Funny GoPro Video Featuring Energetic Dog!

This video really put a smile on our faces! This one video from Lorduss1 on YouTube proves the GoPro can capture the great and fun things that life has to offer!

See the video here!

Photo Credits: YouTube and Lorduss1

Photo Credits: YouTube and Lorduss1

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Gold Treasure Unearthed In Stockton, UK!


Photo credits: Gazaett Live and Ian Bisset

A metal detectorist in Stockton, UK has found a gorgeous piece of gold treasure!  Thanks to information from the Gazette Live, we know that Ian Bisset from Fairfield, was metal detecting on cultivated land, when he got a strong signal from his metal detector. He said on the find, “It’s a marvelous thing to pick something up and realize what it is. To think that it was actually worn on someone’s hand thousands of years ago is incredible. When I realized what it was, I carefully wiped the mud off and then checked the nearby area for other items, as they are often found together. I then took it straight to the farmer to show him and told him that I would like to report the find. ” According to the Gazette Live, the gold ring will be sent to the British Museum, where a Treasure Evaluation Committee will decide it’s value. The article also mentioned that even though Bissett found the treasure, he is not legally entitled to keep it.

For more on this story, see source below.



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Our Treasure Find Of The Week!

We hope your Monday is going good.  It’s treasure find of the week!

Love seeing treasure? This is pretty awesome!

Here is an image of a Sovereign gold coin found with a Nokta Velox One!

We want to see what you found! Share your treasure finds with us in the comments below. Has anyone found one of these coins?

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Dive To New Depths And See Underwater Worlds Like You Never Seen Before!

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Start exploring today!

Start exploring today!

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See Gold Like You Have Never Seen It Before!

Do you want to really see the shine, splendor and beauty of gold?

Let the GoPro Hero3+ show you gold in a whole new light!!

Trust us, you will love what the GoPro can do for you!

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Amazing Treasure Hunting Video With Many Coin And Relic Finds!

This video comes from a DrTones24K on YouTube. We love how he shows his amazing relic and coin finds! Do you want to discover more coins and relics? We have the tools you need to find your dream treasure!

Check out the video here.


Photo credits: DrTones24K and YouTube

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Lost Fire Island Wedding Ring Returned!

This article from NBC News New York is an example of the stories that we love most at Kellyco. While vacationing with her family on Fire Island a few weeks ago, Erin Carrazzo lost her wedding ring. According to the article, Erin posted on her Facebook page that she hoped “a metal detectorist would find it.” This is the most awesome part of the story. While Erin was hoping for her ring to return, another person was posting information about a lost ring on his Facebook page! Read more »

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New Monuments Discovered At Stonehenge!

For years, I, like many people, have been fascinated with Stonehenge. I remember doing extensive research on Stonehenge years ago in college. Still to this day, new theories and ideas emerge that keep my curiosity on the subject active. Thanks to an article from Ancient Origins, there is even more exciting news circulating around Stonehenge! According to Ancient Origins, a large project known as the The Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project, conducted a detailed underground survey and discovered over 15 unknown additional monuments!

Read more »

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Love OKM Detectors? Look At This!

Now, you can save up to 28% off OKM professional grade detectors!

These machines are great for finding real buried treasure that lies beyond the surface! Find exciting things that other detectors miss!

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You Will Not Believe How Old This Copper Awl Is!

According to the Tech Times, a copper awl that dates back to the early 5th millennium or late millennium BCE was found in the Middle East during excavations at Tel Tsaf! The tool is over 7,000 years old! This is one of the oldest metal objects found to date in the whole region! The article said that the village of Tel Tsaf dates back to 5200-4600 BCE, is near the Jordan River and become the most significant spot in the Middle East, by providing large amounts of information to researchers. The item was located in a woman’s grave along with beaded belt, and according to Tech Times, both tell people about the social status of the woman.

The researchers are not sure what or how the copper awl was utilized before, however, what is know is that awls were mostly used as tools.



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