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Metal Detector Reviews

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It’s time for People’s Choice at Kellyco Metal Detectors! Tell us what your favorite metal detectors are!

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New Minelab GPX 5000 Video!

Hey guys! We just added a great new video on the Minelab GPX 5000 ! Get ahead start on exploring this year, with the right machines! Minelab GPX video  

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Fantastic Treasure Commander TC2X Review!

We found an awesome review on our Treasure Commander TC2X metal detector located on Squidoo! The author, Archetekt said, “I’m excited to go hunting with the new TC2X with it’s lightweight of only 3.1 pounds and 10 inch submersible search coil.” In this great review, the author describes his experiences at different places such as … Continue reading »

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Fisher F5 Product Review

Brand new Fisher F5 product review video added! See the video here.

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The Garrett AT Pro Video Review Is Here!

Hey guys! Our Garrett AT Pro product review video is in! Get the valuable advice that you need to know today! Happy treasure hunting! See the video here: 

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Best Starter Metal Detectors

Here is a great article that narrows down some of the best performers of the metal detecting world. When looking to buy a metal detector, consider not only the features but the comfort level, price and terrain that you will be using the detector on. The features are good to know such as sensitivity, which … Continue reading »

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Excelerator Coils – Field Test Reports, Rumors, Stories & More

Being good friends with a few sales people at Kellyco and owners of Minelab metal detectors, Adam and I have heard a lot about these after-market coils known as “Excelerator Coils.” They come in all shapes and sizes, and generally fit the higher end Minelab and White’s metal detectors. Our Kellyco friends have told us … Continue reading »

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Teknetics Gamma Metal Detector Field Test Report – Thanks Kellyco!

Our sponsor, Kellyco Metal Detectors, often passes along good news to us but this article is one we are really excited to pass along. Lots of people have been looking for reviews and field tests on these new machines out from Teknetics and we finally have something to share. After reading what Mike in Alabama … Continue reading »

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Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector: Another new one

We remember when the pickin’s were slim when it came to selecting a metal detector… Nowadays it seems like there’s a new one coming out every other week! We know Teknetics because of the “T2” metal detector. The brand is technically owned by First Texas (who also owns Bounty Hunter and Fisher), and with the … Continue reading »

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White’s Beach Hunter ID 300 Metal Detector Now Available

We just got news from one of our sponsors that the latest, upgraded Beach Hunter ID is available. Like the other detectors in the 300 series, the Beach Hunter ID features a larger coil that allows you to find objects buried the deepest. Here’s what Kellyco had to say about it: “The White’s Beach Hunter … Continue reading »

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