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The Faces Of The Forest Revealed: Images On Tree Bark Spark Wonder And Curiosity!

Imagine seeing gorgeous images of faces on trees throughout the forest while treasure hunting or on another adventure. They remind me of the rich fantasy stories I read and still do read to this day. DL Cade for Peta Pixel shed some light on the beautiful faces being shown in the forest. In the article, … Continue reading »

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This Is A Perfect Early Stocking Stuffer!

Here is a special reward for you! When you purchase any metal detector, you will receive a Target gift card (up to $100)!!  This is great for adding new treasure hunting accessories for your upcoming fall or winter trips!! I hear adventure and treasure calling! See here for more details.

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Check Out This Treasure Hunting Event!

  Come out for a weekend of fun! We are sponsoring the 2nd Annual Rye Patch Nugget Shoot, which takes place September 27th-28th 2014. The event is presented by The Rye Patch State Recreational Area, GPAA of Northern Nevada, & Reno Prospecting and Detecting Club! The event location will be in Lovelock, Nevada at 2505 … Continue reading »

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Gorgeous Rings Discovered On Island!

If you want to see some lovely treasure, we highly recommend you check out this video by Frederick Barnes on YouTube. Barnes unearthed some really unique  rings that would make any treasure hunter feel instant joy! After 5 hours, they found an amazing amount of various items in addition to the ring!   Check the … Continue reading »

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Funny GoPro Video Featuring Energetic Dog

This video really put a smile on our faces! This one video from Lorduss1 on YouTube proves the GoPro can capture the great and fun things that life has to offer! See the video here!

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Gold Treasure Unearthed In Stockton, UK!

  A metal detectorist in Stockton, UK has found a gorgeous piece of gold treasure!  Thanks to information from the Gazette Live, we know that Ian Bisset from Fairfield, was metal detecting on cultivated land, when he got a strong signal from his metal detector. He said on the find, “It’s a marvelous thing to pick something … Continue reading »

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Our Treasure Find Of The Week!

We hope your Monday is going good.  It’s treasure find of the week! Love seeing treasure? This is pretty awesome! Here is an image of a Sovereign gold coin found with a Nokta Velox One! We want to see what you found! Share your treasure finds with us in the comments below. Has anyone found … Continue reading »

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Dive To New Depths And See Underwater Worlds Like You Never Seen Before!

Dive to new depths & record your underwater treasure hunting adventure/s! with the GoPro Hero3+! See the many beautiful underworlds in a whole new way! Feel the freedom and explore the beauty of our world with a GoPro!

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See Gold Like You Have Never Seen It Before!

Do you want to really see the shine, splendor and beauty of gold? Let the GoPro Hero3+ show you gold in a whole new light!! Trust us, you will love what the GoPro can do for you! #GoProdetect today    

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Amazing Treasure Hunting Video With Many Coin And Relic Finds!

This video comes from a DrTones24K on YouTube. We love how he shows his amazing relic and coin finds! Do you want to discover more coins and relics? We have the tools you need to find your dream treasure! Check out the video here.  

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