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Virginia boy finds Civil War sword

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. A week after receiving a metal detector for his seventh birthday, Lucas Hall’s gift is already paying dividends for the first-grader. While metal detecting with his father, Gary, on private property outside Berryville, Lucas had a feeling the two needed to stop and look. His hunch paid … Continue reading »

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Real life treasure hunt made from new Viral Marketing strategy

This morning, I came across a new event that the website made videos which gives clues to unlock the mystery of where their “buried treasure” is to find. An individual can now view the first video and unlock one of eight video clues since yesterday. The site claims there is $10,000 in US currency … Continue reading »

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New Friends & Link

We stumbled on to a site the other day that we were really excited about. We’re in the process of setting up a reciprocal link program with them, but we wanted to encourage you all to take a look if you haven’t already at – Treasure Hunting Forum! We added them to our blogroll … Continue reading »

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Day After Thanksgiving Metal Detector Sale – IS OVER

All I can say is “wow!” Our sponsor Kellyco is really going above and beyond what we have ever known a metal detector dealer to do. They’re having a “Buy One Metal Detector, Get One for a Dollar” sale. Otherwise known as “BOGO” this is the kind of sale you see with low price items … Continue reading »

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Metal Detecting Forums & Magazines

We get asked pretty frequently “which forums are you guys on?” To be honest, we aren’t registered on any. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t lurker’s of a few… For those of you who are looking for metal detecting forums and would like to be more involved in an online community, we encourage the following: … Continue reading »

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How Metal Detectors Work & Other Good Things to Know

We just realized that one of our sponsors, Kellyco, hosts a couple of other services for metal detectorists. Check these out when you get a chance! Created with metal detectorists in mind, this website features articles on Electro Magnetic Field Generation, the history of metal detectors, a buyers guide and field test reports. It’s … Continue reading »

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The World of Metal Detecting – Others Are Catching On!

It looks like others are catching on to our favorite hobby. With the price of gold and other metals increasing to the highest levels ever recorded, it should come as no surprise. But what is a surprise is the amount of media attention metal detecting is suddenly getting. I found an article in Smart Money … Continue reading »

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Win a White’s DFX E Series Metal Detector from Kellyco Metal Detectors

We’ve known about this contest for a couple of weeks now, but we just got clearance to post about it here, on Kellyco is hosting a “Raves & Reviews” Contest to win up to 10 prizes! And yes, you can enter more than once! The Grand Prize winner will receive a White’s DFX E … Continue reading »

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Where To Start Metal Detecting – Research & Books

I get a lot of emails from beginners who are searching for “the best places to use a metal detector” or “where to metal detect in (insert your town here).” The only answer I have is this: Research, research, research. Check the local census records, find out if there were any revolutionary or Civil War … Continue reading »

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Modern Day Treasure Hunters Group –

Hey folks, Check out this new group I created: Modern Day Treasure Hunters Group on I put it together early this morning and Rob over at DumpDiggers is my first member. Here’s the link: Modern Day Treasure Hunters Group. About the group: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! Modern-day pirates, thrift-shop junkies, estate-sale … Continue reading »

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