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More Metal Detecting Humor

Whoa! Take a look at this humorous photo! We enjoying sharing the photos that come in from our fans. This comes from one of our fans–Mark Gregory Pettit. We always tell people to exercise caution with searching for treasure in the water. Always be aware of your surroundings. We don’t anyone to run into one … Continue reading »

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This Detecting Video Will Help Make Your Day

There’s nothing like great, fan made videos that have to do with the hobby of metal detecting! This new one comes from our fan John Cave. We are amazed at his talent and appreciate the time he took to make this video. See it here.

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Funny Metal Detecting Imgur Comic!

TGIF! Check out this funny metal detecting comic sent to us by our fan, Steven Cochran on Imgur. Image credit: Steven

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Most Interesting Treasure Hunter: Treasure Finds Him!

The most interesting treasure hunter is back!! Part 3 is now live, where you can see the treasure hunt him! Everywhere he goes, treasure follows. He doesn’t always have time to metal detect, but when he does, he uses his Minelab GOFIND metal detector! Watch all the other videos on our YouTube channel!

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See The World’s Most Interesting Treasure Hunter!

He’s the most interesting man in the world! He does not find treasure, treasure finds him! See where he goes and what he discovers with his Minelab GOFIND metal detectors! All around the world he’s been with intrigue and adventure following him! Watch him here. Stay tuned for part 2 coming out today! #GOFINDKELLYCO today!

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Share Your Funny Metal Detecting Story

Do you have a funny metal detecting story to share? We want to hear about it! Personally, I think the funniest thing I have to tell,  is just thinking I’ve found something awesome, only to discover things such as pull tabs, trash, etc. You get all excited and then bam! Nothing yet. Ha ha, but I … Continue reading »

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A Little Metal Detecting Humor For Your Monday

How many of you have ever thought this? We have, lol. (Photo credit: Let us show you how to find even more gold treasure with your metal detector!  

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