Kellyco Guest Blog: Rusty Halo Metal Detecting!

We had a chance to partner up and speak with the amazing treasure hunter, Megan from Rusty Halo Metal Detecting! We are so thankful for her to take the time to speak with us. She has a great YouTube channel where she focuses on finding all the best pieces of treasure. She’s found relics, unusual coins, platinum wedding bands and so much more! She is one of the founders of West Tennessee’s Relic Revivalist! Megan is a country girl at heart and grew up in the woods of Tennessee. We wanted to have the chance to speak with her on the hobby and how she first got hooked to it! She had such a wonderful story to tell us!

Megan has overcome incredible odds in her life and has been given such perseverance & strength. She is one fantastic person! She told us that she has been a disable nurse and has saved the lives of at least 3 people! She rescued them when their UTV went off a bridge into a flooded creek. She ran into the creek and dove right into the flood waters! She then lifted the top of the door on the driver’s side. The driver was able to get out and then he and Megan helped to carry the other two passengers to safety! From that event, she did injure her spine, so she could not devote hardly any time to nursing. She told us that one of the best things about metal detecting was for her to be able to use it as exercise! Megan loves the fun and excitement of detecting! She now devotes her time to saving history and still helps society when she can!

>>>Here is her story!

How My Injury Lead Me To Kellyco

And My Greatest Adventure In Life- 

               METAL DETECTING!

Sometimes a title can be a bit misleading, but in this case, it is 100% true! In January of 2012, I literally got my throat cut and it started me down the path that eventually lead me to Kellyco and metal detecting.  In reality tho, I started down that path MANY moons before that as a little girl, but it took that to happen for that dream of detecting to become a reality- 30+ LONG years.  So take a walk with me into the past…no pun intended, although I will warn you that this post might contain: bad puns and or jokes; misquotations; my weirdness and my ATTEMPT at humor…you have been forewarned. Still here? Oh! UUmmm….ok then, you may procede!

Let’s go back to when I was a small human, around 4 or 5 years old. I was the youngest of 4 kids and my playground was the woods behind our house. My swing set was a grapevine, and my knowledge of the wondrous feats in history that had happened literally footsteps from my door, zilch.  There was an old fence row that lead up the hill side behind the house and mama told us that if we stayed near it, we would always know how to get back home.  So, one day we all took off up the hill and some where wwwaaaaaayyyyyyyyy up there, we sat down at the base of a very large, very old oak tree.  

I don’t remember which one of us started to scratch around in the dirt amongst the roots, but whoever it was, found the first of several “gold coins” wait……WHAT? Well, that’s what we thought they were anyway!  So, we all ran in screaming like little banshees! “MAMA!! MAMA!! WE FOUND GOLD COINS!!” Our mother, who had been enjoying her few minutes of kid-free time watching soap operas, came running! When she saw our “coins”, she quickly said “Oh my God! Give me those right now!” We knew they were good!  It turns out, they weren’t coins or even gold, but they WERE gold gilded buttons from a Civil War era coat! FIVE of them!! So my mother quickly stashed them away……and lost those jokers!!  YUP!  She remembers us bringing them to her, but not where she put them for safe keeping! Now I know where I get that from! That was my first real treasure find, and I was hooked for life!

A few years later, I was reading in the back of a magazine and I saw an add for a White’s metal detector, WHOA! In the pictures was, you guessed it, a civil war button!! That was when I first started my dream of detecting, but it would be 30 years or more before that dream would become a reality. It would also take me down a path that I never ever dreamed would start out so crummy, and end up so fantastic! I will be brief in explaining the middle of my life: it’s not pretty. I made horrible choices and to be honest, I was on drugs. I got clean though, and I didn’t go to rehab or jail. It is by grace and mercy that I’m alive today to tell this story and I am grateful!

Let’s jump ahead several years. I was a nurse and the middle and west areas of Tennessee, saw some of the worst flooding in decades. The place that I worked at had atv’s and I was there to see 2 of my coworkers, along with a 13 year old girl, flip over into a raging, swollen creek.  So, I did what any red blooded American with……..ummmm……..nerves (yeah that’s the word I was looking for) of steel would have done.  I ran into the water, and I picked up the atv they were in, water, people and all, and long story short, they were safe!  At first I didn’t feel any pain, but about 30 minutes later I couldn’t breath and it only got worse from there.

You see, in picking that thing up, I bulged 3 discs in my neck, 2 in my mid spine and 4 or so in my lower back, all in one swift wack. BAM! So that was the end of my nursing career, done. 100% completely disabled with lifetime limitations on weight, movement and anything else vital that you can imagine. I was only 29 years old. I’ve had 2 back surgeries so far. One lower and one on my neck, and I have a titanium plate along with 4 screws holding my spine together as well.  Try looking down that road by the time you’re 30! I felt useless! What good could I do??

