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Boy Finds What Metal Detecting?

  Young treasure hunter from North Carolina, Macallister Fraley was searching in his backyard with his metal detector, when came across something that really got his attention. According to Kiro 7 News, Fraley also asks his siblings to help him dig. He ended up finding bullets from the Civil War! Based on information from the … Continue reading »

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Ancient Swedish Rock Carvings Bring Exciting Global Trade Info!

Is it possible that there is no more visible evidence of trade between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean? Archaeologists and researchers now believe so, thanks to new bronze tools found in Sweden. Haaretz News in Israel reports that not only were the bronze tools made of copper, the ancient rock carvings of ships are now seen … Continue reading »

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High School Ring Found 43 Years Later!

Bonni Jensen, as the Standard Examiner site pointed out, was in utter shock as her treasured high school ring had just been returned to her. The story behind it, will always warm her heart. The man who discovered her ring was a complete stranger to her, yet instantly became a face to remember. It turns … Continue reading »

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These Earth Minerals Are More Rare Than Diamonds?

Everyone knows that diamonds are one of the most coveted stones around, but what if there were different types that were more rare? Huffinton Post mentions a few noteworthy ones that are sure to get any gem lover’s attention! The first one is known as Sardinian ichnusaite, which was found in Sardinia. Robert Hazen, a mineralogist, said … Continue reading »

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Another One Of The World’s Biggest Diamonds Found!

Today, 9 News in Australia published some awesome news in the world of gems! Australian mining company “Lucapa Diamond Company” discovered one, huge diamond! One that is THE largest in Angola! Because of this, as the article mentioned, their shares went up over 30%! The gorgeous gem is over 404 carats and as 9 News … Continue reading »

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A Heart Warming Treasure Find Story!

Each week, here at Kellyco, we present a different treasure find story chosen as one to highlight. For this week, we have a very heart warming one to tell you all. This new story comes from our fan Brad Patterson. He went metal detecting around an old vacant city lot. He immediately started picking up signals and … Continue reading »

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Ship From 1700’s Found In Damp Grave

A ship from the 1700’s was preserved in a watery grave and has been discovered! It’s currently being excavated for a new construction project. According to Patricia Sullivan for the The Washington Post, this is something rare to come across, especially with the level of preservation. Sullivan mentioned that the ship was dated between 1775 and … Continue reading »

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Pumpkin Outweighs Smart Car!

Speaking of fall and unusual things, how about a giant pumpkin that outweighs a smart car? According to the Huffington Post, there is an event in Half Moon Bay, San Francisco that draws the largest pumpkins grown! The event is known as The World Championship Pumpkin Weigh Off. This year, it was the 42nd one. … Continue reading »

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New Video Of 4.5 Million Spanish Gold Find!

Do you want to feel the excitement of finding treasure? The rush of seeing new gold coins? Then we recommend you see this video from the Facebook page of 1715 Fleet-Queens’ Jewels, LLC. In the video, you will see the recoveries of the $4.5 million Spanish gold that was found recently! See the reaction of … Continue reading »

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This Awesome Story Is One Reason Why People Metal Detect

We have to share news of this unbelievably awesome discovery involving Spanish gold! The crew of a boat known as “Capitana” recently discovered over 350 gold coins! The Capitana is part of the 1715 Fleet-Queen’s Jewels, LLC historic shipwreck salvage operation. The famous 1715 fleet sank in the year 1715, with millions of dollars in … Continue reading »

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