The Diggers Treasure Hunting Gear Has Arrived!

We have the Garrett AT Pro Digger’s Special Package in stock! Get yours today! They are all ready to have new homes!

Now is your chance to get this great treasure hunting equipment that was seen on the show! Explore the unknown and find more treasure with Garrett’s deep-seeking, all-terrain and treasure technology! This new and exclusive technology, seen with the Garrett AT Pro Digger’s Special Package, gives YOU the chance to find jewelry, coins, relics, caches, and gold nuggets! This is one smart metal detecting package purchase! If you are looking for an all around, ultimate package for metal detecting, this is IT! :)

The Garrett AT Pro Digger’s Special is ideal for prospecting, coin shooting, cache hunting, jewelry hunting, beach hunting, organized hunts and more! Do you have this? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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A New Indiana Jones And More Adventures?

There are plenty of news going around about a new person that will help continue the Indiana Jones films!  MTV UK recently mentioned that Disney is eyeing 35 year old Chris Pratt to take on the role. Everything is still pretty early, however, rumors are circulating fast and more Indy films along with plenty of that great adventure! Personally, I have always loved the original Indiana Jones films! Harrison Ford will always be Indy to me. Read more »

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Double The Awesome!

YOU get the chance to win not one, but two awesome things!

The Goal to Gold giveaway has now started here at Kellyco Metal Detectors!

Help spread the news about this giveaway with #GoaltoGold

You could win a sweet LG LED HDTV and a Nokta FORS Gold metal detector!

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#TBT To My Beach Metal Detecting Memory

I absolutely love treasure hunting and have many fun #ThrowBackThursday stories to tell. I want to share one of them to you all because this story largely focuses on the excitement and thrill of the hunt of the hobby. Last year, I went to the beach to do some treasure hunting and just wanted to spend so time outdoors, as well as see if I could discover some great items too. I remember going out thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if I find a sweet coin, ring or just anything really valuable?” I consider myself at the intermediate level in the metal detecting world. Read more »

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Awesome New Prices On Nokta!

This is something to make your day even brighter!

Now, there are new lower prices on all Nokta products! Get that fav Nokta metal detector, pinpointer and more!

Nokta products are known globally for their extensive range of professional metal detectors! They have coin detectors, gold detectors, military detectors and more!

Nokta is a stand out because of their advanced research and engineering technologies!

If you are are looking for a top of the line brand and machine, you can’t go wrong with Nokta, especially if you love to travel with your machine. Do you have a Nokta machine? Tell us why you love your machine in the comments below.

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More Proof Of Atlantis?

One of the most intriguing legends, has to be the one about the amazing, yet advanced lost city of Atlantis. The Greek philosopher Plato wrote about a gorgeous island that sank beneath the waves in one day! Based on what I remember reading, Plato described the city of Atlantis as a place with many tunnels and surrounded by water. To Plato’s surprise, Atlantis housed many buildings, along with wealthy people, who were gifted in areas such as mathematics, engineering and architecture! One of my favorite parts of Plato’s writings, have to be when he mentioned the walls of many buildings being covered by precious metals! Read more »

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We Want To Hear From You!

It’s time for People’s Choice at Kellyco Metal Detectors!

Tell us what your favorite metal detectors are!

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The Curse Of Oak Island Finale!

The finale of The Curse of Oak Island was last night on the History Channel! How many of you watched the show?

What are your thoughts on it? Personally, I am still excited to see what other discoveries are made!

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Find The Best Gold Metal Detector For YOU!

Discover the best metal detector for gold that YOU can afford!

Here’s something great to add to that: Save up to 52% off all top gold detectors!

Tell us. What is your preferred gold metal detector?

Gold detectors are perfect for finding anything from gold jewelry to gold nuggets! Everything in between! Start today!



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Your Monday Looks A Little Brighter!

Save big on top metal detectors! Save up to 66% off!

Now, is YOUR chance to explore and join a hobby that pays you back!-metal detecting!

Find valuables and get more fun for the whole family!

Do you know someone that joined this hobby? Did they find anything cool? Tell us in the comments below.

Find out why it’s the newest “it” hobby!


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