So then this happened. Around December 2014, I found a coin in my husbands old house. It was in a bowl and there was at least 2 inches of dust on it, BUT…what kind of coin was it?? I honestly didn’t know! I’d never seen such as this before, and I had been an avid coin lover and collector as a young girl. This coin was nickle sized and there was a lady on the front with a “V” on the back and it was dated 1899!! WHOA!!! As I sat there holding that magnificent little thing, a funny thing happened.

You see, I thought that the coin lover in me was long gone, but she wasn’t!  That little girl that dug thru her daddy’s change each day and begged for dollars to buy odd coins that were only worth a few cents, she was there! It was as if the fire inside of me had been smoldering all those long years, just waiting for that life-giving breath of air to be blown on it! There-in my hands-was that breath! That fire BURST back to life in me! My heart and mind were racing! I was so excited I couldn’t sit still!! Holding that “V” nickle, I didn’t think about all of bad things that had happend to me in my life.

The anguish and pain, the hurts from various people, the things I had done to make my own life miserable…they just vanished! It was like I was this bright eyed little 8 year old girl again!! Giggling and smiling, so full of wonder, joy and it was PURE!!! So, what was next? A metal detector of course! I started off with one I had owned for nearly 2 years, but had never used, a Bounty Hunter Tracker 4. That first day I went out with my husband and 2 of the kids, and we found $1.86 in clad!! Woohoo!!

The first coin I ever dug was a 2014 Tennessee state quarter and you’d have thought that I found a gold coin because the reaction was the same!!  After watching hundreds of videos on YouTube, I decided to upgrade to the Garrett AT PRO, and I’ve never looked back! Kellyco was recommended to me by a member of the Garrett team and I have sung their praises ever since! The customer service is unmatched and I have never talked with friendlier people!! I got my AT PRO, extra coil, water proof head phones and ALL the extras that come with it in 2016, and now I have 3 of them!
So, there’s my story….sorry it wasn’t more entertaining, or funny, but it is the gospel truth! I wish I could tell more about digging with the Hoover Boys, or getting my name from Tom “NC Digger” Williams, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

So until y’all hear from me again, this is Rusty Halo saying; Y’all be blessed, be safe and happy hunting!”

We have to say it’s been an honor to talk to such an incredible person. Her passion about metal detecting and her dedication to help others is just wonderful. Did you know Megan also helps out the Sheriff’s Department in Perry County, Tennessee? We love how she is excited to get anyone into the hobby and is eager to find as many pieces of history as possible! Despite all she has been through and experienced, she is one example of how the hobby can turn someone’s life around for the better. She discovered she had more courage and joy than she thought. Look at all she’s accomplished! We highly recommend you take a look at her social channels (see beginning of post). Thank-you so much Megan!

Here are some of her other pictures:

rusty halo 5       


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Pre-Order The Most Powerful Detector Made!

It’s here to pre-order! – The new Nokta Impact metal detector! This detector was made so you have several machines in one! It’s THE treasure hunting powerhouse that will blow your mind! It was tested in 5 continents by more than 30 experts, engineers and users! It has modes designed for different targets, including wet beach sand and parks! Just like the name, it will make an impact on your future searches! Make an impact on your hunt today! 

>>The standard pack comes with:

Waterproof DD 11” x 7” search coil
4 x AA Alkaline batteries
USB cable

Pre-order the standard pack here.

The standard pack

>>The Pro pack has:

Waterproof DD 11” x 7” search coil
Waterproof 7.5” x 4” DD search coil
Carrying bag
Protective covers
Extra lower shaft
AC & car charger,
4 x AA rechargeable batteries
USB cable.

Pre-order the pro pack here.

The pro pack

You also will get with each model.

2 Non-motion modes with audio discrimination

2 All metal modes with audio discrimination

8 Discrimination modes – 2 Tone / 3 Tone / 4 Tones / 99 Tones / Deep / Conductive Ground / VLX1 and VLX

Ground balance with 3 options: Automatic, Manual, Tracking

Notch filter: discriminates single or multiple Target IDs of unwanted metals by silencing them or giving an iron tone

Tone break: adjusts the break points of the target response tones on the target ID range

Magnetic mineralization indicator: Shows mineralization intensity of the ground

So much more!


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Know Exactly Where Your Target Is With This!

Here’s another new product to help take the mystery out of where the good items are while metal detecting. Presenting the new new Vibra Tector 585 Waterproof Pinpointer!  This is the only pinpointer with tip only detection, which is why you will know You’ll get the unique tilt on & tilt off technology that gives you faster recovery time! No more annoying buzzers!  You’ll get the unique tilt on & tilt off technology that gives you faster recovery time! No more annoying buzzers! This communicates with vibration and only alerts you when you’ve found something! The design is airtight and waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about dirt, dust, mud or water! See more here.

