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Sweet Gold Nugget Discovery

Talk about gold galore! WPTV of West Palm Beach mentioned this month that a gold prospector known as Steve Herschback of Reno, found a gold nugget that weighed over 6.5 ounces! In addition to that, as the news station pointed out, Herschback found another 12.3 ounces of gold. According to WPTV, the find is worth $20,000! … Continue reading »

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Ancient Computer Older Than Thought?

Last December, Huffington Post mentioned updated news concerning the Antikythera Mechanism or “World’s First Computer.” According to Huffington Post author Macrina Cooper-White, the device was discovered from a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera in the year 1901. The object is made of bronze and for many years, believed to predict things such as … Continue reading »

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Your Voice Has Been Heard!

Awhile back, we allowed our fans/customers to pick the machines that they feel performs the best in 5 categories: relic, all purpose, professional, water and gold . Here at Kellyco, we love to give others a chance to speak and voice their opinion. We have the metal detector winners! Thank-you to all of you who … Continue reading »

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Inspirational Story With Metal Detecting Mention

We found a wonderful article that talks about not just someone finding things in the ground while metal detecting, but the focus and appreciation of God’s beauty,  as well as finding joy in everyday things. For me, I understand that just getting out with my metal detector and trying, even if I don’t expect to … Continue reading »

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New Kellyco Event!

On March 6th, starting at 11am (EST), we invite you to come to the Snowbirds/Treasure hunting beginner’s workshop in Vero Beach, Fl. This event is so much fun! We want to make sure you get the best out of your metal detector. You get to work with an expert and learn! If you don’t have a … Continue reading »

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New Kellyco Awards From Minelab!

We are thrilled to announce that we have received two very distinguished Minelab awards! We have received many others as well, that have made us a standout. See more here.     

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Get Ready For The Next Level Of Gold Detection!

Do you want to search really deep for gold and other amazing treasures? The Minelab GPZ7000 metal detector lets you go deeper than any other Minelab machine! Over 40%!! The GPZ7000 has a simple menu system, weatherproof detecting, GPS locating & PC Mapping, extreme gold depth AND…gold sensitivity! There’s even more!

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Older Magna Carta Discovered In England

Yahoo News made a recent announcement explaining that a rare version of the Magna Carta has been discovered in England! Dylan Stableford for Yahoo News mentioned, “According to the Magna Carta Project, Dr. Mark Bateson, the Kent County Council’s community history officer, was in search of another document, the Charter of the Forest, in the … Continue reading »

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Goal To Gold Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner! Congratulations to Stephen Popp! He won an 47″ LG LED HGTV AND a Nokta FORS Gold metal detector! We want to give a very big thank-you to everyone who participated and spread awareness of the giveaway! Stay tuned here on our Facebook for more upcoming contests. There are more exciting things that you will have a … Continue reading »

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The Diggers Treasure Hunting Gear Has Arrived!

We have the Garrett AT Pro Digger’s Special Package in stock! Get yours today! They are all ready to have new homes! Now is your chance to get this great treasure hunting equipment that was seen on the show! Explore the unknown and find more treasure with Garrett’s deep-seeking, all-terrain and treasure technology! This new and exclusive technology, seen with the Garrett AT … Continue reading »

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