Sizzlin’ Hot Memorial Day Sale!

We have all the treasure hunting fun you are looking for this Memorial Day weekend! You will receive a $50 Kellyco gift card with select metal detector purchases of $299 and up. Also, save 15% off accessories! Whether you are looking for water machines, all around machines and everything in between, we have THE best choices and prices for you!

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This Rocker Loves Metal Detecting!

Musician Mike Gentry is one of many famous people who enjoy treasure hunting on the side. He recently explained his love of the hobby to Heather Robinson of Knox News. As a detectorist, he has his heart set on finding relics. He said to Knox News, “I’ve always been interested in history, so actually seeking it out and digging items out of the ground caught my attention quickly. I can remember climbing hills through rough woods with Dad in the middle of summer; looking back on it, he was crazy.” He feels great because to him, it is like carrying on a tradition.

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Boy Finds What Metal Detecting?


Photo credits: Kiro 7 News, Macallister Fraley and family

Photo credits: Kiro 7 News, Macallister Fraley and family

Young treasure hunter from North Carolina, Macallister Fraley was searching in his backyard with his metal detector, when came across something that really got his attention. According to Kiro 7 News, Fraley also asks his siblings to help him dig. He ended up finding bullets from the Civil War! Based on information from the article, the bullets date from 1900 and 1909. Aaron Kepley, the Incoming Director of the Rowan Museum verified the bullets and said, “These were invented in 1847 in France. By the time of the Civil War, all infantry weapons used these. The fact that it was found by kids is awesome, because this is giving me a chance to explain to them the difference in the bullets and stuff like that.” According to Kiro 7, it’s up to the family as to whether or not they will keep the bullets or donate them to a museum. One of the best parts of this story to us? Seeing that Fraley and his family want to uncover more pieces of history! See more on this great story by clicking “source” below.


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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Selecting A Detector

Looking for the right metal detector can be overwhelming. When choosing a machine, it’s best to talk with a variety of different hunters from all experience levels. The more seasoned detectorists can guide you, so that is one way to get advice. Keep in mind that hobbyists and professionals are typically committed to a particular brand or model. Sometimes, they can be unfamiliar with a newer or different brand or model of metal detector as new features and equipment are introduced quite frequently. If you are looking for a new detector, you need to focus on where and how frequently you are going to be using the device.

We have the information you need, so you can feel more confident.

We suggest considering the following:

1. Anyone looking for a new metal detector needs to figure out where and how frequently they are going to be using the machine. Paying special attention to where a metal detectorist is hunting is crucial because it also typically means what they will be finding.

2. Consider is who will be using the metal detector. This can impact the decision making, especially if there is a small child involved. It is crucial to consider the size of the metal detector and how long or short the pole can be. Some metal detectors can be adjusted to the fit the person’s height and arm length.

3. The best thing about purchasing a metal detector right now is the price. A full featured automatic detector can be purchased right now at a rock bottom prices. As a hobbyist or professional treasure hunter invests more money into their metal detector, they will tend to get more and more features to help identify targeted items.

4. The best way to do this is to look at other big purchases made to determine how much you want to spend. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line, full featured product, there is an option for that. If you just want to dip your toe in the water to try out the hobby, there is a metal detector for that also.

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Hear What A Geocaching Expert Has To Say!

We love to hear about anyone who has a passion for outdoor activities. Take geocacher Patty Evans as an example. Sea Coast Online was able to interview her and what she says on geocaching. Her love for history and the outdoors lead her to create local caches that allow the participant to learn and have fun! Sea Coast Online mentions that Evans’ first cache was hidden back in 2005 and since then, has created 31 caches that range in difficulty! She said, “My goal when hiding a cache is to bring cachers to a scenic or historic location, and hopefully both. Every geocacher who takes the time to find the twelve stages of this cache thanks me in their log online for the history lessons and for bringing them to these unique and most interesting spots. They are all amazed by the rich history Seabrook has to offer.”

Photo credit: Sea Coast Online

Photo credit: Sea Coast Online

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Ancient Swedish Rock Carvings Bring Exciting Global Trade Info!

Is it possible that there is no more visible evidence of trade between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean? Archaeologists and researchers now believe so, thanks to new bronze tools found in Sweden. Haaretz News in Israel reports that not only were the bronze tools made of copper, the ancient rock carvings of ships are now seen as a visual representation of this trade! As noted in the article, the large majority of copper from Bronze Age Europe came from Sicily, Cyprus, Sardinia and the Iberian peninsula. Amber from Scandinavia was what copper was exchanged for.

