Tips For Cleaning Bottle Finds

Treasure hunting forums are some of the most valuable places for hunting knowledge. Recently, we came across a link on Pinterest that went to one of the top metal detecting forums: Here, you can unearth even more of the knowledge from a huge community of hunters! Let’s get started.

On the thread, here are some of the best old bottle cleaning take-a-ways:

  1. (Listed by member known as Coin_Master)

“Add one quarter of a cup of works toilet bowel cleaner. (Or enough to fill about a half inch of the bottom).

Add water until 1/3 full.

Add about a teaspoon of dish washing liquid.

Add aquarium gravel until about a half inch is filled.

Shake, shake, shake, and shake some more.

Fill the bottle full of water.

Let sit 15 minutes.

Drain out.

Rinse out.

If the inside is just dirty you can use soapy water with gravel. Let it sit about 5 mins before you shake, so the dirt is loose.”

2. (Listed by member known as TripletDad)

“I use a small piece of Brillo pad at the end of a straightened heavy-duty coat hanger (not the flimsy white ones). Then run them thru the dishwasher, top rack. They are so clean you can drink out of them when they’re done.”


3. (Listed by member known as Musketman)

“I also collect glass power insulators. The people in that hobby uses a lye and water mix. Lye is dangerous stuff and must be used with care but it works great. You just get a plastic container, mix water and lye, put in the bottles and let them soak till clean. It cleans the soot and grime from insulators that have spent decades near trains so it aught to clean bottles.
I think I bought the lye at grocery stores under the brand, Red Devil. If you look up, cleaning insulators with lye you can get the recommended mix.”


4. View more! 

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A 2,000 Year Old What Was Unearthed?

Near a Roman port on the Red Sea, something out of the ordinary was just found – a pet cemetery that dates to over 2,000 years ago! It’s a known fact that ancient civilizations highly valued certain animals are pets, including ones we are familiar with today. Certain animal species held symbolic significance in their lives. For example, keeping specific animals around was a sign of wealth and status. You have bears and lions that were sometimes kept by the ultra wealthy. On this recent discovery, stated, “The remains of dogs, monkeys, and cats have been unearthed. Some of the carcasses had been carefully placed under mats or jars. A few of them were wearing iron collars, some of which were decorated with ostrich-shell beads.” The way cultures valued animals and which animals they kept, tells so much about them, including the way their society was structured. Read more on “source” below.



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Rare Viking Coin Finds Displayed In Ulster!

Valuables found in the UK are considered some of the most unique in the world. There is so much history in the UK, that treasure hunters from all over the world are attracted to the area. We do recommend you do your research and read what the metal detecting laws are, no matter where you are at. As an example of recent treasure, here is a nice, recent one. Treasure hunter Brian Morton discovered two very rare coins from the Viking period!!

Photo credits: National Museums NI/PA Wire and New Letter

Read more »

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Our Biggest Black Friday Sale Ever!

Can you believe the day has arrived? It’s finally Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year! What does that mean for you? It means you have the best products at the top prices! We’ve continued to slash prices and give you the best! Find that ideal metal detector for $50!! It’s unbelievable! We’re feeling so much holiday cheer, that we have to celebrate!

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#FridayFanFun: Made With You In Mind

We love to give back to our fans and customers, so we have something extra for you. Each Friday, we will have #FridayFanFun. This will feature something special just for YOU! You will see contests, trivia, etc. It’s another way of us saying “Thank-you” for you being you.

The most recent one we have is here.

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Your Perfect Gift Awaits: Skip The Crowds!

Our Black November promotion has always been about giving you the top Black Friday prices! We want you to have access to the best deals early. You will find the items you need for fall and winter hunting. Remember, you will not find a better range of products elsewhere! We also have metal detecting experts ready to help you with any concern! #KellycoTestTeam

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Brain Food Vol. 3: Dating Your Button Detecting Find!

Hungry for more knowledge? We feel ya! For this volume of Brain Food, we are on the topic of dating button finds. We got inspired from a Pinterest post, so we knew we had to share! For those of you that have buttons and thought, “How do I know what year this is from? I don’t know where to start”, here’s an in depth, visual guide for you. On the image, you can tell what you need to look for to identify the year. For example, if you see a blurred edge and a spun back, your button date range is 1760-1785.

Do you want to start finding older items? Try a relic detector!


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Stu The Legend!

Here at Kellyco, we enjoy telling others about the start of the company and enjoy sharing facts with you about our founder and CEO, Stuart Auerbach. One of the reasons why we do is to let you know that at the center of the company is YOU. We care about each and every fan & customer and want to provide you with the best of the best. Stu knew this from the very beginning, which is one of the reasons why he started the business. As a family owned and operated company, you will find dedicated treasure hunting experts who care and want you to enjoy all aspects of the hobby. Stu knew from the start how vital it is to have the best prices and quality service. With all that in mind, and in the coming days, we are focusing more content on our founder because we want you to get to know him and his approach. Learn new facts about him and other fun tidbits with the new #StuTheLegend social campaign! See our first one from our Facebook below:

“Did you know that our founder and CEO, Stuart Auerbach started selling metal detectors in his car in the early 50’s? People came up to him from everywhere wanting to join in on the fun of the hobby! We’re just amazed at how far Kellyco Metal Detectors has come!”

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A Special Coin Treat!

We know how neat it is to have all kinds of coins. You never know what kind of story it will tell. We like to include a piece of history for our customers whenever we can. So, we have this new treat for you.  We’ve added FREE presidential coin kits with 5 coins in hard plastic holders that you get with select metal detector purchases!

>>They will be available with the following machines:

Nokta FORS CoRe with 11.2X7.0″ Coil

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