in Coins? Don’t Trust Paper Money? Buy a New Truck!

Just saw this on Yahoo! News and wanted to share it with you folks. It certainly makes you wonder about some folks… “An Ohio man who says he doesn’t trust paper money has delivered enough coins to cover half the price of a brand new pickup truck. Employees at a dealership in the Cincinnati suburb … Continue reading »

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What’s Buried, Edible, and Worth As Much As Gold?

Answer: Truffles. No, not the chocolates. . . Don’t ask me how, because I’m really not sure exactly, but one way or another I ended up looking at a very expensive type of mushroom on I know what you’re thinking – “How does this relate to treasure hunting?” Well, these mushrooms, known as “Truffles” … Continue reading »

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The Evolution of the Pull Tab – Because We Don’t Always Find ‘Treasure’

If you consider yourself a metal detectorist of any caliber then you have an extensive collection of pull tabs. If you’re anything like me, you wonder where the heck they all came from. So I did some digging around online to see what I could find about them and got a pretty good history lesson. … Continue reading »

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“A Dirty Job” – A Novel About a Thrift Shop & Souls

WARNING: The novel being discussed in this post is slightly absurd, with odd scenarios and sarcastic humor. But it’s about a thrift shop owner and how the items in his store hold souls, so I thought it would be neat to share. End warning. I picked this novel by Christopher Moore up a few weeks … Continue reading »

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220 Pound Gold Coin… Guess How Much It’s Worth

You can imagine my surprise as I’m cruising the internet this weekend, looking for something good to share with you folks, when I stumble upon a story about a 200 pound gold coin. First of all, gold prices are outrageous so who has the wherewithal to make a 200 pound coin out of the stuff? … Continue reading »

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When a Regular Digger Just Won’t Do the Job. . .

. . .you need this one. Hopefully you folks will find this video as hilarious as I did. It’s amazing the things that turn up when you search for “metal detectors” on! Enjoy!

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