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13th Century Treasure Discovered In Farmer’s Field!

The Lancashshire Telegraph reported some very excited news about treasure recently! Coins from the 13th century were found in a farmer’s field! Andrew Smith, who is both a detectorist and a photographer discovered six, silver pennies that dated from the reign of Edward I. The Telegraph mentioned that Smith participated in a dig at Pendleton … Continue reading »

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Stolen Coin In Germany Worth Millions!

In the Bode Museum in Germany, there has been a legendary gold coin that is worth 220 pounds and has been stolen! This coin is worth millions and could be worth over $4.5 million at market prices. The story was picked up by CNBC. According to the article, the thieves broke in where the coin … Continue reading »

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Lady Treasure Hunter Finds Class Ring From 1982!

A lady named Christine Montgomery from Fullerton, California has found a class ring while treasure hunting! Based on information from The Orange County Register, the woman has been trying to locate the owner. She said, “I think she’d love to have her ring back.” She discovered the ring at where Fullerton’s  Hanmaum Presbyterian Church once … Continue reading »

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One Wonderful Kellyco Customer Story!

Check out this amazing comment from our fan and customer, Jason Marlin. Jason came into Kellyco over a few weeks ago. It was such a fun day! We treat each person like VIP and place our customers first. He has the Garrett ATX, Nokta FORS Core and Garrett Pro Pointer AT. He said, “Thank you so … Continue reading »

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See Our Recent Treasure Find Of The Week!

We have another incredible story for you all!  This week’s Treasure Find of the Week comes from Tyler J. back in March. He wanted to hunt some older property. The property owner of a home built in 1903 approached him and said his grandmother lost a diamond ring under ones of the trees by a … Continue reading »

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This Rocker Loves Metal Detecting!

Musician Mike Gentry is one of many famous people who enjoy treasure hunting on the side. He recently explained his love of the hobby to Heather Robinson of Knox News. As a detectorist, he has his heart set on finding relics. He said to Knox News, “I’ve always been interested in history, so actually seeking … Continue reading »

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Boy Finds What Metal Detecting?

  Young treasure hunter from North Carolina, Macallister Fraley was searching in his backyard with his metal detector, when came across something that really got his attention. According to Kiro 7 News, Fraley also asks his siblings to help him dig. He ended up finding bullets from the Civil War! Based on information from the … Continue reading »

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Ancient Swedish Rock Carvings Bring Exciting Global Trade Info!

Is it possible that there is no more visible evidence of trade between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean? Archaeologists and researchers now believe so, thanks to new bronze tools found in Sweden. Haaretz News in Israel reports that not only were the bronze tools made of copper, the ancient rock carvings of ships are now seen … Continue reading »

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High School Ring Found 43 Years Later!

Bonni Jensen, as the Standard Examiner site pointed out, was in utter shock as her treasured high school ring had just been returned to her. The story behind it, will always warm her heart. The man who discovered her ring was a complete stranger to her, yet instantly became a face to remember. It turns … Continue reading »

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These Earth Minerals Are More Rare Than Diamonds?

Everyone knows that diamonds are one of the most coveted stones around, but what if there were different types that were more rare? Huffinton Post mentions a few noteworthy ones that are sure to get any gem lover’s attention! The first one is known as Sardinian ichnusaite, which was found in Sardinia. Robert Hazen, a mineralogist, said … Continue reading »

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