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About developed out of a few treasure hunters interest in the latest and greatest metal detecting technology.

After spending several years scouring the internet for treasure hunting news, interesting stories, engaging forums and the best online retailers, we decided to put all our favorite stuff in one place!

What you’ll find here:

  • Any and all news articles related to metal detecting, and we mean ALL!
  • Stories about finds: everything from huge excavations to the unique treasures, and even the everyday stuff found in parks. It’s all exciting to us!
  • High quality photographs and videos of stuff that we had to see to believe.
  • Product reviews with details, honest opinions and real feedback.
  • Links to credible, helpful on-line retailers who provide a diverse and competitive inventory.
  • Suggestions for metal detector enthusiasts on where to hunt and what to look for around the world.
  • Helpful hints for those who are new to our hobby, Welcome to the family!
  • An optimistic outlook on life, and a profound love of our sport. We get a rush every time we hear a beep, and hope you do too!

What you won’t find here:

  • Any bias toward or against a particular brand, retailer or company, Everything is fair game in our opinion.
  • Derogatory or negative statements of any kind, We want an open atmosphere and a friendly community.
  • Dishonest reviews or information: We just tell it like it is, and encourage you to do the same in a polite and helpful manner.
  • Metal detector snobs: If it leads you to the goods, we won’t knock it.

We’ve set some high goals for ourselves, so this website will always be a work in progress, and since we aren’t paying anyone to make this thing for us it may take some time. Feel free to add content, share a story, contribute photos and point us toward news articles at any time because this community is for you! We’ve come here as a group of friends, and we hope to make a lot more along the way. Check back often and good luck treasure hunting!


Shaun, Matt, Elizabeth, and Adam

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7 Responses to About

  1. Idaho Treasure Hunter

    Please add Idaho Treasure Hunters to your Blogroll. I have added your site to the link section of mine, Anyone can enter at the site to win monthly prizes.

  2. Dick Stout

    Hope you might find my website worthy of a mention….

  3. Rob Campbell

    I cant find a contact button or email – is there any way to submit news?

    I want to show you guys this article i wrote about buying glass bottles from professional excavators in downtown Toronto.

  4. Robert Leonard

    I would like to introduce a new metal detector to the United States… The DRS Ground Exper! Features incluce accurate metal discrimination, accurate metal distinction, accurate depth determination, and real-time graphics processing.

    Please find out more @

    Thank you
    DRS Electronics USA

  5. Alex

    JUst a fellow treasure hunter in New Mexico wants to share some links. The Victorio Peak treasure story has finally been released in a trilogy of books it may be of interest to your readers.


    If you ever want to do a lin exchange, holler at me…

  7. John @ Mr Metal Detector

    I would love to do a blogroll swap, please let me know.
    My website is

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