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You Need This Garmin Navigator!

The exclusive video on the Garmin GPSMAP64 will show you how this cool product works! The GPSMAP64  is waterproof, has a built-in worldwide base map with shaded relief so you can navigate anywhere with ease! You can add more maps with the the 4 GB of onboard memory and microSD card slot! Locate your position quickly … Continue reading »

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New Field Test For The White’s Treasuremaster Machine!

Here’s something really great from White’s Facebook page. See a brand new field test of the Treasuremaster metal detector! According to their shared post from White’s Electronics UK- Ltd, the detector received a rating of 9/10 from The Search magazine! See the field test here. This machine would make a nice addition for any treasure … Continue reading »

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Why Is The New TREASUREPro A Great Addition?

If you are looking to find a larger variety of smaller, more valuable treasures, you will need a metal detector with advanced features. For example, automatic ground balance that adapts to where you search! The new White’s TREASUREPro detector has this! That allows you to have greater depth and sensitivity when finding targets. Not only that, you … Continue reading »

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Wonderful Review Of The Nokta FORS Gold!

This was a treat for me to read. Personally, reading a first impression of any machine is nice to read. Reading about the treasure finds, or adventures hunting for treasure, helps to make my day. The following review on the Nokta FORS Gold comes from a Steve Herschbach, an admin for According to him, … Continue reading »

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Medieval Treasure Discovered In English Village!

When I first read this article, I thought what unique finds these were. The author, Katherine Snowden, explained how two post-medieval thimbles were discovered  in June by someone metal detecting! According to the article, the man who found the thimbles, believed the find to be more than 500 years old. The thimbles showed quite a bit … Continue reading »

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No Go for Metal Detecting Sandals

This review covers those highly advertised “Metal Detector Sandals” you may have seen online. As the name suggests these sandals actually have a coil in one of the soles which can detect faint traces of metal (0.6m.) So as you swing around your one leg as if it were a metal detector, you can rest … Continue reading »

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