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A New Indiana Jones And More Adventures?

There are plenty of news going around about a new person that will help continue the Indiana Jones films!  MTV UK recently mentioned that Disney is eyeing 35 year old Chris Pratt to take on the role. Everything is still pretty early, however, rumors are circulating fast and more Indy films along with plenty of … Continue reading »

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Will The Bitcoin Bubble Burst Or Will It Rise Amidst Skeptics?

I thought this had some unique views on the rise of the intangible currency known as the Bitcoin. The author, John Aziz, argued how the purchasing power rose to an amazing $3.2 billion thanks to the desire of people to participate in the system. Many large chains are giving in to their curiosity and joining online only … Continue reading »

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15th century Ming’s treasure still have yet to be found

Between 1413 and 1433, seven fleets of Chinese ships were sent out under the command of the legendary Admiral Zheng He, a contemporary of Christopher Columbus. The last of these expeditions sailed to the Straits of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and were wrecked, and still lie on the ocean floor today. … Continue reading »

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Embezzled millions triggers Austrian treasure hunt

Schranzerwald Forest, Austria – Millions are yet to be found by treasure hunters of all sorts. A fraudulent German financial advisor Augustine whose name has not been officially released, was arrested when a amateur treasure hunter found a suitcase with $185,000 and Augustine’s passport buried near Innsbruck, the capital in west of Austria. After trials, … Continue reading »

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More Than Just a Rumor – Fisher F5 & F70

Well folks, this isn’t just a rumor any more. Fisher is going to release the F5 and F70 sometime in March. More importantly: JUST in time for Spring. I dug up some spec sheets on them and they look well-planned and thought out, as most of Fisher’s products do. But it appears that the F70 … Continue reading »

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Check Your Pockets – A List of the Most Valuable U.S. Coins In Circulation

Finding old coins is certainly rewarding, but most metal detectorists walk away with more “clad” then anything else. Thankfully has give us keepers-of-the-clad some hope and provided a list of the most valuable U.S. coins still in circulation. The article describes 10 coins that could be jingling in anyone’s pocket right this moment, or … Continue reading »

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Rumor Mill: New Fisher F2 Coming in December?

Mr. Bill, an admin at Find’s Treasure forums and owner of, posted a photo of the soon to be released Fisher F2. Details are slim, but rumor has it, the Fisher F2 is due out this December. I don’t know how firm this date is, as this metal detector has been delayed a few … Continue reading »

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