A Villager In China Discovers What?

Global Times recently mentioned that a farmer in Jishui county, East China discovered six Bronze Age artifacts while leveling land. The artifacts found date back over 2,000 years ago! There were also bricks from the Han period that were uncovered. According to archaeologists, these cultural artifacts were daily items, such as utensils. Read more on source below.

What are your thoughts on this discovery?


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These Rock Carvings Are Mesmerizing!

As part of an early understanding of Britain’s oldest types of art, a British archaeologist named George Currie has located a astonishing amount of carvings to a recent project. Based on new data in The Observer, he said he located more than 670 Neolithic and Bronze Age carvings over the last 15 years! Can you imagine the excitement when finding more of these? He mentioned on this finds, “It was ridiculous. I got tired of recording the stuff. I’ve never come across quite so much. It’s quite a privilege.” He does believe that there has to be more out there. His project, as the news site pointed out, will be part of THE largest research project into British prehistoric rock art! As the article says, there are over 6,000 prehistoric rock carvings recorded all over Britain! Most of them have in common a circular pattern. It is thought that the designs have been shared across cultures in Europe. Read more about what the article says on the design by clicking source below.

Example of an ancient rock carving

Photo credits: George Currie and The Guardian News


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Win Treasure For Talk Like A Pirate Day!

A day devoted to nothing but pirates and treasure? Sign us up matey! We’ve got your loot right here! For today only, we are giving you the chance to win a 1715 Fleet replica coin! (129.99 value)

This is some sweet treasure! You have until 9pm (EST) tonight to enter. See this post.


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Our Customer Finds An 18th Century Cannon!

We love seeing what our customers and fans discover, so check this out! This amazing metal detecting find picture below was sent to us from one of our customers named Rafael. He found an 18th century cannon with a Garrett ACE 350 he bought from us! The find was located in Uruguay! Great job to Kellyco team member and treasure hunter, Leilani Rodriguez for finding the perfect machine for him!

Our sales team can help make your treasure hunting dreams possible! Call them today! 888-535-5926. Leilani’s extension is 110.

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Kellyco Team Member Working With Law Enforcement!

Have you ever wondered about the metal detectorists you see on the news helping law enforcement locate evidence? Do they work in the department? Is it just a special duty they volunteer (or are “voluntold”) to do? Well, many times the police department will actually reach out to local metal detecting clubs and request their help. In fact, one of Kellyco’s Sales Representatives, Stevie Ray Meeks, does this regularly!

We were fortunate enough to catch up with him to talk about one of the searches he was apart of in May and get a better idea of what the process is like for a club to help with search and recovery efforts. We couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say! Stevie Ray, a member of the Central Florida Metal Detecting Club (CFMDC), told us that typically a law enforcement agency will call the club leader, Alan James, to request the club’s help. Alan James then reaches out to club members whom are part of the Search Team and gives them the details of the case. The team is made up of the best detectorists in the club who have proven themselves time and time again.  Read more »

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Long-Sought After Shipwreck Now Found!

Newser just posted some great news about one of the ships that is connected to one of the most famous polar expeditions in Europe- the HMS Terror. The new information about the location of the ship were reported by the Artic Research Expedition. The location is at King William Island in Canada. One of the coolest things about this shipwreck find? The condition in which it was found in. A researcher said, “If you could lift this boat out of the water, and pump the water out, it would probably float.” The HMS Terror was originally a bomb vessel designed by Sir Henry Peak. It was made for the Royal Navy and weighed 326 or 340 tons! The ship was involved in a few battles of the The War of 1812 and was included in several exploration voyages! One of the voyages was the one to the Arctic during the years of 1836-1837, led by George Back. In 1836, Back took the ship to explore the northern region of the Hudson Bay. Read more about “how” the shipwreck was found by clicking source 1 below.

Photo credit: ice.lindahall.org

Photo credit: ice.lindahall.org

Source 1

Source 2

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Have $10, $15 or $20 Bucks? Check This Out!

Have $10, $15 or $20? You can still find some great metal detecting items! Here’s a breakdown of what you can get based on price! We always want to make sure you save the most!

For $10 and under, you can buy: You can see all the accessories here.

