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Brain Food Vol.6: Coin Identification!

We love to feed our brains good information on coins, especially when it comes to identifying them. There is a wealth of information on the topic of coins, so we found one more piece to help you stand out among your detecting pals. This one comes from Pinterest here. Here’s to you finding more awesome … Continue reading »

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13th Century Treasure Discovered In Farmer’s Field!

The Lancashshire Telegraph reported some very excited news about treasure recently! Coins from the 13th century were found in a farmer’s field! Andrew Smith, who is both a detectorist and a photographer discovered six, silver pennies that dated from the reign of Edward I. The Telegraph mentioned that Smith participated in a dig at Pendleton … Continue reading »

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A 2,000 Year Old What Was Unearthed?

Near a Roman port on the Red Sea, something out of the ordinary was just found – a pet cemetery that dates to over 2,000 years ago! It’s a known fact that ancient civilizations highly valued certain animals are pets, including ones we are familiar with today. Certain animal species held symbolic significance in their … Continue reading »

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Kellyco Team Member Working With Law Enforcement!

Have you ever wondered about the metal detectorists you see on the news helping law enforcement locate evidence? Do they work in the department? Is it just a special duty they volunteer (or are “voluntold”) to do? Well, many times the police department will actually reach out to local metal detecting clubs and request their … Continue reading »

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8 Vacation Spots Perfect For Treasure Hunters!

Are you looking for a vacation spot a bit more adventurous? Maybe something to make you feel like you’re in a movie on a quest for treasure? With some of these spots, you can make that a reality! Here are a few of the 8 locations great for treasure hunters listed by Lyn Mettler for Fox … Continue reading »

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See Videos Of Expert Detectorist Chuck Smalley At Kellyco!

Both yesterday and today, we have had veteran detectorist and treasure hunting expert, Chuck Smalley come to Kellyco to give training lessons! We were so happy to have him give tips on the Minelab CTX 3030 and E-Trac! After talking with a few of the participants, we knew they were receiving such valuable information. They … Continue reading »

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This Detecting Video Will Help Make Your Day

There’s nothing like great, fan made videos that have to do with the hobby of metal detecting! This new one comes from our fan John Cave. We are amazed at his talent and appreciate the time he took to make this video. See it here.

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New Water Proof Metal Detector By White’s!

Who’s ready for their next great underwater or beach find! We can’t wait to see what is in store for this year! We have some exciting news for you! Introducing the all new MXSPORT metal detector! See the official announcement on White’s Facebook page! Photo courtesy of White’s.

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Funny Metal Detecting Imgur Comic!

TGIF! Check out this funny metal detecting comic sent to us by our fan, Steven Cochran on Imgur. Image credit: Steven

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Wonderful Cartoon Made By One Of Our Fans

We want to share a great cartoon made by one of our fans, John Cave. His talent and creativity is wonderful! We especially love the Indiana Jones theme! He comes to Kellyco for all his metal detecting gear! Thank-you so much John!

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