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Mysterious “Sea Monster” Found In Baltic Sea?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sea monster? I think of something intriguing, yet scary. Maybe a creature that has lived a very long life, that we have yet to learn from. Like many others, I’d like to think that there are various types of sea monsters out … Continue reading »

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New Video Of 4.5 Million Spanish Gold Find!

Do you want to feel the excitement of finding treasure? The rush of seeing new gold coins? Then we recommend you see this video from the Facebook page of 1715 Fleet-Queens’ Jewels, LLC. In the video, you will see the recoveries of the $4.5 million Spanish gold that was found recently! See the reaction of … Continue reading »

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This Awesome Story Is One Reason Why People Metal Detect

We have to share news of this unbelievably awesome discovery involving Spanish gold! The crew of a boat known as “Capitana” recently discovered over 350 gold coins! The Capitana is part of the 1715 Fleet-Queen’s Jewels, LLC historic shipwreck salvage operation. The famous 1715 fleet sank in the year 1715, with millions of dollars in … Continue reading »

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Intriguing Monolith Found Off Of Sicily’s Coast

A large, underwater find has scientists talking with curiosity and excitement. David Freeman, author for Huffington Post argued that the off the coast of Sicily, a monolith was discovered and this particular one is thought to be older than Stonehenge itself! According to evidence gathered on Stonehenge, the structure was built between 4,000-5,000 years ago. … Continue reading »

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Great Photo Album From Team ATC (Diggers) Featuring The Kellyco 60th!!

We came across a wonderful collection of photos from Team ATC (Diggers) today on our 60th Anniversary event! In the photo collection, Team ATC includes pictures with customers and other special guests such as the Schmitt family, who discovered the $1 million Spanish gold treasure off the Florida Coast! We are so glad to read … Continue reading »

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Great Video By The Hoover Boys Featuring Our 60th Event!

YouTubers and treasure hunters The Hoover Boys came to our 60th Anniversary Event on Saturday and had such a wonderful time. We were all thrilled that they came to tell all their stories and talk with all our customers and fans. This new video features them talking about coming to the event, as well as … Continue reading »

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Win A $100 Gift Card From Us!

We want to hear from you! Show us your¬†most favorite moments from our 60th Anniversary Event on Saturday with the hashtag #Kellyco60th and you could win a $100 Kellyco¬†gift certificate!! The deadline to share is this Friday at 5pm (EST). We love seeing what fun you had! The event was awesome! We want to thank … Continue reading »

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Spanish Gold Treasure Found Off Florida’s Coast!

A Florida family found what most treasure hunters only dream about- Over $1 million dollars of shipwrecked Spanish gold! According to the recent news article from MSN, the treasure was discovered by the Schmidt family, who are contractors for the treasure hunting company 1750 Fleet-Queens Jewels LLC. MSN also stated that the treasure haul includes … Continue reading »

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Chad Crawford From “How To Do Florida” Explores Florida’s Treasure Coast!

This is one episode of “How To Do Florida” that you do not want to miss! As Chad says in the video, “Florida’s coast is steep in mystery, legends and secrets!” Chad talks about all the possibilities for finding more treasure! For a TV schedule near you, click here. Do you want to get started … Continue reading »

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Meet The Diggers! Win Metal Detectors! Have A Blast!

Saturday, August 1st is going to be our metal detecting event of the entire year! We want you to come and see why this is the event you cannot miss!! Here’s what you can expect: metal detectors given away each hour! lots of giveaways! metal detecting manufacturer reps who will be here to answer your … Continue reading »

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