Happy Earth Day!

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Earth Day today! Our planet is beautiful and continues to amaze us! For example, the oceans give us not only beauty, but food to keep us healthy. Fascinating new marine species are still being discovered! Speaking of the earth, being outside while looking for unique items is something that is always enjoyable as well! The fresh air, the blue sky and list goes on!  This day and each day, is a perfect day to appreciate not only history, but the beauty of the outdoors. Here at Kellyco, we love the outdoors and are always amazed at the wonders of nature. :)

Live.Dig.Discover today!


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10,000 Year Old Mastodon Tooth Found!

According to the Huffington Post, 9 year old Phillip Stoll was walking along a creek last summer, when he thought he found a unique looking rock. Stoll said in the article, “It felt weird. I had to see what it was. I pulled it out and brought it to my mom.” The Huffington Post mentioned that professor James Harding confirmed in an email that the find was indeed a tooth from a mastodon. Mastodons, as the article said, were giant, elephant-like creatures that lived in North America around 10,000 years ago. Share your thought on this cool find below.



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Easter Sale!

This Easter weekend, save big on camping gear, pinpointers, accessories, metal detectors and more!

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“Wolf Coins” Found In Norfolk!

The detail on this recent treasure find is amazing! According to BBC News Norfolk, the Iron Age coins discovered were minted by the Iceni tribe, whose territories covered a large part of East Anglia. In the article, museum finds officer Adrian Marsden said, “This number of coins is unusual. Although these aren’t the bright yellow gold of earlier Norfolk wolf staters (coins) they would have represented a fair amount of wealth. The person who buried these would have been someone of account.”  What are your thoughts on this find? To see the coins and to read more about the coins, see source below.



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Discover More Treasure With Coiltek Search Coils!

You can find even more treasure with a Coiltek search coil!  Check it out!

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New Garrett and Minelab Pinpointer Videos!

There are two new videos for you all!  We give you an inside look at both the Minelab Pro-Find 25 Pinpointer and the Garrett Pro Pinpointer!

1) See the Minelab Pro-Find 25 Pinpointer video here.


2) See the Garrett Pro Pinpointer video here.



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Are You Wondering If You Need A Gold Detector?

Is exploring and adventure calling you? Do you want to find more gold this Spring and Summer? Do you want to know what separates gold detectors from other detectors?  Gold detectors  can locate gold jewelry because it has a much greater mass then gold nuggets! If you are asking yourself whether or not you need a gold detector, ask yourself if you want to find the following: gold nuggets, gold flakes or gold veins. Read more »

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Boy Finds Large Treasure Trove!

According to German news, The Local, a 5 year old boy found treasure worth thousands of euros in Bavaria! The article mentioned that the boy discovered the treasure in a pond  in the village of Heideck, south of Nuremberg, Bavaria. The boy was playing around with a stick in the water when he found the treasure on the edge. In the article, the boy’s father said, “At first we just thought that it was wire or something like that. But then we saw there was a fine necklace and that there were a few more in the water.” Before they found a bag full of jewelry, according to The Local,  necklace after necklace came out of the water! The Local said that some of the jewelry items belonged to a jewelry shop that had been robbed in January.



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“Hunt For A Cure” Charity Event!

This is a wonderful charity event from the Facebook group, “Dirt Fishing!” The event is called “Hunt For A Cure.” This is how it works. For the whole month of May, you save all your change, then the send the amount over as a check made out to “thumbsupforlane foundation.” All who participate will receive a raffle and the winner will receive a prize.  Click here for more information on the charity event.  Click here for the Facebook group “Dirt Fishing”. 

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Great Offer For Minelab CTX 3030!

Do you love free stuff? Now, when you purchase a Minelab CTX 3030, you will get a 17″ CTX 3030 smart coil FREE! Find even more treasure!

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