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You Have To See This New Treasure Show!

Yesterday was the season premier of Caribbean Pirate Treasure. This show focuses on two treasure hunters, Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau, who are searching for pirate Calico Jack’s missing treasure! It’s estimated that his treasure is worth $250 million! See more on the show here. This definitely looks like something great to watch!

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See What A Detectorist Has To Say On The TV Show “Detectorists”!

News- The Daily Essential Briefing had the opportunity to hear what a real life detectorist thinks of the popular TV show “Detectorists”. As a recap, the show follows two friends that go in search of their heart’s true desires with a metal detecting. The show combines wit and relatable treasure hunting humor. Detectorist Gary Blackwell … Continue reading »

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A Gold Show Worth Watching!

How many of you are familiar with Bering Sea Gold? If you are not, you should take a look at this show! Bering Sea Gold is on it’s sixth season and deals with treasure hunters looking for gold at the bottom of the Bering Sea! This new gold rush has ignited a group of people … Continue reading »

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Nokta Pinpointer Used On Salvage Dawgs TV Show!

Season 7 of the show Salvage Dawgs started filming and in the video link below, the guys had a chance to use the Nokta Pointer (pinpointer).  They used them to find and pull out nails before planing the wood. It’s always neat to see treasure hunting tools being used in creative ways! See the video … Continue reading »

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New Season of “Detectorists”!

How many of you have been watching this really interesting series? The series follows metal detecting friends, Andy (Mackenzie Crook) and Lance (Toby Jones) on their treasure hunting adventures in England. According to a new article from GQ UK, the series did very good and will be seeing a new season! They will experience newer … Continue reading »

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Why Is The New TREASUREPro A Great Addition?

If you are looking to find a larger variety of smaller, more valuable treasures, you will need a metal detector with advanced features. For example, automatic ground balance that adapts to where you search! The new White’s TREASUREPro detector has this! That allows you to have greater depth and sensitivity when finding targets. Not only that, you … Continue reading »

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This Awesome Story Is One Reason Why People Metal Detect

We have to share news of this unbelievably awesome discovery involving Spanish gold! The crew of a boat known as “Capitana” recently discovered over 350 gold coins! The Capitana is part of the 1715 Fleet-Queen’s Jewels, LLC historic shipwreck salvage operation. The famous 1715 fleet sank in the year 1715, with millions of dollars in … Continue reading »

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Great Photo Album From Team ATC (Diggers) Featuring The Kellyco 60th!!

We came across a wonderful collection of photos from Team ATC (Diggers) today on our 60th Anniversary event! In the photo collection, Team ATC includes pictures with customers and other special guests such as the Schmitt family, who discovered the $1 million Spanish gold treasure off the Florida Coast! We are so glad to read … Continue reading »

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Chad Crawford From “How To Do Florida” Explores Florida’s Treasure Coast!

This is one episode of “How To Do Florida” that you do not want to miss! As Chad says in the video, “Florida’s coast is steep in mystery, legends and secrets!” Chad talks about all the possibilities for finding more treasure! For a TV schedule near you, click here. Do you want to get started … Continue reading »

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See YouTuber DudeLikeHELLA’S New Alaskan Adventure!

See Cory (DudeLikeHELLA) take his Nokta FORS Gold metal detector to a local park for some detecting! His wife joins him with her Garrett AT Pro! See what they find! We love how beautiful the surrounding Alaska area is also. We think that is a lovely area for He mentions Kellyco too! So awesome! Thank-you Cory … Continue reading »

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