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Good Deeds

Wedding Ring Recovered In Lake Michigan

In a recent August post from Fox 17 West Michigan, a man with a metal detector from West Michigan found a wedding ring lost in Lake Michigan! A woman named Jamie Kennedy lost the ring after a beach trip with her friends and kids. She said, “I was in the water when I pushed my … Continue reading »

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Underwater Detectorist Finds Diamond Ring!

The UK site The Telegraph tells of a very uplifting metal detecting story to help you get through the rest of the week. This one has to do with a lost diamond ring found again! The story starts with a British lady who lost her diamond ring while on vacation in the Mediterranean Sea. The … Continue reading »

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More Good Deeds From A Detectorist!

In a recent interview with the South Wales Evening Post, 60 year shopkeeper Geoff Baker explained that he has a strong desire to help return lost rings to their owners. Recently, on Swansea beach, he discovered two rings. He said on the discovery, “They were found close together on the high tide mark. It’s hard … Continue reading »

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More Proof Of The Powerful Benefits Of Using A Detector!

We have always believed metal detecting to be one of those hobbies that greatly benefits the mind in addition to the body. One couple is making headlines for helping veterans everyone suffering with PTSD. Derek McLennan and his partner Sharon McKee are both history fans and have started an organization called Beyond the Beep. This organization … Continue reading »

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High School Ring Found 43 Years Later!

Bonni Jensen, as the Standard Examiner site pointed out, was in utter shock as her treasured high school ring had just been returned to her. The story behind it, will always warm her heart. The man who discovered her ring was a complete stranger to her, yet instantly became a face to remember. It turns … Continue reading »

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A Heart Warming Treasure Find Story!

Each week, here at Kellyco, we present a different treasure find story chosen as one to highlight. For this week, we have a very heart warming one to tell you all. This new story comes from our fan Brad Patterson. He went metal detecting around an old vacant city lot. He immediately started picking up signals and … Continue reading »

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It’s Giving Tuesday! Our Thoughts

It’s Giving Tuesday!  We encourage everyone to give back to causes you care about. Every kind act and donation makes a difference. Did you know that the hobby of metal detecting helps to make a positive difference in many ways? You not only find valuable items, you gain an added appreciation for culture, history and society itself. … Continue reading »

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Inspirational Story With Metal Detecting Mention

We found a wonderful article that talks about not just someone finding things in the ground while metal detecting, but the focus and appreciation of God’s beauty,  as well as finding joy in everyday things. For me, I understand that just getting out with my metal detector and trying, even if I don’t expect to … Continue reading »

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Treasure Hunters In Galveston Unearth Great Things

Talk about a wonderful success story!  Chron News pointed out that treasure hunters in Galveston, Texas discovered a 10 Karat gold University of Houston class ring from the year 1977! That is just one of many rings the Galveston Treasure Club has unearthed! To read more on this, see source below.   Source    

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Lost Fire Island Wedding Ring Returned

This article from NBC News New York is an example of the stories that we love most at Kellyco. While vacationing with her family on Fire Island a few weeks ago, Erin Carrazzo lost her wedding ring. According to the article, Erin posted on her Facebook page that she hoped “a metal detectorist would find … Continue reading »

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