Twin Brothers Find Medal While Detecting!

Twin brothers Mike and Mark Mangham have always done so many neat things together. Mike has always wanted to try detecting and got his brother Mark into it. Mike’s first find was a pocketwatch. Both of them having been hunting for 5-6 years and are hooked! The more they find, the more they want to hunt!

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Learn More About Metal Detecting On Farms!

Have you seen what’s new on our other blog, listed on our website? In this one, we talk about metal detecting on farms. These places have even more potential for treasure than you realize and we talk about how YOU can find the most!

Here’s a short sample:

Finds From Workers-

“Farming is one of the longest-running activities in the world. It was what allowed people to settle in one place after all. Because of this, you could find some pretty old treasure, depending on how long the farm or community has been around, as well as current clad. It’s not uncommon to find pocket spills from workers, either from working in the field or taking a break. Since farms have the soil broken up on a regular basis, you are likely to find things for many years to come.” 


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History Unearthed In Arkansas!

People are falling in love with metal detecting across the globe. Once you get a machine, you are hooked! Everything from the sound of the metal detector makes to hunting a new location, it’s just too awesome to put into words! I personally look for stories having to do with treasure hunters who are passionate about the hobby and finds some . Here’s the most recent one! Read more »

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Enter The Rush For Relics Giveaway!

t’s time for our…Rush For RelicsSuperBowl Giveaway!! You could #win a Nokta FORS Relic machine! To commemorate the event, we are giving you the chance to #win a great relic detector, the #Nokta FORS Relic!! (a $799.00 value).


Did you know Minneapolis is part of one of the oldest settlements in the mid-west? That’s even before the French arrived! That’s a lot of potential relics! Enter here:

There’s plenty of history to it and stories to uncover!

See more about the FORS relic.

Now is YOUR chance to win this relic metal detector and #chasehistory!

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This Treasure Hunter Found Amazing Things From A Spanish Galleon!

Treasure hunter J. Herbert “Herbo” Humphreys Jr lead a very adventurous life. Even though he had passed this world, we wanted to share some amazing things that he did. He used a ship known as The Beacon to find shipwrecks. One of the most successful techniques he used to find them was known as blowing holes. This technique, as the article pointed out, includes, “attachments placed over the Beacon’s propellers shot a forceful column of water down to the sandy, shallow bottom of the Little Bahama Bank.”

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Check Out This Treasure Hunter!

There are many great places to go metal detecting. In fact, we like to tell others to go to places where people gather or have gathered a lot. For example, parks, colleges and churches. Treasure hunter Trevor Ponte loves to hunt at old churches where people have gathered for decades. He said, “In Fairhaven there is an entire block of churches. You can bounce back and forth across the street. It’s awesome. It’s like a metal detector’s playground.” One of his favorite things to hunt for is coins. As the article mentioned, he has an obsession with them. He said on coins, “Coins are so nice looking.” He bought his first metal detector at 21 and has always enjoyed the process of finding treasure. He mentioned about finding treasure, “it’s all about how you’re feeling. You have to want to find something.” Trevor, we love your excitement about the hobby and wish you continued success!


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New Roman Shipwrecks Found Off This Greek Island

Last December, off the coast of the Greek island of Naxos, a shipwreck was found at a depth of 100 meters. Naxos was once known for their high quality marble exports. Now, it’s a popular place for vacations. As pointed out by Newsweek, the archaeologists were shocked because it’s rare to find a shipwreck at that depth and in crystal clear waters. The search was for something different, so this particular find was a nice surprise. Four ships were found clustered together with many vessels inside. As mentioned in the article, the vessels would have contained anything profitable to explain a journey that they set on. Read more on this! Click source below.

Not actual image from story. Source: Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Not actual image from story. Source: Pixabay (Free for commercial use)


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Merry Christmas From All Of Us!

It’s the last Friday before Christmas and there is still time to find a great gift! We have giftcards, stocking stuffers and gear for all treasure hunters!

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Where to Find Gold: State by State Guide

Gold is one of a treasure hunter’s favorite things to find. It shines and it can have great value, so let’s make it easier for YOU to find!

We found this on Pinterest showing a state by state guide on finding gold.

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Brain Food Vol. 10: Parts of a Coin

It’s good knowledge for every detectorists to know the parts of a coin. Coin parts of included in metal detecting jargon, so we have a handy guide for you to learn. Coins can teach us so much about history, so they are great to collect and learn more about! If you’re a coin collection, leave a comment and tell us some of your favorites or tips!

Source: Pinterest

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