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New White’s Detector Available For Pre-Order

The new White’s TREASUREMaster metal detector is available for pre-order!! What makes this machine great? This powerful, all purpose detector finds all kinds of things- gold coins, rings, gold jewelry, Relics and artifacts, and other valuable treasures lost or buried! Use the TREASUREmaster  in shallow water with the waterproof 9.5″ concentric search coil! Use on beaches and land … Continue reading »

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Are You Ready To Win?

You saw the Most Interesting Treasure Hunter do it all! It’s YOUR turn now! Click on the image below to see our CEO, Stuart Auerbach’s exclusive video talking about the contest! Submit a video telling us why you are the most interesting treasure hunter and you could win big! Showcase your personality and have a … Continue reading »

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WWII Bomber Pieces Found By Kellyco Customers!

This is one amazing story! We really love to hear great treasure find stories, especially from our awesome customers! Mark and his son, Matthew Fitzpatrick, were involved in a large, recent hunt with the US Navy and the Central Florida Metal Detecting Club. They were all searching for pieces of a WWII bomber that crashed … Continue reading »

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A New Way To Locate Diamonds?

Diamonds. They fascinate everyone. Everything from the shine to the value. The whole world will always be in admiration of this infamous stone. What if there was another way to locate areas on the ground where more diamonds could be?

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New Fisher Machines You Will Love!

Pre-order the new F11, F22 and F44 Fisher metal detectors! The F11 is designed to deliver an advanced performance in an easy to use format. This detector is sure to fit any budget! The F22 weatherproof detector is built for the toughest environments and the most cost effective metal detector! If you need a machine … Continue reading »

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Win A Minelab GO-FIND 40!

Do you want to win a Minelab GO-FIND 40 metal detector?  Head over to Tarheel Diggin’s YouTube channel and click on his Subscriber Appreciation Giveaway video. The grand prize is the metal detector and there are other things given away too! Thank-you Matt at Tarheel Diggin’ for this awesome video! We highly recommend you check out and subscribe to … Continue reading »

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Let Us Help You Celebrate Mom!

This Mother’s Day, we know just how important it is to find the perfect gift that really speaks from the heart. No matter what the mom in your life loves or enjoys, we have something to bring a smile to her face and warm her heart. Does she love spending time outdoors with her family? … Continue reading »

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Yard Work + Metal Detecting=Treasure!

Have you ever found anything usual or different in your back yard while metal detecting? Look at this story!   If you have found something usual, tell us about it in the comments below.  

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Forest Fenn Treasure Still Not Found!

Remember the famous art collector and treasure hunter Forest Fenn? He made headlines way back when he announced a huge treasure hunt, by hiding a large treasure chest filled with many high value items. There’s been a growing interest in this and still the treasure remains unfound. Recently, he was interviewed by ABC to discuss … Continue reading »

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Yet Another Reason Why Gold Is Incredible

In recent news, according to Med Gadget, gold particles are now being used to treat cancer cells, in order to dramatically improve how radiation therapy acts on cancer cells! To think that this is something that is so innovative and exciting! The Med Gadget article mentioned that during the laboratory test, which consisted of injecting … Continue reading »

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