The July 4th Fireworks Come Early!

The July 4th fireworks come early with our new promo to celebrate! Receive a FREE Visa gift card (up to $100) with the purchase of a metal detector on this page.

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New Age Goonies Visits Kellyco!

Today, we had Dwight from New Age Goonies Adventures come into Kellyco Metal Detectors. If you have not heard of the group, he and the rest of the members are amazing! They are some of the most fun, adventurous and kindhearted detectorists you will ever meet. Like us, they all highly value helping the community and bringing awareness of the hobby itself. New Age Goonies loves to seek out treasures from the past and just enjoy the thrills of the hunt! They also love sharing interesting facts and educating people in the community. What a great group and we look forward to having them come again! We are excited for new opportunities!


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Your Must Have Summer (Detecting) Hot List!

We have a new board on Pinterest that gives you the hot, must have metal detecting products for this summer!

Have fun, make new memories and make it easier on yourself with the industry’s best multi-tasking products!

Have the best summer ever with the hobby of treasure hunting!

Follow the new board here.

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These New Maps Are What Everyone’s Talking About!

We have new shipwreck charts, gold & gem maps and all kinds of others! No matter what you’re hunting for, we will help point you in the right direction!

Ever want to explore the Florida Keys and find shipwrecks? We have a complete chart that shows you where to start! Search over 500 shipwrecks, including the famous Atocha!

Find gold & gems in Idaho, California and more with our gold & gem maps!

Search shipwrecks in New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida & the Gulf of Mexico, etc!

Find precious jewels in Nevada, Washington and other states! You now have even more possibilities to find treasure and adventure!

Florida Keys Shipwreck Chart

Idaho Gem & Gold Map

California Gem & Gold Map


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See Our Recent Treasure Find Of The Week!

We have another incredible story for you all!  This week’s Treasure Find of the Week comes from Tyler J. back in March. He wanted to hunt some older property. The property owner of a home built in 1903 approached him and said his grandmother lost a diamond ring under ones of the trees by a close by pond. After seeking permission, he went out hunting to find the ring. After the owners wife was there anxious for Tyler to find the ring, he did discover a 1942 British three pence that he found! He also found three wheats and an old pocket knife. After leaving that location, he found another home built in 1880 and was approached by this saying from the owner, “You will not find anything.”

He explained how different people use different metal detectors that all don’t do the same thing. The owner said “I’ve been here for 25 years and the place has been detected at least 5 times since I’ve been here, but, you’re more than welcome to give it a shot. Just fill in your holes.” He was about ready to quit, but after his intuition told him to return, he was so glad he did. He ended up finding a class ring and his first gold ring! After going home, he discovered the ring was 10k gold and had the initials B.L.W. He went on a mission to find the owner. He decided to use social media to his advantage and joined an alumni page on Facebook. He ended up with a lead from one of the group members and you will not believe what happens next! Read the rest here.

He used his Garrett AT Pro to hunt.

We want to hear your treasure find story! Did you know that sharing your treasure find story is an awesome way to get others interested in the hobby of metal detecting and even gives them ideas on where to hunt?

Each week, we will pick a story from our treasure find page on the new site and feature it in our Treasure Find of the Week Newsletter!

Your story could be the one! All you need to do is email us your story and we will place it on the site.
If your story is chosen, you will have the chance to win a $50
Kellyco gift certificate! Each month, there is one prize awarded. Submit your stories/s via email to

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More Good Deeds From A Detectorist!

In a recent interview with the South Wales Evening Post, 60 year shopkeeper Geoff Baker explained that he has a strong desire to help return lost rings to their owners. Recently, on Swansea beach, he discovered two rings. He said on the discovery, “They were found close together on the high tide mark. It’s hard to tell how long they’ve been there, but it was if they’ve stayed close together hoping to be found. As soon as I realized what they were, I knew I had to try and find the owner.” On the rings themselves, he also stated, “They are of high grade gold, one is an engagement ring and the other is a wedding ring. Both are inscribed inside, but sadly not with a name or phone number.”

Photo credits: South Wales Evening Post and Geoff Baker

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More Proof Of The Powerful Benefits Of Using A Detector!

We have always believed metal detecting to be one of those hobbies that greatly benefits the mind in addition to the body. One couple is making headlines for helping veterans everyone suffering with PTSD. Derek McLennan and his partner Sharon McKee are both history fans and have started an organization called Beyond the Beep. This organization is meant to help those traumatized veterans that have served who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places around the world. Both Derek and Sharon understand that the hobby can help them deal with the horrors of war and the psychological effects of it. Many veterans deal with PTSD and just having something else fun to enjoy can mean so much! Derek said on the hobby, “The veterans love it. The mental health benefits of detecting are widely recognized within the detecting community. It is a great hobby to help you unwind and relax, focusing solely on your next discovery.” One veteran said in the article, “Until I started metal detecting with the help of Sharon and Derek, I wouldn’t leave my home. I knew I had to get out of my house to exercise and live free from the effects of my post-traumatic stress disorder but nothing I tried worked until I began metal detecting. Just being out in the countryside with fellow vets and people who care is amazing.” It’s incredible to see what this couple is doing to help other veterans. Read more on this great story by clicking “source” below.

Image credits: Derek McLennan, Sharon McKee and

Image credits: Derek McLennan, Sharon McKee and


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Hooked On History: Hear What This Treasure Hunter Says!

The Columbia Daily Harold had a chance to speak with a fascinating Civil War-era treasure hunter named Eddie Glasco. He is on a journey to find as many Civil War relics as he can. He has been in the treasure hunting hobby for over 22 years and wonders about the history behind every item he finds. He said to The Columbia Daily Harold, “My two all-time best finds are a U.S. belt buckle from the Civil War and a Confederate wreath buckle I unearthed at Woodland Park.” The finds of the most value are placed in a bank and the more common pieces he keeps in shadow boxes. There are certain things he is able to part with as far as his collection goes. As the article states, he sold a CSA-marked belt buckle he found for $3,500! Read more of Glasco’s story on source below.

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest


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Get Inspired By These Quotes!

Here at Kellyco, we love to read and feel empowered by great quotes. We especially love them when they have to do with exploring, adventure and travel. Here are some quotes from others that we love. Messages are powerful and we believe one message can inspire you to do whatever you have your heart set on. Here are a few of our favorites. You can see the sources for each image on our quotes board.




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Meet June’s Featured Metal Detector!

For this month, the Fisher F2 machine is the featured detector! Why is this one so great?

For one, it’s a lightweight, yet powerful detector that you can use for hours without getting tired quickly. It also features push button controls so you can easily adjust for the conditions you are hunting in, then pinpoint the target before digging! You should see our new, special offers for this month. Click the banner below.

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