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Silver Treasure Found On German Baltic Island!

In the Baltic Sea, on the German island of Ruegen, 1,000 year old treasure linked to the time of the Danish king Harald Gormsson have been found. According to the source, the treasure discovered included rings, silver coins, pearls and bracelets. This is seen as the biggest amount of coins found in the southern Baltic … Continue reading »

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The 1715 Fleet, Queen’s Jewels, LLC Shares Cool Treasure News!

Yesterday, they announced on their Facebook that the crew of the M/V Sea Reaper and Captain Dan Porter found gold coins from the Douglas Beach Wreck site! Here is their original FB post: “Capt. Dan Porter and the crew of the M/V Sea Reaper continue to recover gold coins from the Douglas Beach Wreck site. On Saturday … Continue reading »

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Scotland Is A Hot Treasure Hunting Location!

Scotland’s “The National” has announced that more people are anxious to search for treasure there! More people are eager to search estates, fields and woodlands for more valuables. This is largely due to the rise of high profile finds at that location. For example, as pointed out in the article, there was a Viking cache … Continue reading »

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Rare Viking Coin Finds Displayed In Ulster!

Valuables found in the UK are considered some of the most unique in the world. There is so much history in the UK, that treasure hunters from all over the world are attracted to the area. We do recommend you do your research and read what the metal detecting laws are, no matter where you … Continue reading »

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8 Vacation Spots Perfect For Treasure Hunters!

Are you looking for a vacation spot a bit more adventurous? Maybe something to make you feel like you’re in a movie on a quest for treasure? With some of these spots, you can make that a reality! Here are a few of the 8 locations great for treasure hunters listed by Lyn Mettler for Fox … Continue reading »

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These Ancient Coins Were Found Where?

These days, there has been treasure finds popping up all over the world! It’s been great seeing just what has been found by people in any country or city! Recently, some new coin treasure has been found in Dundee, Scotland! The Scotsman has all the new info on this! Based on their article, the new … Continue reading »

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The World’s Most Beautiful Places Are Waiting…For You!

Our travel and adventure bucket list just keeps on growing. There are too places in the world that need to be seen with the human eyes and felt deep in the heart. Hidden gems come in many shapes and colors. They are all over the globe and differ to many people. There are five new … Continue reading »

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A Gold Show Worth Watching!

How many of you are familiar with Bering Sea Gold? If you are not, you should take a look at this show! Bering Sea Gold is on it’s sixth season and deals with treasure hunters looking for gold at the bottom of the Bering Sea! This new gold rush has ignited a group of people … Continue reading »

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Nokta Pinpointer Used On Salvage Dawgs TV Show!

Season 7 of the show Salvage Dawgs started filming and in the video link below, the guys had a chance to use the Nokta Pointer (pinpointer).  They used them to find and pull out nails before planing the wood. It’s always neat to see treasure hunting tools being used in creative ways! See the video … Continue reading »

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Treasure Hunting Made This It On This List!

If you can’t wait until spring and summer, we found a list of fun things that you can do underwater! Treasure hunting made the #8 spot! If you are thinking of diving down into the blue depth to find treasure or explore, this is your year! According to the article from SportDiver, here are some … Continue reading »

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