More Pictures From The Snowbirds Treasure Hunting Event!

Here are additional pictures of the Snowbirds/Treasure Hunting Beginners event that took place on March 6th in Vero Beach, Florida. People had the chance to win all kinds of prizes, that included metal detectors, treasure hunting accessories and more! Other pictures will be coming, so stay tuned. See all of the other upcoming events here.

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The Power of Community: Connecting With Other Treasure Hunters

I really like the feeling of being with others who enjoy the hobby of metal detecting. We like to talk about the most unusual discoveries, the town they live in and how the hobby has helped them. One of my personal favorite things about meeting with others who love detecting is that you feel a real common ground with these people. You learn so much about their life and what makes them happy. Often times, you discover you’ve been where they have or have the same joy of collecting old bottles as well as coins. Read more »

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Dig & Donate Sweepstakes: Using Pull Tabs For Good

We are so excited about our Dig & Donate Sweepstakes!

We are launching a world wide effort to collect as many pull tabs as possible! Normally, metal detectorists tend to look at these as the arch nemesis of treasure hunting! We are turning this negative into a positive and helping out the community!

Starting today, we are asking everyone to send in their pull tabs to us to be collected here at our building. In return for your gracious donation, you will entered to win one of many metal detector or metal detecting accessory prizes, that have donated by our leading manufacturers: Whites, Garrett, Minelab, Nokta and Fisher! All you need to do is send in a minimum of 10 pull tabs, along with a completed donation form.

On August 1st, there will be many winner, with one person drawn at random for each prize during the Kellyco Metal Detectors grand re-opening event!! We will also be commemorating the 300th anniversary of the 1715 fleet! There will be all kinds of special guest; maybe celebrity ones too!

Click here to see more details on the sweepstakes and enter, see here. See all the amazing prizes and official rules here.

When you post a photo of you and your pull tabs on Instagram with #TABS4HOPE and #KELLYCO, you will receive 1 additional bonus entry!

Let’s all work together and help our community. All of the recycled pull tabs will be exchanged for dollars to support children and families who stay in their Ronald McDonald House locations. One pull tab at a time can make a huge difference!

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New Minelab Go-Find Videos Featuring Our Sales Director!

Our Sales Director, Gene Knight is featured in two fantastic videos on the Minelab Go-Find 60 detector!

Watch part one here and part two here.

Tell us what your thoughts are on these new Minelab machines in the comments below.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

We wish you plenty of good luck today!

Find more gold with your metal detector! See our gold metal detecting tips here.

What was the most amazing gold find you found? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Treasure Hoard Discovered Worth Over $200 Million!


(Photo Credit: World Daily News Report)

(Photo Credit: World Daily News Report)

On Cocos Island, located near the Pacific Ocean, a magnificent treasure hoard was found that is worth over $200 million! (according to World News Daily Report). Author Barbara Johnson, a group of Costa Rican park rangers found the hoard of treasure, which included  candlesticks, gold and silver coins, ingots and various religious items! One of the most interesting and incredible things discovered were two incredible gold size statues of Mary holding the baby Jesus! According to Johnson, park ranger Ignacio Ramirez said on the finds, “We dug it out and found a bunch of old wooden chests. They were filled with gold and silver! Then we dug out two incredible golden statues of the Virgin Mary, and other religious symbols! We called our bosses and said we’ve just found treasure!” Isn’t this incredible?

Read more »

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Pre-Order The Most Advanced Metal Detectors!

We know you would love to use one of these metal detectors from Minelab!

Now, you can pre-order the most advanced detectors available today!-The Minelab Go Find 20, 40 and 60!

They are designed for all level treasure hunters and fold to a compact 22 inches! Fit your machine in your backpack!

The GoFind 20, 40 and 60 are smart, lightweight and designed with you in mind! Here’s an introduction to each one of the awesome machines:

1. Go Find 20

The Minelab Go Find 20 is the perfect metal detector for any beginner or first time treasure hunter of any age! 

Pack this fully collapsible detector in your gym bag, back pack or even string pack! The exclusive 8 inch “Newshape” search coil gives you the chance to find more!

The coil is waterproof up to 2ft! There’s also 5 volume levels, 3 levels of sensitivity and 2 FIND modes! The increased sensitivity lets you unearth small things, like hidden gold, silver coins and rings!

2. Go Find 40

The advanced technology propels this machine far ahead of other detectors.

The exclusive “New Shape” 10 inch (quick response) waterproof search coil allows for more wide searches for jewelry, gold and silver, coins and more! Use on any kind of land! Wet or dry! Even submerge your coil in the water! (up to 2 feet) 

With a single touch of your finger, you are in control of the Go-Find 40!

Now, this is even more cool…as an added bonus, you get Bluetooth integration that connects to your smartphone app for FREE! The app lets you identify coins, play music and view metal detector information! This is a sweet added feature!

3. Go Find 60

Introducing the sparkling gem of the Minelab Go Find metal detector models! The Go Find 60 has so many things that are too awesome!

Here’s some things that make this a standout among the other two:

5 levels of sensitivity!
4 FIND modes!
10″ waterproof coil (up to 2 ft)
5 Treasure View LED’s
AND…this model comes with a digging tool, smartphone holder and ear buds!

These machines are a must have!!

These machines are a must have!!

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Over $4.8 Million In Gold Stolen!

This robbery has people talking quite a bit! According to ABC News, two motorists in North Carolina saw a pair of guards walking off the interstate that raised concern. The two motorists described the men as having their hands tied after a robbery that involved a hefty amount of gold. Guess how much gold was stolen? ABC News mentioned that the three thieves stole over 4.8 million dollars worth of gold! Right now, as the news station said, the suspects have not been caught, however, the company that was transporting the gold-TransValueInc, is giving a $50,000 award for any information.

To see more on this, see source below.



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New Nokta Pointer Will Amaze!

Are you wondering makes the new Nokta Pointer a standout among other pinpointers? The Nokta Pointer is waterproof! Search in and around water! Use this in ALL weather conditions! Nokta is favored by serious treasure hunters because their products are designed for deep seeking relics, ancient jewelry, old coins and more!

This is a must have with your metal detector!

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Oak Island Interview Part One!

Here is the first part of the interview with our Consulting Engineer, Dave Spencer, as he talks about The Curse of Oak Island and the hobby of metal detecting.  View the video here.


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