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Win Some Great Search Coils!

Do you want to win the Coiltek search coil below? The Coiltek 15″ (7.5kHz) All Terrain Search Coil is just ONE of three Coiltek search coils that YOU have a chance to win!  It’s Trivia Day 2 of the Coiltek Holiday Giveaway, so you still have a chance! Enter now for your chance for winning one of three awesome Coiltek search … Continue reading »

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Coiltek Holiday Giveaway!

Who’s ready for a chance to win some great prizes? Enter the Coiltek Holiday Giveaway for your chance to win some amazing Coiltek search coils! Each day, there will a new trivia question for you to answer and three winners will be chosen at random for each day! Each of the three winners will receive a Coiltek ball cap (Seen … Continue reading »

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Escape The Holiday Crowds Early!

It’s Black November here at Kellyco! Get what you want early! One of the best parts? There are total package savings of up to 50%!

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A Big Thank-you To All The Veterans!

This Veteran’s Day, we honor all those who served. In honor of each veteran, we are donating a portion of all White’s sales to the Wounded Warrior Project. All of us here at Kellyco want to say thank-you to each one of you!

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Ice Age Mummy Unearthed In Siberia

  We could not believe how old this incredible find was when we first read the article! Dominique Mosbergen for the Huffington Post argued that a bison recently discovered in eastern Siberia has been dated to be over 9,300 years old! She also mentioned that the animal was so well preserved, that the heart, brain, … Continue reading »

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Over 600 Artifacts Discovered!

VietNamNet News had some exciting news in the world of archaeology and treasure hunting! According to the article,  the director of the Binh Dinh Museum in Vietnam discovered over 600 artifacts including a time god (Kala) statue, Shiva god’s hand, ancient terracotta artifacts and Champa reliefs! I thought this was fascinating because, as the article pointed out, … Continue reading »

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Treasure Hunters In Galveston Unearth Great Things

Talk about a wonderful success story!  Chron News pointed out that treasure hunters in Galveston, Texas discovered a 10 Karat gold University of Houston class ring from the year 1977! That is just one of many rings the Galveston Treasure Club has unearthed! To read more on this, see source below.   Source    

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Find Treasure, Not Monsters This Halloween!

We have some great specials for you this Halloween, to help you save, find adventure and keep the monsters away. Want to find some relics? If you purchase a relic detector, you will receive the following bonus kit: Walnut Stained Case (9″x12″x2″) The Civil War Collector’s Price Guide 12th Edition Does the thought of finding … Continue reading »

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5 Pound Gold Nugget Is A True Wonder!

This one of many true beauties in the world of treasure finds! The gold nugget discovered is 5 pounds! Michelle Shultz for went into detail on just how amazing the gold nugget really is. She said, “The Butte Nugget,  as it’s called, is about 80 to 90 percent gold and is said to be worth about … Continue reading »

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Do You Want To Visit Some Scary Places?

We like the idea of venturing out into unknown areas and with that in mind,  images of dark forests, large spiderwebs and creepy buildings come into our head. As a travel and literature lover, one example that stands out clearly in my mind is the image of the dark, abandoned fortress known as “Dol Guldor” … Continue reading »

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