Kellyco patch, #KellycoMetalDetectors bumper sticker, Kellyco “A Guide to Treasure”, Kellyco Gold Fever: The Art of Panning and Sluicing”, White’s Researching & Detecting Ghost Towns”, Kellyco “Coins of the Lost Galleons”, Kellyco hat with logo, Garrett AT Gold camo hat, Kellyco Pro Treasure Non-Slip gloves, Kellyco Pro-Dot Gloves one sided, Garrett 14″ Gold Trap pan, Garrett gold vial (keep gold safe), Kellyco Extra Heavy Duty 9V Alkaline battery pack, etc!

For $15 and under, you can buy:

Kellyco t-shirts (eg “Finders Keepers Losers Sweepers, Pirates Hate me A Lot”, etc), Rothco Folding Pick (Shovel), Kellyco 16″ Pro Crevice Tool (dislodge and recover gold from narrow openings), Fisker’s Big Grip Multi-purpose digger, Rothco Mini Shovel Pick, Kellyco Gold Treasure Scoop, Wenzel Deluze Mess Kit, Kellyco Mitaki-Japan 12 Bulb LED Dimable Lantern, Fisher 2 Pocket camo recovery pouch, Kellyco Treasure Hunter Map Compass, etc!!

For $20 and under, you can buy:

Kellyco 9-Bulb LED flashlight, Kellyco Green Scoop, Garrett TreasureSound Headphones, Kellyco Longer Stronger Probe (work in the most difficult soils), Minelab GO-FIND carry bag, Kellyco 3 pocket mesh pouch and so much more!


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Lady Treasure Hunter Finds Class Ring From 1982!

A lady named Christine Montgomery from Fullerton, California has found a class ring while treasure hunting! Based on information from The Orange County Register, the woman has been trying to locate the owner. She said, “I think she’d love to have her ring back.” She discovered the ring at where Fullerton’s  Hanmaum Presbyterian Church once was located. That location, according to the article, was across the street from where her son lived. Read more »

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A Kellyco Team Member Tests The New Makro Racer 2!

We’re always up for another adventure and recently one of our team members, James Darby had the opportunity to test two, great metal detectors– the new Makro Racer 2 and the Garrett ACE 400! James is an avid detectorist with a passion for water hunting. This time, he decided to visit Jupiter Beach. He went for a few hours and said both machines performed very well. Unfortunately, the beaches were pretty clean, so he didn’t find anything this time. He’s optimistic for his next hunt! He did meet another detectorist buddy! He said overall that it was a great day!




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One Wonderful Kellyco Customer Story!

Check out this amazing comment from our fan and customer, Jason Marlin. Jason came into Kellyco over a few weeks ago. It was such a fun day! We treat each person like VIP and place our customers first.

He has the Garrett ATX, Nokta FORS Core and Garrett Pro Pointer AT.

He said,

“Thank you so much for showing me and my family around the store and warehouse. The Kellyco store was a must on my stop while in Florida. I was able to finally give my Garrett ATX a good run on half reale beach. Although I only found coins at this location it was a great opportunity to give it a great first test run. The Garrett ATX is an amazing machine. I consider my metal detecting time valuable and if I can cover twice the depth with one machine.

I’m basically covering twice the ground at the same time. I’d also like to thank the entire Kellyco staff for going above and beyond with customer service. I ordered both the waterproof grey ghost headphones for the ATX and a pair for my Nokta fors core. They had to ship them and they arrived right on schedule and I was able to pack the for the Iowa leg of my trip. All I can say is WOW money well spent! They are just an amazing product, crisp clear and everything I dreamed they would be.

My brother who lives in Iowa picked the location we were going to detect. He was quite surprised that the Nokta was nailing the coins and weeding out the junk. He was even surprised when I dug up a plastic bottle cap. Placed the Garrett Pinpointer on it and it beeped. “it’s in there!” I said. As he replied “No way!”. With confidence I asked him to dig out the coin.

His only response was to laugh for quite some time as a quarter that had obviously been pressed in many many years ago reveled itself from it’s dirt tomb. I later came across a spot in the park that I told my brother was a coin spill. He seemed lost and as I explained what I was hearing in my “New Grey Ghosts” was all crisp clear coin signals everywhere. Even prior to digging, I was excited as I new something special that doesn’t happen very often was about to happen. The first dig revealed a quarter with a penny sitting on top, at which point my brother was in disbelief and had to bust out the camera. After much laughter and digging, the hole revealed 15 coins. Although nothing of great value it was a great moment to share with my brother who is now a believer in the Nokta brand.

Don’t worry I’ve already told him to shop with Kellyco!”


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