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13th Century Treasure Discovered In Farmer’s Field!

Posted by on April 14, 2017

The Lancashshire Telegraph reported some very excited news about treasure recently! Coins from the 13th century were found in a farmer’s field! Andrew Smith, who is both a detectorist and a photographer discovered six, silver pennies that dated from the reign of Edward I. The Telegraph mentioned that Smith participated in a dig at Pendleton in February. The coins were found 10 inches below the surface and were clumped together. It was agreed that the coins would be returned to the 46 year old farmer. The Assistant Treasure Registrar at the British Museum the coins appeared to date from between 1279 and 1283.  Click on “source” below to see how much they could go for when sold and more!

You really can find anything metal detecting!

Note: These are not the actual coins.

Note: These are not the actual coins. Click on the link to see images of the coins.



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