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A New Minelab Gold Metal Detector Is Heading Your Way!

Get ready! There’s a new machine that you will love! Here at Kellyco, we will soon have the new Minelab Gold Monster 1000 metal detector! It has automatic operation and is an easy to use, high performing machine! It will turn beginners into experts fast! It’s a super sensitive gold detector that will not disappoint. Minelab mentioned that it comes with a choice of coils, battery options and shaft configurations!

Photo credit: Minelab Metal Detectors

Photo credit: Minelab Metal Detectors

More details coming! Stay tuned on our social for more information.

Some features include:

Extra sensitive VLF performance
Fully automatic operation
Highly adaptable
2 search coils included
Easy quick start


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Hunt For Gold In Arizona! Read These Tips!

We want to let you know we have a second blog on our main site. We like to incorporate as much important information for all level detectorists on both sources. Our newest post was done by treasure hunter, Jami Olive. Here are some exerpts from the blog:

“After doing some research about finding gold in our area, I realized that we couldn’t just visit the Canyon del Oro (oro means gold in Spanish) wash and expect to find gold. We needed a map. It was easy enough to buy one online that shows where all the active and abandoned gold claims are in Arizona. As I understand it, we can search in the areas where there are abandoned claims, and around the active claims, but not inside those areas.

As it turns out, there are far more gold areas to the southeast of where we live than in the CDO wash area where I expected them to be. We decided on a few areas within an hour’s drive where we plan to search in the coming weeks.

After playing a while, I think we got a fairly good feel for identifying the difference in the signals. Of course, our detector makes it pretty easy because it does have a light on it that tells if the target is gold, so we should be good to go.

My next plan of attack was to read up on where exactly the good spots are to look when we’re in an area that is known to have gold. I needed to know where we will be most likely to find it. Here’s what I found:

  • First and foremost, stay away from abandoned mines; they can be very dangerous. I looked on my map and there are a lot in the area we plan to hunt, so we will be aware.
  • Look for washes where gold may have been pulled down from deposits and dropped in the dips of the bed and where the bed meets the sides of the wash.”

Read the rest of what Jami says here.

Looking for more gold metal detector ideas?

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Scotland Is A Hot Treasure Hunting Location!

Scotland’s “The National” has announced that more people are anxious to search for treasure there! More people are eager to search estates, fields and woodlands for more valuables. This is largely due to the rise of high profile finds at that location. For example, as pointed out in the article, there was a Viking cache found in 2014. Not only that, there was also gold neckbands found in 2009 that were found to be from the Iron Age. Kevin Munro of Historic Environment Scotland (HES) said, “We know that detectorists have a great interest in history, and we hope that the project will help us to ensure that they are aware of the appropriate processes for reporting finds when they are discovered.” We think it’s great that so many people have an interest in finding a piece of history! Read the full article on source below.


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A Breakthrough In Headphone Technology!

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to use headphones, without being tied to your metal detector by wires? Introducing the new Garrett ZLynk Wireless Headphone System!

This is 6 times faster than Bluetooth and 4x faster than other headphone kits! You can recharge them by attaching them to a laptop, your vehicle’s USB port, or a phone charger’s USB power block!

*Like* if this is something you or someone you know would love to use!

Note: headphones in second photo are not included.


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Check Out This YouTuber!

We love seeing all the great videos that other metal detectorists upload on YouTube. They post everything from their finds, to tips and even recommended locations. You can learn more from the community by watching these. We’ve always thought they were more good resources. You all should check out High Tones Honey Badger! He’s got an awesome channel and gave us a mention as well! In this video, he uses the Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector and He detects across western Pennsylvania.

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Did You See Our Live Video?

We love using social as a way to connect better with our fans and customers. We feel video is one of the best ways to do that. Our plan is to do more live videos, so you can talk to our treasure hunters no matter where you! Ask them anything and get insider tips! Here is the live video from January 10th.

When we do these videos, we encourage you all to share with the hashtag #KellycoSocialLive. Let all your friends and family know.

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More Archaeologists Joining Forces With Detectorists

For archaeologists, it’s been an ongoing debate- to what extent do they embrace hobbyists and or amateurs? Through the years, many archaeologists have considered detectorists looters who shouldn’t be near labs or dig sites. Now, according to NY Times, two archaeologists are hoping to change the perspective. Dr. McBride, Archaeologist & Director of Research for the  Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center and David J. Naumec, the Senior Historian, are both getting ready to finish a seven year project documenting the Pequot War of 1637. It just so happens that a detectorist known as Keith Wille came into the museum with some artifacts.

Read more »

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