Brain Food Vol. 12: Gold Purity

To understand gold, you have to address it in layers, since there are so many aspects of it. In our last Brain Food blog, we discuss the different types of gold in gold jewelry. Now, we are going to have a shorter discussion on “gold purity” or a guide on measuring the pureness of gold. Purity is one of the most important things you should consider, especially if you are going to buy gold. How much the gold item is, is directly related to purity. So, to start, how is purity measured?

Gold purity is measured in Karats. Karats are expressed in fractions of 24. If you look at a gold product and see a “K” after it, you will recognize that as karats. If gold is in it’s purest form, you will see 24K. As quoted by source 1, 24K is 99.9% pure! If someone invests in gold and has gold bars, they are 24K as well. 22-Karat gold is still very pure at 91.6%. 18 Karats is 75% gold and is a good choice for gold that will be worn plenty of times. If you’re going out and exposing the gold to different elements, 18K gold is a smart choice. Investing in gold requires at least 22K and up. There are also 9K, 10K and 14K gold. There are also low and high karats. If the karat is lower, the stronger it will be. If it is higher, it will be softer. For example, if you don’t want your gold jewelry to tarnish, you should pick higher karats. See this handy gold purity conversion chart.

Other lists of stamps that can be used to measure gold purity include:

  1. EPNS–  It stands for “Electroplated Nickel Silver”, which is silver plate. In other words, it’s not gold and it’s worthless.
  2. EPBM: If you see gold marked “EPBM,” go to a different place. This stands for “Electroplated Britannia Metal” which is not gold at all. It is a silver/tin alloy made up of  lead, copper or zinc.
  3. GE: Gold Electroplate. This consists of a base metal, like brass, with a certain thickness of gold electrolytically deposited onto the base.
  4. GF: Gold Filled. When the gold is heated and pressure bonded to the base metal. It must have a minimum purity of 10K gold.

All of these will help you understand gold as a valuable element and make the right decisions for buying, selling, collecting, etc. We do encourage you to further research the subject if it really interests you. There are plenty of wonderful sources and you can take your pick for what is right for you.


Source 1

Source 2

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Brain Food Vol. 11: Different Types Of Gold In Jewelry

Whether you are a collector or just someone that loves gold jewelry, it’s good to know the different types of gold that are in jewelry. If you’re a treasure hunter who’s just found a gold ring or bracelet and you want to explore the possible value, you will feel more confident with this new knowledge.

Gold jewelry does not have pure gold in it. Gold jewelry is a combination of metals or an “alloy”. It can be combined with silver, zinc, copper, palladium and nickel to create colors. Some of the most popular colors include: yellow, white, green and rose. Yellow gold, for example, is made by mixing pure gold with copper, zinc and silver.

Yellow gold is known as the purest color and requires the least amount of maintenance. White gold is a combo of pure gold and palladium or platinum. If you find an object of white gold, it’s great because it is scratch resistant and pretty durable. White gold is the choice for engagement rings and wedding sets. Rose gold is more durable than the two above and is created with copper, gold and silver. Green is sometimes made with copper, but mostly consists of gold and silver. The green color comes from the silver.

There are even more colors out there such as blue gold, which has a mix of indium and pure gold. Have you heard of black gold? it’s a real thing! This one is made up of cobalt and gold! Fascinating, right? All of this is great for understanding more about your gold jewelry finds. Stay tuned for part 2 featuring a guide to gold purity!

(Images used are free for commercial use; found on Pixabay)

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

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Silver Treasure Found On German Baltic Island!

In the Baltic Sea, on the German island of Ruegen, 1,000 year old treasure linked to the time of the Danish king Harald Gormsson have been found. According to the source, the treasure discovered included rings, silver coins, pearls and bracelets. This is seen as the biggest amount of coins found in the southern Baltic region! It was discovered by two amateur archaeologists. Archaeologist Rene Schoen said, “This was the (biggest) discovery of my life.” He and 13 year old Luca M. were using metal detectors on the field when Luca found a little piece that he first thought was garbage. Read more on this great find! Click source below!

Kellyco can help you find a piece of history! We have the knowledge and tools to make sure you have the best adventures!

Image credits: Stefan Sauer , Yahoo and Associated Press

Image credits: Stefan Sauer , Yahoo and Associated Press


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Are you ready to win a neat #treasurehunting prize? Listen to this clip from Sound Cloud and tell us which metal detector or detector brand you think it is in our new contest!

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See Underground Metals In Real Time!

Technology is ever changing in the metal detecting world. You have to admit, it’s come a very long way. Everything from the features down to the materials. It’s all about making YOUR experience the best! The most recent update to a long line of standouts is the new, Nokta INVENIO machines. These are smart detectors in the sense that the detector works with the imaging system to display depth, dimensions and the shapes of underground metals in real time! You can see through even deeper depths and find the treasure no one else has! It’s the world’s 1st!

Images courtesy of Nokta.


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Twin Brothers Find Medal While Detecting!

Twin brothers Mike and Mark Mangham have always done so many neat things together. Mike has always wanted to try detecting and got his brother Mark into it. Mike’s first find was a pocketwatch. Both of them having been hunting for 5-6 years and are hooked! The more they find, the more they want to hunt!

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Learn More About Metal Detecting On Farms!

Have you seen what’s new on our other blog, listed on our website? In this one, we talk about metal detecting on farms. These places have even more potential for treasure than you realize and we talk about how YOU can find the most!

Here’s a short sample:

Finds From Workers-

“Farming is one of the longest-running activities in the world. It was what allowed people to settle in one place after all. Because of this, you could find some pretty old treasure, depending on how long the farm or community has been around, as well as current clad. It’s not uncommon to find pocket spills from workers, either from working in the field or taking a break. Since farms have the soil broken up on a regular basis, you are likely to find things for many years to come.” 


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History Unearthed In Arkansas!

People are falling in love with metal detecting across the globe. Once you get a machine, you are hooked! Everything from the sound of the metal detector makes to hunting a new location, it’s just too awesome to put into words! I personally look for stories having to do with treasure hunters who are passionate about the hobby and finds some . Here’s the most recent one! Read more »

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This Treasure Hunter Found Amazing Things From A Spanish Galleon!

Treasure hunter J. Herbert “Herbo” Humphreys Jr lead a very adventurous life. Even though he had passed this world, we wanted to share some amazing things that he did. He used a ship known as The Beacon to find shipwrecks. One of the most successful techniques he used to find them was known as blowing holes. This technique, as the article pointed out, includes, “attachments placed over the Beacon’s propellers shot a forceful column of water down to the sandy, shallow bottom of the Little Bahama Bank.”

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