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Brain Food Vol. 11: Different Types Of Gold In Jewelry

Posted by on April 27, 2018

Whether you are a collector or just someone that loves gold jewelry, it’s good to know the different types of gold that are in jewelry. If you’re a treasure hunter who’s just found a gold ring or bracelet and you want to explore the possible value, you will feel more confident with this new knowledge.

Gold jewelry does not have pure gold in it. Gold jewelry is a combination of metals or an “alloy”. It can be combined with silver, zinc, copper, palladium and nickel to create colors. Some of the most popular colors include: yellow, white, green and rose. Yellow gold, for example, is made by mixing pure gold with copper, zinc and silver.

Yellow gold is known as the purest color and requires the least amount of maintenance. White gold is a combo of pure gold and palladium or platinum. If you find an object of white gold, it’s great because it is scratch resistant and pretty durable. White gold is the choice for engagement rings and wedding sets. Rose gold is more durable than the two above and is created with copper, gold and silver. Green is sometimes made with copper, but mostly consists of gold and silver. The green color comes from the silver.

There are even more colors out there such as blue gold, which has a mix of indium and pure gold. Have you heard of black gold? it’s a real thing! This one is made up of cobalt and gold! Fascinating, right? All of this is great for understanding more about your gold jewelry finds. Stay tuned for part 2 featuring a guide to gold purity!

(Images used are free for commercial use; found on Pixabay)

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