Brain Food Vol.6: Coin Identification!

We love to feed our brains good information on coins, especially when it comes to identifying them. There is a wealth of information on the topic of coins, so we found one more piece to help you stand out among your detecting pals. This one comes from Pinterest here. Here’s to you finding more awesome coins this summer! :)

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Archaeologists Find Remains Of 700 Year Old Medieval Priest!

At a dig in Thornton Abbey, England, a team of archaeologists uncovered the remains of a very old priest. This one in particular happened to be 700 years old! Thornton Abbey is a medieval abbey located near the village of Ulceby. According to new info from Lincolnshire Live, the name that appeared on the coffin was Richard de W’Peton and the date of his death as April 17, 1317. The archaeology team was working since 2011 at that excavation site, which is where a monastery, founded in 1139, eventually become one of England’s richest houses! As far as the other details for the priest’s death. Evidence was shown that he died from blunt force trauma on the head and was between the ages of 35 and 45 when he died. Read more on what archaeologists found by clicking source below.

Photo credit: Lincolnshire Live

Photo credit: Lincolnshire Live


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An Easter Egg Full Of Coins? Yep!

The videos from JD’s Variety Channel are always so interesting and entertaining! He ends of finding some of the most unique things while metal detecting as well! He’s got a new, fun video for you all! Join in on his adventure when he buries an Easter egg full of coins on the beach! Watch the video here.

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13th Century Treasure Discovered In Farmer’s Field!

The Lancashshire Telegraph reported some very excited news about treasure recently! Coins from the 13th century were found in a farmer’s field! Andrew Smith, who is both a detectorist and a photographer discovered six, silver pennies that dated from the reign of Edward I. The Telegraph mentioned that Smith participated in a dig at Pendleton in February. The coins were found 10 inches below the surface and were clumped together. It was agreed that the coins would be returned to the 46 year old farmer. The Assistant Treasure Registrar at the British Museum the coins appeared to date from between 1279 and 1283.  Click on “source” below to see how much they could go for when sold and more!

You really can find anything metal detecting!

Note: These are not the actual coins.

Note: These are not the actual coins. Click on the link to see images of the coins.



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Find Gold During The #NewGoldRush!

People are finding treasures left and right! Let this be your year of amazing finds! If you’re looking for gold, we are your #1 stop!  We give you the knowledge and tools to continue discovering your dream finds! We have gold panning equipment, gold metal detectors, gold books, etc!

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Did You See This Gem & Treasure Show?

This past weekend, in Washington’s Thurston County Fairgrounds, over 600 people attended a gem, gold & treasure show! Here, people can use a metal detector to search for hidden coins and so much more! As the Olympian News pointed out, there were learning displays and a traveling gold panning both! People of all ages loved to experience all the treasure hunting excitements there! The event was hosted by the Bedrock Prospector Club of Puyallup. According to the news, the proceeds from the event go to Toys for Tots and Resources Coalition. This organization that speaks on behalf of people who want to use public lands for recreation. Read more about the event in detail by clicking source below.

Photo credit: The Olympian News

Photo credit: The Olympian News


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Stolen Coin In Germany Worth Millions!

In the Bode Museum in Germany, there has been a legendary gold coin that is worth 220 pounds and has been stolen! This coin is worth millions and could be worth over $4.5 million at market prices. The story was picked up by CNBC. According to the article, the thieves broke in where the coin was kept and managed to get away before the police arrived on the scene. The coin itself, as CNBC states, “has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and maple leaves on the other.” This beauty is listed in the Guinness Book of Records because of it’s purity of 999.99/1000 gold! We hope this coin is found!

Photo credits: CNBC and Getty Images

Photo credits: CNBC and Getty Images


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115K In Stolen Silver And Gold Found!

This is some treasure recovered! The news came from and has been creating quite a buzz. The precious metal recovered come from a collector from Clallam or Jefferson counties. As the source mentioned, on February 18th, a home in Kala Point was reported burglarized. The surrounding neighbors saw an open door. When the resident came back, the items were reported missing. At this same time, hundreds of stolen silver & gold bars, coins & ingots valued at an estimated $115,000 were recovered. Detective Brett Anglin was looking for a connection between the recovered items and the gold & silver that belonged to the Kala Point resident. According to the article, they arrested someone in connection with the missing items. They know there are other suspects out there and it’s still unknown as to who the real owner is. See source below to read the full story.

Photo credits: Marysville Police Department,


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These Coins Have Been Declared Treasure!

People find the most amazing things! A farmer in England had an awesome day when he came upon a dozen silver coins from the time of Henry VIII! The news has just been released from Shropshire Star! Metal detectorist David Franklin, 34, has only been in the hobby a year before he found the coins! As reported by the Star, Franklin was about to give up after searching in nearby fields, when he metal detector went off. He then started the dig. The coins were buried six inches from the surface! Before the coins were verified as treasure, Senior Coroner for Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, Mr John Ellery heard that the coins were part of a purse from the late Tudor period. Contained in this bag, were 19 shillings and groats. We’re thrilled for this guy! It’s always great to find a piece of history!

Read more by clicking “source” below.

Photo credits: Shropshire Star and David Franklin.

Photo credits: Shropshire Star and David Franklin.


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Brace For Impact! Watch This Nokta Impact Video!

Brace for IMPACT!

The new Nokta Impact field test & review results are out from the Hoover Boys. Watch these awesome results! You can’t miss the awesome footage! Check it out here! The Impact has 36 machines in one! It will change how you hunt!

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