Brain Food Vol. 10: Parts of a Coin

It’s good knowledge for every detectorists to know the parts of a coin. Coin parts of included in metal detecting jargon, so we have a handy guide for you to learn. Coins can teach us so much about history, so they are great to collect and learn more about! If you’re a coin collection, leave a comment and tell us some of your favorites or tips!

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Mega Gold Giveaway! You Don’t Want To Miss This!

It’s our #BigGoldGiveaway! You get a FREE Nokta AU Gold Finder with the purchase of these select gold metal detectors!!


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Special Black Friday Giveaway!

We have a special edition of #FridayFanFun for you all! It’s a Black Friday edition! Take our fun, metal detecting trivia and we will pick someone at random to win an awesome, treasure hunting mystery prize! The winner will be announced on Black Friday!

See the trivia and official rules here and on this link as well.

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Find The Impossible With These!

Presenting the all new Quest metal detecting line! Quest makes it easy for you to find the impossible! We have the Quest Q20 metal detector, the Quest Q40, the Quest XPointer Pro Pinpointer, the XPointer Scuba Tector metal detector and the Quest Diamond Diggers!!


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Detectorist Finds These Under Historic Home!

Treasure hunter Lary Salo got the opportunity to search at the historic Hannah Jumper house to uncover any artifacts that had been there for centuries. He had permission of the property owner to hunt there. After hunting for awhile, he found brass buttons of different sizes, a door handle, two clay pipe stems, a shoe buckle, pottery shards and coins dating from the late 1700s to early 1800s! As of right now, they are working out whether the items found belong to the Jumper house. Salo said on the hobby, “I’ve been metal detecting for the past 35 years or so. My former middle school teacher was talking to the owner, and he secured permission for me to metal detect.” According to the article, the house was built in 1740 and still stands at 35 Mount Pleasant St. today. Read the full story by clicking source below.

This is not the actual house. See original article for pictures.

This is not the actual house. See original article for pictures.


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Brain Food Vol. 9: Gemstones Galore!

Did you know metal detectors can help you find the locations of gemstones and other minerals? We have a great article on it here in the Kellyco Library.

To help you better identify different types of gemstones, we have this chart.

See the full chart on here.

new gemstone image

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A Treasure Hunting Giveaway Soooo Good, It’s Scary!

Now, You have the chance to be the winner of a Makro Racer Pro detector package!! (worth $1,076.85!) Enter here. See the giveaway terms & conditions. Good luck everyone! You have until November 1st at 10am!

Here’s what is included:

The package includes:

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Use This New Shovel To Amp Up Your Detecting!

Presenting the all new, Gold Digger NX-5 shovels! These are made from tempered steel and heat treated for durability. These are the official digging tool of KG and Ringy from Diggers (Anaconda Treasure)!



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Ancient Cultures Vol. 1: The Beauty of Minoan Art

One of the things the ancient Minoan culture is famous for is their vibrant frescoes and pottery designs. As a quick history lesson, the Minoans lived on modern day Crete during the Bronze Age. This was about 2,000-1,500 BCE. Their love of their way of life was reflected in their art. They especially had a love of the sea and nature. You can see flowing, naturalistic designs that represent the timeless beauty of the natural world. Their art was notable because it was not a common type during that time. As a seafaring culture in the Aegean, the Minoans were constantly being exposed to different cultures, materials and knowledge. They used all of those in their artwork. For example, in some pieces, you could see differences in social and political status reflected in the art. Read on the various stages of development and more! Click source below. The Minoans were just one of many, amazing ancient cultures! Stay tuned for other blog posts featuring others!

Did you know treasure hunters can find pieces of history from ancient cultures? It’s true. Read about best practices before getting started.


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Important Update On The AT Max

We have an update for everyone who has pre-ordered the Garrett AT Max. We understand it has been a long wait for many of our customers and appreciate your patience. We received our pre-orders from Garrett, but as of now, due to limited stock, only preorders before May 21st were able to be fulfilled. If you preordered before May 21st, you can expect an email with delivery information. Please be assured that we will be fulfilling orders based on the order date. As soon as stock becomes available, we will be providing updates on the Garrett AT Max on Facebook.


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