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Mysterious “Sea Monster” Found In Baltic Sea?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sea monster? I think of something intriguing, yet scary. Maybe a creature that has lived a very long life, that we have yet to learn from. Like many others, I’d like to think that there are various types of sea monsters out … Continue reading »

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Do You Have One Of These Rare Wheat Pennies?

Pennies. Turns out, we all have so many of them and they are often the coin that gets overlooked, left out or just thrown out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “Oh, it’s just a penny. I have too much of them.” There are many types of pennies that have … Continue reading »

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Tip Of The Week From Kellyco!

Did you know that relics can include everything from everyday household items to mining equipment, wagon parts, military gear, horse shoes and more? Anywhere people have been will give you an even greater chance of finding a relic. Each time you find one, you help preserve someone’s story. Have you ever found a relic? Tell … Continue reading »

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My Treasure Hunting Day With The Minelab GO-FIND 40

I felt this past weekend was the perfect time to take out one of the new Minelab GO-FIND metal detectors and see how it goes. I picked Sunday because it was a more calm day and the weather was ideal. Mind you, I’m at a beginner level as a treasure hunter and enjoy the hobby for … Continue reading »

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The Power of Community: Connecting With Other Treasure Hunters

I really like the feeling of being with others who enjoy the hobby of metal detecting. We like to talk about the most unusual discoveries, the town they live in and how the hobby has helped them. One of my personal favorite things about meeting with others who love detecting is that you feel a … Continue reading »

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Inspirational Story With Metal Detecting Mention

We found a wonderful article that talks about not just someone finding things in the ground while metal detecting, but the focus and appreciation of God’s beauty,  as well as finding joy in everyday things. For me, I understand that just getting out with my metal detector and trying, even if I don’t expect to … Continue reading »

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Share Your Funny Metal Detecting Story

Do you have a funny metal detecting story to share? We want to hear about it! Personally, I think the funniest thing I have to tell,  is just thinking I’ve found something awesome, only to discover things such as pull tabs, trash, etc. You get all excited and then bam! Nothing yet. Ha ha, but I … Continue reading »

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A New Indiana Jones And More Adventures?

There are plenty of news going around about a new person that will help continue the Indiana Jones films!  MTV UK recently mentioned that Disney is eyeing 35 year old Chris Pratt to take on the role. Everything is still pretty early, however, rumors are circulating fast and more Indy films along with plenty of … Continue reading »

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#TBT To My Beach Metal Detecting Memory

I absolutely love treasure hunting and have many fun #ThrowBackThursday stories to tell. I want to share one of them to you all because this story largely focuses on the excitement and thrill of the hunt of the hobby. Last year, I went to the beach to do some treasure hunting and just wanted to … Continue reading »

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Over 600 Artifacts Discovered!

VietNamNet News had some exciting news in the world of archaeology and treasure hunting! According to the article,  the director of the Binh Dinh Museum in Vietnam discovered over 600 artifacts including a time god (Kala) statue, Shiva god’s hand, ancient terracotta artifacts and Champa reliefs! I thought this was fascinating because, as the article pointed out, … Continue reading »

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