Over 600 Artifacts Discovered!

VietNamNet News had some exciting news in the world of archaeology and treasure hunting! According to the article,  the director of the Binh Dinh Museum in Vietnam discovered over 600 artifacts including a time god (Kala) statue, Shiva god’s hand, ancient terracotta artifacts and Champa reliefs! I thought this was fascinating because, as the article pointed out, the finds have show signs of Vietnamese, Chinese and Cham origins! To read more on this discovery, see source below.



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Treasure Hunters In Galveston Unearth Great Things

Look at all these rings! (Photo credits: Chron News and club member Scott Pearse)

Look at all these rings! (Photo credits: Chron News and club member Scott Pearse)

Talk about a wonderful success story!  Chron News pointed out that treasure hunters in Galveston, Texas discovered a 10 Karat gold University of Houston class ring from the year 1977!

That is just one of many rings the Galveston Treasure Club has unearthed!

To read more on this, see source below.





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Find Treasure, Not Monsters This Halloween!

We have some great specials for you this Halloween, to help you save, find adventure and keep the monsters away.

Want to find some relics? If you purchase a relic detector, you will receive the following bonus kit:

Walnut Stained Case (9″x12″x2″)

The Civil War Collector’s Price Guide 12th Edition

Does the thought of finding gold peak your interest? Buy any gold detector and you will receive these:

Cyclone Wet/Dry Gold Pan/Mining Kit

The New Gold Panning is Easy – Book by Roy Lagal

See the promo codes to use here.

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5 Pound Gold Nugget Is A True Wonder!

This one of many true beauties in the world of treasure finds! The gold nugget discovered is 5 pounds! Michelle Shultz for KCRA.com went into detail on just how amazing the gold nugget really is. She said, “The Butte Nugget,  as it’s called, is about 80 to 90 percent gold and is said to be worth about $350,000!”  According to Schultz, the large gold nugget will be displayed at the San Francisco Fall Antique Show and that the nugget was found in July of this year. What are your thoughts on this find? I’m amazed! :)

See source below for more information on the find.

Photo credits: Don Kagin/Kagin's Inc. and KCRA.com)

Photo credits: Don Kagin/Kagin’s Inc. and KCRA.com)


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Do You Want To Visit Some Scary Places?

We like the idea of venturing out into unknown areas and with that in mind,  images of dark forests, large spiderwebs and creepy buildings come into our head. As a travel and literature lover, one example that stands out clearly in my mind is the image of the dark, abandoned fortress known as “Dol Guldor” in J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth. For those of you that know the series, the fortress was far from abandoned! :0 People like to explore the areas that bring out there curiosity and test their courage. Just like in the stories we love, we are drawn to exploring what is out there; even if that means being brave and defending what we care most about. Halloween is one time of the year, that people especially let this love of exploring the creepy and bizarre places come out.

If you are looking for some unusual places to visit that will test your courage and even give you some memories you will never forget, we recommend you check out our “Scariest Places!” board on Pinterest. If you happen to find some interesting items, that is great too! We love being the inspiration and recommendations from others for where to go.

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Wonderful Review Of The Nokta FORS Gold!

This was a treat for me to read. Personally, reading a first impression of any machine is nice to read. Reading about the treasure finds, or adventures hunting for treasure, helps to make my day. The following review on the Nokta FORS Gold comes from a Steve Herschbach, an admin for Detectorprospector.com. According to him, the detector surpassed many of his expectations-in a very good way! Read more »

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New GoPro Hero4+ Camera Will Not Disappoint!

Introducing the GoPro Hero4+ Black and Silver Edition cameras!

The Hero4+ is the most advanced camera ever! To me, this camera is ideal for an outdoor trip this fall!

The features include:

Amazing 4K30 high resolution

2.7K50 video and high frame rate

12MP photos at 30 frames per second and improved audio

Auto Low Light mode that intelligently changes frame rates based on lighting conditions

New Night Photo and Night Lapse modes that offer customizable exposure settings of up to 30 seconds for single and Time Lapse photos!
and much more!

This would be a great gift for any travel, outdoor and adventure lover!

This would be a great gift for any travel, outdoor and adventure lover!

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GoPro Found By Treasure Hunter!

This story is just great! To me, just finding an electronic device would be cool enough. This guy found a camera, but not just any camera, a GoPro! That is a sweet find right there! Personally, I would have been so disappointed if I lost mine. Read more »

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Face Of Ancient Goddess Found By Amateur Archaeologist


Photo credits: The Shields Gazette and Norma Gill

Photo credits: The Shields Gazette and Norma Gill

There really are amazing things to dig up that shed light on past civilizations. When I saw this story, I felt an even greater need to travel and explore, so I can see if I discover something unique like this. Others in my family have always been interested in archaeology, me included, thus, my curiosity peaks when I read things like this. One of things that is so interesting about this, as The Shield Gazette pointed out, is that the treasure found was discovered by an amateur archaeologist. I love reading news about discoveries from amateur treasure hunters because it helps to solidify the fact that anyone can find something great!

Read more »

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Mackenzie Crook Shares His Thoughts On Metal Detecting

According to the Express, centered in the UK, former Pirates of the Caribbean star Mackenzie Crook explains his thoughts on the hobby of metal detecting! I was very excited to read this. Not only do I find the show to be entertaining and humorous, but I like to hear what the actors think about the hobby itself. On the subject of treasure, Crook stated, “More often than not, you do not find treasure, but you never go away disappointed.” Personally, I can understand what he is saying. Read more »

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