Take An Underwater Treasure Hunting Dive With A Kellyco Team Member!

We have some pretty cool detectorists here at Kellyco. In addition to loving the hobby itself, they really enjoy sharing their adventures with everyone. Take avid detectorist and treasure hunter, Chris O’Connell. He is a water hunter, who frequently uses Aquascan Aquapulse products to scan for treasure. He is also a member of New Age Goonies Adventures. Watch as Chris dives and join in his journey.

Watch the video here.



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Digging Has Started On The Nazi Gold Train

There is a Facebook Live video circulating showing the first signs of digging on the legendary Nazi Gold train! In an article from Mirror UK, the footage of the digging was captured by a drone and shows excavators eager to uncover new treasure. The gold in the train itself is believed to be hidden between Wroclaw and Walbrzych in western Poland. Based on other stories, there is a massive amount of treasure still left to be found from the Third Reich. These treasures included jewelry, artwork, gold, etc. The Nazi Gold Train was found by two men known as Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper. See source below to read more and see original article.

Photo credit: Mirror UK News

Photo credit: Mirror UK News



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This Detector Was THE Top Rated Machine For 3 Years!

If you haven’t heard of the Garrett AT Pro, now is the time! The AT Pro is one of Garrett’s gems and has been putting smiles on the faces of detectorists for years! This model works with any terrain! Think humid bogs, deserts, etc. It comes with a waterproof housing up to 10 feet and has an 8.5″x 11 search coil! The 0 to 99 Digital Target ID is one of the most advanced! If you purchase this machine with us, you will also get:

MasterSound headphones (factory included)

All Weather Logo Carry Bag

Pro Dot Gloves One Sided

6X Pocket Magnifying combo

1715 Spanish 8 Escudos Gold Coin Replica

Deep Pocket Pouch with Logo

String backpack

2 Pocket/Coin Pouch with Apron

Kellyco Decal

3″ Embroidered Logo Patch

Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine

Multi function Field Knife


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Wedding Ring Recovered In Lake Michigan

In a recent August post from Fox 17 West Michigan, a man with a metal detector from West Michigan found a wedding ring lost in Lake Michigan! A woman named Jamie Kennedy lost the ring after a beach trip with her friends and kids. She said, “I was in the water when I pushed my ring up to get some sand out from under in it when it fell into the water.” She looked awhile for the ring, but gave up. As a last plea for help, she went on Facebook and asked for help.

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New Rival Of Stonehenge?

In exclusive news from Independent, it appears that there is much more to meet the eye when it comes to the story of Stonehenge. There’s new evidence to suggest that Stonehenge was built during a time of powerful rivalry having to do with religion and politics! At an archaeological complex known as Durrington Walls, archaeologists found, a circle of huge timber posts, about 500 meters in diameter! This find is definitely raising eyebrows! Originally, as the article suggests, archaeologists thought they found buried standing stones, which changed their understanding of the Stonehenge site itself. Read more »

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See The Underground World Like Never Before!

Presenting the new Makro Deephunter3D and Deephunter3D Pro! These have two search modes: MOD 1 and MOD 2. MOD 1 locates voids and precious metals. MOD 2 finds small targets in highly mineralized soil. MOD 2 also locates coins and gold! You can hunt in any, difficult soil condition! Both machines come with over $665.00 in free accessories!! Find anything with these!

See the Deephunter 3D standard and Deephunter 3D Pro





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813 Karat Diamond Is A Sure Stunner!

The revenue and profit for diamond company- Lucara Diamond Corp has soared to over 191 million thanks to one, huge rock! Diamonds.net announced that a rough diamond’s record sale of $63.1 million helped to push it over. The 813 karat gem, known as “The Constellation”ended up receiving over $77,649 per karat! Talk about a show stealer! This price is the highest ever for a diamond! The homeplace of the diamond, as mentioned in the article, is Botswana, Africa, in the Karowe mine. The gem consisted of 314 stones, weighing more than 10.8 karats.

Photo credit: Diamonds.net

Photo credit: Diamonds.net

Did you know that you can find gems with the right metal detector? Click here.


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Kellyco Is THE Destination For Your Security Products

We understand that everyone deserves to feel safe, no matter where they are. Each person deserves the best in security technology to have their fears alleviated. We invest the time to show and tell others about the importance of having these products in today’s world. At Kellyco, our security metal detectors range from compact and hand-held options to larger walk-through devices for more comprehensive security options.

To further illustrate the necessity of these items, we are constantly staying up to date on new features and technology. Our Sales Director, Gene Knight led a training session for our sales team this morning.


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8 Vacation Spots Perfect For Treasure Hunters!

Are you looking for a vacation spot a bit more adventurous? Maybe something to make you feel like you’re in a movie on a quest for treasure? With some of these spots, you can make that a reality!

Here are a few of the 8 locations great for treasure hunters listed by Lyn Mettler for Fox News

  • Coastal Louisiana – At this spot, the locals believe a famous pirate named Jean Lafitte, buried a lot of treasure near the bayou somewhere. Lafitte and his buccaneers used to hide out along the waterways of Lake Charles. According to legend, they hid big stashes of gold and silver!
  • Superstition Mountains, Mesa, Arizona – Have you heard of the search for the lost treasure of Jacob Waltz, also known as the “lost Dutchman”? In the 1800’s, he discovered a rich gold oremine, but the exact location of that exciting spot died with him in 1891. This story has inspired the TV series, “Legend of the Superstition Mountains.” Others have searched for it, but never found the mine.
  • Crystal Coast, North Carolina – There’s a rumor that says one of history’s most famous pirates, Blackbeard spent a great deal of time off the coast of North Carolina with his ship, “The Queen Anne’s Revenge”. Based on information from Teach’s Hole, an exhibit and shop dedicated to the pirate on Ocracoke Island, “Holiday’s Island” in the Chowan River,  “Teach’s Oak” near Oriental and “The Old Brick House” near Elizabeth City are just some of the sites that Blackbeard has thought to have buried his treasure!
Photo credits: Fox News and Crystal Coast Tourism Authority.

Photo credits: Fox News and Crystal Coast Tourism Authority.

See more here!

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Capitana Crew Finds More Treasure!

If you haven’t heard of these treasure hunters, you should because they are awesome! 1715 Fleet-Queen’s Jewels, LLC is THE largest permitted historical shipwreck salvage operation in Florida’s waters! They have salvaged the remains of the 1715 Fleet and continue to find more of the gorgeous pieces of history in the ocean. As they said on their website, they hope the recovery of the incredibly rare artifacts will help educate people about Spanish colonization of the new world and life on the high seas in 1715. Their most recent find included two gold rings discovered among other artifacts! You can see the rings in the first picture below. The treasure hunter who found them was Larry Bacola. What a awesome day for everyone! See two of their older finds below the image.

Photo credit: 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels, LLC

Photo credit: 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels, LLC


This find was also made by the crew of the Capitana. Look at the old coins and forks!

Photo credit: 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels, LLC

Photo credit: 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels, LLC


This find comes from the Corrigan’s wreck and was also found by the Capitana. These were found on June 18th and they described that day as calm with crystal clear waters.


We are so proud of the Captitana crew for finding all kinds of pieces of history! They are an example that anyone can find something amazing! It takes work, but only imagine the possibilities!

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