Get The Shovel Professional Treasure Hunters Use!

Get a strong, sturdy treasure hunting shovel like the professionals on TV use! Having a short shovel is great for places such as camp sites, beaches, old homesteads, farm fields,etc. The Kellyco S-30 Shovel is the perfect addition to your accessories list!  It’s also the featured product for #dealoftheweek! Get one for only $29.98!!

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Rush For The Gold And Win Big!

It’s time for a huge giveaway here at Kellyco! It’s also time to rush for the gold! You have a chance to win a Nokta FORS Gold+ metal detector package filled with detecting awesomeness!

The prize package includes:

($1,348.05 value!!)

One Nokta FORS Gold+ Metal Detector!

One Nokta Pointer Pinpointer

One Gold Royal Spanish Coin Replica!

One All-Weather Carry Bag!

One Sawtooth Gator Digger!

One Pro Orange Dot Gloves (1 pair)!

One 6x Pocket Magnifying Combo! 

One Deep Pocket Coin Pouch!

One String Backpack!

One 2 Pocket Coin Pouch/Apron!

One Mult-Function Field Knife!

One Kellyco Metal Detector Decal!

One 3″ Embroidered Kellyco Logo Arm Patch!

One Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine!

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Last Chance For Community Finance Discount

We all don’t want you to miss this! We always want people to get the best deal!

When you order through our community finance, you will get 10% off your total purchase!

Act fast! This will be gone very soon!

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Treasure Hunting Made This It On This List!

If you can’t wait until spring and summer, we found a list of fun things that you can do underwater! Treasure hunting made the #8 spot!

If you are thinking of diving down into the blue depth to find treasure or explore, this is your year!

According to the article from SportDiver, here are some fun things you can do underwater:

1. Burn calories with underwater crossfit! Exercising underwater gets you in shape fast with the resistance of the water.

2. Snorkel with humpbacks!

3. Mingle with manatees!

4. Have a blast at an underwater music festival. SportDiver mentioned that each July, the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival sends out rock, reggae, steel-pan and other upbeat tunes underwater, to compete with the local reef’s house band of trumpetfish and spotted drums!

5. Admire the art of the Cancun Underwater Museum.

6. Swim with and photograph stingrays at Stingray City in the Cayman Islands.

7. Much more! Click source to read what else you can do!

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Win A Fisher F19!

Here is YOUR chance to win a great metal detector! Fisher will be celebrating their 85th Anniversary, so they want to give you all the chance to win something really cool, a Fisher F19 metal detector! In order to participate, you need to click on their giveaway image below. The F19 is a wonderful machine because it’s a high performance relic and coin detector! Get through iron-infestided sites with the Fe Tone Adjustable Iron Audio and the new enhanced V-Break Tone Discrimination system!

Photo courtesy of Fisher Research Labs

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Great News From Kellyco!

Starting today, we will now accept metal detector trade ins!

We heard your feedback, so now we are giving this a go!

Make sure you call the number listed on the picture below first.

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A New, Enhanced CTX 3030 Guide Is Here!

Here’s an all new handbook for the Minelab CTX3030 metal detector! It’s your complete reference guide. From this book, you can expect too:

Learn the secrets of competition hunting with the CTX 3030!

Understand how to get maximum performance with a minimum of adjustments!

Learn how to search for and find lost coins, relics, jewelry and more on land and in the water!

Leverage the power of the XChange2 software& the CTX 3030′s GPS capabilities!

Get to the next level and get the most out of your machine.


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A Heart Warming Treasure Find Story!

Each week, here at Kellyco, we present a different treasure find story chosen as one to highlight.

For this week, we have a very heart warming one to tell you all. This new story comes from our fan Brad Patterson. He went metal detecting around an old vacant city lot. He immediately started picking up signals and found a few coins, including 1917 mercury dime and a 1919 mercury. The next find will always be in his memory as one of the best. He received a signal for what he thought was a quarter, but ended up being a bracelet with a U.S. Army insignia on the front!

The bracelet included a name and the birth date: 12- 29-1930. Brad knew he had to find out who the owner of the bracelet was. After doing some research, he found that the man was still alive and lived in Oklahoma. Brad got a hold of the man’s wife and said that he had fought in the Korean War and spent two tours in Vietnam.  Read what happened when brad and the man met!

 We want to hear your treasure find story! Did you know that sharing your treasure find story is an awesome way to get others interested in the hobby of #metaldetecting and even gives them ideas on where to hunt?

Each week, we will pick a story from our treasure find page on the new site and feature it in our Treasure Find of the Week Newsletter! Your story could be the one! All you need to do is email us your story and we will place it on the site.
If your story is chosen, you will have the chance to win a $50 gift certificate! Each month, there is one prize awarded. Submit your stories/s via email to


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Win A Great Metal Detecting Bumper Sticker!

Brighten up your January with a sweet, red metal detecting bumper sticker from Kellyco Metal Detectors!

We are having a Facebook contest for YOU to have a chance to win one! We’re picking four people at random next Wednesday!

Click this link to see what the official rules are and what you need to do.

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Saving For Your Detector Is Easier With Financing!

Get that new machine you have been eyeing and start exploring this year with our financing option!

Now, you can save 10% off your total order amount through community finance with us!

Here is a helpful chart of how much your payments would be:


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