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See What The Most Interesting Treasure Hunter Is Up To Next!

He’s the most interesting treasure hunter and treasure follows him, but what has he discovered now? You have to see this! Do you want become the treasure hunter you have always dreamed about? We can help you. We have the products and resources to get you where you want to be!  

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It’s World Book Day! Here’s What We Recommend!

Happy World Book Day! Research is highly important for the hobby of metal detecting! It’s also great to read about what others have found! If you are like me and love the feeling of getting lost in great treasure stories and tips, you will really enjoy the selections that we have for you. Do you … Continue reading »

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A Metal Detector Made By A 3D Printer!

As we know, technology is moving in a rapid pace. There are all kinds of things that people can do. One of the most intriguing pieces of technology is the 3D printer. According to Wikipedia, these printers allow you to make an object that is three-dimensional by depositing material onto a powder bed with inkjet … Continue reading »

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Outdoor Adventures, Here We Come!

When it’s Spring, I don’t know about you, but I usually feel a rush of excitement to get prepared for new trips and adventures. The idea of going to unexplored places and smelling the fresh air, along with the feeling of conquering the unknown, makes us want to go somewhere; anywhere we have not been. … Continue reading »

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Showing Our Support Of Law Enforcement

Being apart of the community ¬†is highly important to us. Recently, we got a chance to attend the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Golden Eagle Awards at the Amway Center in Orlando. We came to show our support of law enforcement and the scouting community. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed talking with others. … Continue reading »

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Do You Have One Of These Rare Wheat Pennies?

Pennies. Turns out, we all have so many of them and they are often the coin that gets overlooked, left out or just thrown out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “Oh, it’s just a penny. I have too much of them.” There are many types of pennies that have … Continue reading »

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See The World’s Most Interesting Treasure Hunter!

He’s the most interesting man in the world! He does not find treasure, treasure finds him! See where he goes and what he discovers with his Minelab GOFIND metal detectors! All around the world he’s been with intrigue and adventure following him! Watch him here. Stay tuned for part 2 coming out today! #GOFINDKELLYCO today!

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Beautiful Ring Found By One of Our Team Members!

Our very own Chris Brooks from sales discovered this gorgeous ring with his Minelab Excalibur II metal detector! He has a great story on his find! Read what he has to say here. Isn’t this beautiful?  

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New GPZ 7000 Video From Minelab

Check out this great, informative video from¬†Minelab on the GPZ 7000 metal detector! Here you get to learn about the various gold modes on the machine. The GPZ 7000 lets you find all types of gold, from really gold nuggets to the smallest pieces of gold that you missed! The technology is this detector has … Continue reading »

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Tip Of The Week From Kellyco!

Did you know that relics can include everything from everyday household items to mining equipment, wagon parts, military gear, horse shoes and more? Anywhere people have been will give you an even greater chance of finding a relic. Each time you find one, you help preserve someone’s story. Have you ever found a relic? Tell … Continue reading »

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