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Wonderful Cartoon Made By One Of Our Fans

We want to share a great cartoon made by one of our fans, John Cave. His talent and creativity is wonderful! We especially love the Indiana Jones theme! He comes to Kellyco for all his metal detecting gear! Thank-you so much John!

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Great Photo Album From Team ATC (Diggers) Featuring The Kellyco 60th!!

We came across a wonderful collection of photos from Team ATC (Diggers) today on our 60th Anniversary event! In the photo collection, Team ATC includes pictures with customers and other special guests such as the Schmitt family, who discovered the $1 million Spanish gold treasure off the Florida Coast! We are so glad to read … Continue reading »

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More Pictures From The Snowbirds Treasure Hunting Event!

Here are additional pictures of the Snowbirds/Treasure Hunting Beginners event that took place on March 6th in Vero Beach, Florida. People had the chance to win all kinds of prizes, that included metal detectors, treasure hunting accessories and more! Other pictures will be coming, so stay tuned. See all of the other upcoming events here.

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The GoPro Hero4 Is A 2015 Must Have!

There are endless possibilities with the GoPro hero4 camera! Cameras allow us to capture our world and our lives. This year, we invite you to capture all the amazing, exciting, spine tingling, goose bump raising, happy moments in your life. Collect the memories from all your travel adventures, great moments with friends and family and … Continue reading »

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A First Look At Our Showroom Mural!

Our mural is now up in our showroom and we wanted to share some photos with you all!  Here is a timeline through photos of the mural being setup in the showroom. Pretty cool, right?          

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Our Treasure Find Of The Week!

We hope your Monday is going good.  It’s treasure find of the week! Love seeing treasure? This is pretty awesome! Here is an image of a Sovereign gold coin found with a Nokta Velox One! We want to see what you found! Share your treasure finds with us in the comments below. Has anyone found … Continue reading »

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Winners Revealed In Miami Underwater Photography Contest!

For all those that anything underwater like myself, these gorgeous underwater photos will make you wish you could jump in the water. When I saw these, I thought how great it would be  searching for treasure in water that looks like the kind in the photos. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to … Continue reading »

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The Amazing Twisted Landscapes of Google Earth

The postcards from Google Earth present a series of screenshots in which uncanny landscapes document technical anomalies in the software, which uses a technology called texture mapping. A texture map is a flat image that is applied to a 3D model, thereby adding detail, color and surface texture. Google Earth uses satellites to take flat … Continue reading »

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L.R. Doty Shipwreck Discovered 300ft Below Lakes Surface

The Milwaukee cargo steamship L.R. Doty has been discovered after 112 years of wondering where it has sunk. The L.R. Doty is of great value because the 300 foot long ship was the largest wooden vessel, and the whereabouts of this ship were not known. Brendon Baillod, the President of Wisconsin Underwater Archaeology Association spent … Continue reading »

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Vintage Civil War Photograph Exhibit – Columbia, S.C.

Fifty remarkable, vintage images from the Civil War era are on display at the South Caroline Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum. On loan from the David L. Hack Collection of the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Va., “these are some of the most powerful and well-known photographs in our nationa’s history.” Relic Room … Continue reading »

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