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Face Of Ancient Goddess Found By Amateur Archaeologist

  There really are amazing things to dig up that shed light on past civilizations. When I saw this story, I felt an even greater need to travel and explore, so I can see if I discover something unique like this. Others in my family have always been interested in archaeology, me included, thus, my … Continue reading »

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Mackenzie Crook Shares His Thoughts On Metal Detecting

According to the Express, centered in the UK, former Pirates of the Caribbean star Mackenzie Crook explains his thoughts on the hobby of metal detecting! I was very excited to read this. Not only do I find the show to be entertaining and humorous, but I like to hear what the actors think about the … Continue reading »

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Take A Look At These Amazing Campsites!

Just feeling the cooler air on my face yesterday made me want to be outside all day! As a true Floridian, I really appreciate it when the weather starts to get in the 70′s and below. Right now, I can feel how the weather has been shifting and with that in mind, I am really … Continue reading »

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The Faces Of The Forest Revealed: Images On Tree Bark Spark Wonder And Curiosity!

Imagine seeing gorgeous images of faces on trees throughout the forest while treasure hunting or on another adventure. They remind me of the rich fantasy stories I read and still do read to this day. DL Cade for Peta Pixel shed some light on the beautiful faces being shown in the forest. In the article, … Continue reading »

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New Monuments Discovered At Stonehenge!

For years, I, like many people, have been fascinated with Stonehenge. I remember doing extensive research on Stonehenge years ago in college. Still to this day, new theories and ideas emerge that keep my curiosity on the subject active. Thanks to an article from Ancient Origins, there is even more exciting news circulating around Stonehenge! … Continue reading »

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You Can Find Treasure Like This Underwater!

There are many things that people lose in the ocean and this is just one of many videos out there that prove how high the possibility of finding things are!   Kai Garseg on posted an amazing underwater video on YouTube documenting his underwater treasure hunting experience and finds using the Minelab Excalibur II! See … Continue reading »

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What Is Your Favorite Treasure Hunting Accessory?

We want to hear from you! what is your #1 go to treasure hunting or outdoor accessory? Or tell us what kind of accessory you would love to have!

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Top Detector For Beach Treasure Hunting?

Hey guys! The July 4th weekend is right around the corner! What are your plans for July 4th? Personally, I am hoping to take a trip to beach and look for what unique items I can find. It has been a while since I have been, so I am hoping to find some great things! … Continue reading »

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What’s Your GoPro Accessory Of Choice?

We all want to know, what is your preferred GoPro accessory of choice? We love all the accessories, but some of our favs include the suction cup mount, tripod mount for cameras and the head strap mount! These accessories are perfect for taking your treasure hunting to a whole new level of awesome! #goprodetect!   … Continue reading »

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Share Your Silliest Outdoor Memory With Dad And Win!!

We love humor, adventure and the outdoors!! We want to hear from you!! Share your silliest outdoor memory with dad and enter for a chance to win some fantastic outdoor prizes for you and the whole family!! Mobile link here. See this link as well.

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