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New Treasure Unearthed By Hurricane Matthew

If there is one good thing about storms, they wash all kinds of new treasure possibilities closer to shore. Hunting after a storm is one of the most sought after detecting experiences! We are waiting to see what things come ashore for treasure hunters to find. We recently found an article telling of one, neat … Continue reading »

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These Rock Carvings Are Mesmerizing!

As part of an early understanding of Britain’s oldest types of art, a British archaeologist named George Currie has located a astonishing amount of carvings to a recent project. Based on new data in The Observer, he said he located more than 670 Neolithic and Bronze Age carvings over the last 15 years! Can you imagine the … Continue reading »

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A Kellyco Team Member Tests The New Makro Racer 2!

We’re always up for another adventure and recently one of our team members, James Darby had the opportunity to test two, great metal detectors– the new Makro Racer 2 and the Garrett ACE 400! James is an avid detectorist with a passion for water hunting. This time, he decided to visit Jupiter Beach. He went … Continue reading »

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Take An Underwater Treasure Hunting Dive With A Kellyco Team Member!

We have some pretty cool detectorists here at Kellyco. In addition to loving the hobby itself, they really enjoy sharing their adventures with everyone. Take avid detectorist and treasure hunter, Chris O’Connell. He is a water hunter, who frequently uses Aquascan Aquapulse products to scan for treasure. He is also a member of New Age … Continue reading »

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New Rival Of Stonehenge?

In exclusive news from Independent, it appears that there is much more to meet the eye when it comes to the story of Stonehenge. There’s new evidence to suggest that Stonehenge was built during a time of powerful rivalry having to do with religion and politics! At an archaeological complex known as Durrington Walls, archaeologists … Continue reading »

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See The Underground World Like Never Before!

Presenting the new Makro Deephunter3D and Deephunter3D Pro! These have two search modes: MOD 1 and MOD 2. MOD 1 locates voids and precious metals. MOD 2 finds small targets in highly mineralized soil. MOD 2 also locates coins and gold! You can hunt in any, difficult soil condition! Both machines come with over $665.00 in free accessories!! Find … Continue reading »

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8 Vacation Spots Perfect For Treasure Hunters!

Are you looking for a vacation spot a bit more adventurous? Maybe something to make you feel like you’re in a movie on a quest for treasure? With some of these spots, you can make that a reality! Here are a few of the 8 locations great for treasure hunters listed by Lyn Mettler for Fox … Continue reading »

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Capitana Crew Finds More Treasure!

If you haven’t heard of these treasure hunters, you should because they are awesome! 1715 Fleet-Queen’s Jewels, LLC is THE largest permitted historical shipwreck salvage operation in Florida’s waters! They have salvaged the remains of the 1715 Fleet and continue to find more of the gorgeous pieces of history in the ocean. As they said … Continue reading »

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Hooked On History: Hear What This Treasure Hunter Says!

The Columbia Daily Harold had a chance to speak with a fascinating Civil War-era treasure hunter named Eddie Glasco. He is on a journey to find as many Civil War relics as he can. He has been in the treasure hunting hobby for over 22 years and wonders about the history behind every item he … Continue reading »

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Discover Diamonds And More Gems!

We all enjoy finding all that glitters, especially if we just found it in the ground while treasure hunting! Has the thought come across your mind about how to start looking for specific gems and diamonds while using your metal detector? There are specific ways for you to locate and uncover amazing gems with your … Continue reading »

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