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It’s Giving Tuesday! Our Thoughts

It’s Giving Tuesday!  We encourage everyone to give back to causes you care about. Every kind act and donation makes a difference. Did you know that the hobby of metal detecting helps to make a positive difference in many ways? You not only find valuable items, you gain an added appreciation for culture, history and society itself. … Continue reading »

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All Demo Metal Detectors 20% Off!

We have a three day sale on demo metal detectors!! All of them are marked 20% off! Talk about a sweet deal! This is perfect for a friend, family member or yourself! You can save big here at Kellyco! Shown in the image is the demo Nokta FORS Gold. Do you own a demo machine? Tell … Continue reading »

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A Quicker Way To Start A Campfire, Barbecue And More!

One of the best things about fall is the chill and the air and exploring new areas. There’s nothing quite like ending a full day of treasure hunting with a good meal and sitting next to a campfire or bonfire. Personally, I love cold weather with a large campfire and looking out at the clear, … Continue reading »

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New Guest Blog Post By Our Sales Director, Gene Knight!

See our Sales Director, Gene Knight’s guest blog on Digging History. Digging History is the blog run by James Oliver, who is a fan of ancient and pre-history. Oliver got into the hobby of metal detecting because he has always loved things owned by various people in the past. He feels metal detecting is a way … Continue reading »

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Mind Blowing Facts About The Ocean

The oceans are both beautiful and mysterious. They impact so much of our daily lives; in ways which you may not realize. For example, vital nutrients that the human body needs are in many marine life organisms. They not only help with how we feel, but with how we look, providing a wealth of wonderful … Continue reading »

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Caption This Treasure Hunting Photo!

We want to hear from you! Caption this and tell us what you think this metal detectorist is thinking. (Keep it clean folks)  

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Mysterious “Sea Monster” Found In Baltic Sea?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sea monster? I think of something intriguing, yet scary. Maybe a creature that has lived a very long life, that we have yet to learn from. Like many others, I’d like to think that there are various types of sea monsters out … Continue reading »

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Do You Have One Of These Rare Wheat Pennies?

Pennies. Turns out, we all have so many of them and they are often the coin that gets overlooked, left out or just thrown out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “Oh, it’s just a penny. I have too much of them.” There are many types of pennies that have … Continue reading »

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Tip Of The Week From Kellyco!

Did you know that relics can include everything from everyday household items to mining equipment, wagon parts, military gear, horse shoes and more? Anywhere people have been will give you an even greater chance of finding a relic. Each time you find one, you help preserve someone’s story. Have you ever found a relic? Tell … Continue reading »

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My Treasure Hunting Day With The Minelab GO-FIND 40

I felt this past weekend was the perfect time to take out one of the new Minelab GO-FIND metal detectors and see how it goes. I picked Sunday because it was a more calm day and the weather was ideal. Mind you, I’m at a beginner level as a treasure hunter and enjoy the hobby for … Continue reading »

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