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See Underground Metals In Real Time!

Technology is ever changing in the metal detecting world. You have to admit, it’s come a very long way. Everything from the features down to the materials. It’s all about making YOUR experience the best! The most recent update to a long line of standouts is the new, Nokta INVENIO machines. These are smart detectors … Continue reading »

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Learn More About Metal Detecting On Farms!

Have you seen what’s new on our other blog, listed on our website? In this one, we talk about metal detecting on farms. These places have even more potential for treasure than you realize and we talk about how YOU can find the most! Here’s a short sample: Finds From Workers- “Farming is one of … Continue reading »

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Learn How Metal Detectors Work

If you haven’t seen it, you should check our newest blog post on our website. We have other, guest posts and treasure hunting topics. On this newest post, we give you insider info just how your machine works. Learn the ins and outs of your metal detector! Check out the full post here. Blog sample: … Continue reading »

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Are You Ready For Spring Hunting?

After the severe cold and the blanket of winter has pulled away, it’s time for a refresh. This includes getting ready for more detecting adventures in warmer weather and sorting out what upgrades you want to get. We’ve taken the guesswork out for you regarding top products to use this spring! If you haven’t checked … Continue reading »

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Kellyco Guest Blog: Rusty Halo Metal Detecting!

We had a chance to partner up and speak with the amazing treasure hunter, Megan from Rusty Halo Metal Detecting! We are so thankful for her to take the time to speak with us. She has a great YouTube channel where she focuses on finding all the best pieces of treasure. She’s found relics, unusual … Continue reading »

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Hunt For Gold In Arizona! Read These Tips!

We want to let you know we have a second blog on our main site. We like to incorporate as much important information for all level detectorists on both sources. Our newest post was done by treasure hunter, Jami Olive. Here are some exerpts from the blog: “After doing some research about finding gold in … Continue reading »

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Stu The Legend!

Here at Kellyco, we enjoy telling others about the start of the company and enjoy sharing facts with you about our founder and CEO, Stuart Auerbach. One of the reasons why we do is to let you know that at the center of the company is YOU. We care about each and every fan & … Continue reading »

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Learning About The Past Benefits All Generations

This is a great tidbit about archaeology from Upper Michigan Source! At the Marquette Regional History Museum in Michigan, people of all ages got a chance to appreciate the past by celebrating International Archaeology Day. Gathered among the archaeology professionals were archaeology students and kids. They had a chance to learn more about the field … Continue reading »

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Autism And Metal Detecting

We have a wonderful guest post by Kellyco team member Jessica Heron. She writes about how the hobby of metal detecting can help people dealing with autism. We all felt like this subject is important to address and how metal detecting can actually be more beneficial to those going through this. Also, the month of … Continue reading »

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Breathe In Adventure: Join This Hobby Now!

Are you looking for a change? Maybe something new to try? Do you feel you want to see and explore more of what our world offers? Join the hobby of treasure hunting! One of the best ways to continue and see more of the unknown, is to go out and just “look.” You might not quite know what … Continue reading »

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