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Brain Food Vol. 12: Gold Purity

To understand gold, you have to address it in layers, since there are so many aspects of it. In our last Brain Food blog, we discuss the different types of gold in gold jewelry. Now, we are going to have a shorter discussion on “gold purity” or a guide on measuring the pureness of gold. … Continue reading »

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New Rival Of Stonehenge?

In exclusive news from Independent, it appears that there is much more to meet the eye when it comes to the story of Stonehenge. There’s new evidence to suggest that Stonehenge was built during a time of powerful rivalry having to do with religion and politics! At an archaeological complex known as Durrington Walls, archaeologists … Continue reading »

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Robotic Mermaid Explore New Depths!

Here’s some cool news from the MIT Technology Review! In an effort to find new ways to clean the ocean floor and retrieve sunken treasure, a submersible humanoid robot known as OceanOne was developed. This was also made as a way to help people who work together underwater for various projects. OceanOne was developed at … Continue reading »

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Brain Food Vol. 1: An In Depth Look At Gold As An Element

Gold has always had people talking. There are many faces to gold; currency, element, mineral, etc. No matter what point in history it has been, gold has been a stand out little gem. Today, let’s a deeper look at the scientific side of gold. We will be diving into gold as an element. On the periodic table … Continue reading »

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These Earth Minerals Are More Rare Than Diamonds?

Everyone knows that diamonds are one of the most coveted stones around, but what if there were different types that were more rare? Huffinton Post mentions a few noteworthy ones that are sure to get any gem lover’s attention! The first one is known as Sardinian ichnusaite, which was found in Sardinia. Robert Hazen, a mineralogist, said … Continue reading »

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New Information On The Formation Of Diamonds

According to new information from Sci-News, the formation of diamonds is a more common process that most others have previously thought. It has most often been thought that diamonds are pretty rare, however, new data revealed shows that they might not be as rare. The article mentioned that the prevalence of diamonds near the Earth’s surface still … Continue reading »

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Mind Blowing Facts About The Ocean

The oceans are both beautiful and mysterious. They impact so much of our daily lives; in ways which you may not realize. For example, vital nutrients that the human body needs are in many marine life organisms. They not only help with how we feel, but with how we look, providing a wealth of wonderful … Continue reading »

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Yet Another Reason Why Gold Is Incredible

In recent news, according to Med Gadget, gold particles are now being used to treat cancer cells, in order to dramatically improve how radiation therapy acts on cancer cells! To think that this is something that is so innovative and exciting! The Med Gadget article mentioned that during the laboratory test, which consisted of injecting … Continue reading »

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Human Eye Cells Are How Old?

There is new evidence to suggest that our eye color is alot older than we think. Charles Q. Choi for Livescience argued that the rods and cones, or pigments found in our eyes that help us see, are over 300 million years old!! Choi mentioned that rods and cones are very sensitive to color, help … Continue reading »

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Large Amounts Of Prehistoric Fossils Come Ashore!

A 10 million year old Meglodon tooth was just one of many prehistoric fossils brought ashore by storms on the Pacific coast this winter! See what else was discovered! Read the rest of the article here.  

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