Nordic amber was highly treasured as gold in Greece and Prehistoric Middle East. Cyprus had one of THE biggest copper industries, with huge amounts of ingots! In the article, it said that the copper trade around the Mediterranean Sea is evident from around 1550 BCE, but going by the bronze finds dating to about that same time in Scandinavia, it apparently began earlier! It’s possible that the copper was commonly brought along Bronze Age trade routed through Scandinavia, instead of imported. Prof. Kristian Kristiansen of the University of Gothenburg´s archaeological department said on bronze, “Bronze was as valuable a raw material as oil is today.” Read more on this!

Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons and Haaretz News

Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons and Haaretz News


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Real Life Indiana Jones Coming To International Metal Detecting Day!

We have so many treasures in store for you this Saturday, May 14th for International Metal Detecting Day! We have Carl “Fizz” Fismer coming also! Carl has dived and explored some of the world’s most famous shipwrecks! He’s an active treasure hunter, who goes all over the world looking for artifacts! Carl has worked with Mel Fisher on the world famous treasure ship- The Atocha! He’s often called in as an expert on shipwrecks and treasures of the Spanish Main!

Carl Fismer is also a motivational speaker, who left an ordinary job to lead the life of a treasure hunter. He has weathered hurricanes, starred in his own television series “Treasure Divers”, looked for lost treasure and found millions of dollars of sunken treasure!

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Be Apart Of This New Trend!

This is new from About Travel! We all have heard and understand the allure of geocaching, but what if it had an underwater twist? Treasure hunters and adventure fans, I introduce you to “dive caching”! Dive caching is an easy, underwater treasure hunting activity that be done anywhere, regardless of dive conditions or visibility. Imagine being surrounded by cool ocean water, looking into the endless blue and searching for new treasures in the ocean! Talk about a great day! That’s not the only benefit! With Dive Caching, you can explore new underwater sites! You might actually find more shipwrecks or other pieces of history! Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA, the Dive Equipment and Marketing Association said on the activity, “It creates the perfect family outing when combined with land-based geocaching or social activities, and allows non-divers to join in the fun.” Count us in!

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Photo credits: Dive Friends Bonaire and About Travel


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How Are YOU Celebrating International Metal Detecting Day?

How are YOU celebrating International Metal Detecting Day?

Come to Kellyco on May 14th for an awesome fun, filled event. You have a chance to win prizes throughout the day, hear great presentations and received signed books from famous treasure hunters!

Take a picture with a Conquistador and eat great food! There will be many food trucks here! This event is FREE! Come anytime between 9:30am and 4pm. Hang out as long as you want! We can’t wait to see you! Register here.

You also get to meet these incredible treasure hunters!

1. Captain KT Budde-Jones & Captain Syd Jones! Syd is the author of “Atocha Treasure Adventures; Sweat of the Sun-Tears of the Moon”. He is a member of of Mel Fisher’s “Golden Crew”, who searched for and recovered the Spanish galleons, the Nuestra Senora de Atocha and the Santa Margarita!!

Syd is one of the very few people who worked in the ‘trenches’, day after day for almost two decades searching for and finding millions of dollars of Spanish colonial treasure that sank in 1622!! 

He and his wife, KT, who is also a diver for Treasure Salvors, were both essential to the daily workings of Mel Fisher’s famous salvage company for almost two decades!

2. Captain Carl Fizz Fismer— affectionately dubbed “Fizz”, Carl, is a treasure hunter that has dived on some of the world’s most famous shipwrecks. He is often described as a real life underwater Indiana Jones! He lives the life of an adventurer! We’re talking about the type of life that they make books, movies and video games about! He travels the world looking for treasure and artifacts. He has also worked with Mel Fisher on the world famous treasure ship, the Atocha! In addition to those awesome things, he is a motivational speaker! 

You will be amazed at all the fun at this event! Make sure you arrive early for the early-bird prize!

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Look At This Robotic Mermaid!

Here’s some cool news from the MIT Technology Review! In an effort to find new ways to clean the ocean floor and retrieve sunken treasure, a submersible humanoid robot known as OceanOne was developed. This was also made as a way to help people who work together underwater for various projects. OceanOne was developed at Standford University and has already picked up several, priceless artifacts! Will Wright for MIT Technology Review stated that it recently picked up artifacts from the King Louis XIV’s ship known as the La Lune. This particular ship is a 350 year old galleon that wrecked off of France in 1664. This robot has two arms, a head and a tail-like appendage to help propel him forward through water. Oussama Khatib, a Standford University professor said on OceanOne, “The intent here is to have a diver diving virtually. It’s almost like you are there and you create a new dimension of perception.” Inventions like this are important for a few reasons. One them has to do with being in underwater environments where the pressure is not suitable for human divers. Also, say that there is a nuclear reactor that needs repairing. These robots would come to our aid. Read more on these neat robots in source below.

A Treasure Hunting Ocean Robot

Photo credit: Technology Review


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