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Term Exploration

Brain Food Vol. 3: Dating Your Button Detecting Find!

Hungry for more knowledge? We feel ya! For this volume of Brain Food, we are on the topic of dating button finds. We got inspired from a Pinterest post, so we knew we had to share! For those of you that have buttons and thought, “How do I know what year this is from? I … Continue reading »

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King Tut’s Life & Death explained more than 80 years after discovery

The famous King Tutankhamun as known as King Tut died between 1330 B.C and 1340 B.C. After being discovered in 1922 by archaeologist Howard Carter, many have proposed theories on his death. However, after many scans, DNA test, and X-rays with the technology we have from this decade, Scientist have finally shed some light on … Continue reading »

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Embezzled millions triggers Austrian treasure hunt

Schranzerwald Forest, Austria – Millions are yet to be found by treasure hunters of all sorts. A fraudulent German financial advisor Augustine whose name has not been officially released, was arrested when a amateur treasure hunter found a suitcase with $185,000 and Augustine’s passport buried near Innsbruck, the capital in west of Austria. After trials, … Continue reading »

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Meteorites for Metal Detectorists – Research By Request

Our contact at Kellyco asked us to post a blog all about meteorites that’s geared for metal detectorists, and she did the research to provided us with all the material. How could we say no? The following information is available on Kellyco’s Meteorite Page with images and links to meteorite detectors. If you have any … Continue reading »

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Exploring the Term “Relic” – Definition, News & Application

I was sniffing around online for some good treasure stories (nothing new there, folks) and I found several articles concerning relics. They’re all interesting and I’ll share the stories in a second, but first I want to define the word “relic” because man, o man, this word get tossed around the Internet a LOT. Princeton … Continue reading »

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