Underwater Detectorist Finds Diamond Ring!

The UK site The Telegraph tells of a very uplifting metal detecting story to help you get through the rest of the week. This one has to do with a lost diamond ring found again!

The story starts with a British lady who lost her diamond ring while on vacation in the Mediterranean Sea. The ring was no ordinary ring. It was an family heirloom worth a lot of money. The ring feel off her finger while she was in the water. She discovered she needed additional help looking for the ring, so she hired underwater metal detector specialist, George Edmunds and his partner, Julia Stephens to aid her. They all met up at a seaside resort near Palma, Majorca, Spain.

Photo credits: The Telegraph and George Edmunds

Photo credits: The Telegraph and George Edmunds

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More Information On Digging Tools!

Wondering what the best digging tools and shovels are for metal detecting? We have your answers!

Here are a few take a ways:

1. Most shovels found in hardware stores that are used for gardening will not work. They are made of aluminum and bend easily even after just a half day of metal detecting. For treasure hunters, there are better ways to find possible treasure.

2. One the most requested features on target recovery tools are the serrated edges. The serrated edge gives you the ability to cut into the dirt and pull it out easier than using a non-serrated edge.

3. The serrated edge feature is available on treasure hunting knives, metal detecting shovels and trowels.

4. While having the correct target recovery tool for the job is important, it is also necessary to have the correct accessories. Many treasure hunters carry pinpointers and probes with them to locate the exact spot of the target without damaging the target itself.

See more of what we recommend here. Now, off to the hunt and explore!

Now is the perfect time to find your right digging tool! Maybe you need an upgrade?

Now is the perfect time to find your right digging tool! Maybe you need an upgrade?

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This Giveaway Is Non Stop Fun!

If you are not familiar with them, the New Age Goonies Adventures is a metal detecting/treasure hunting group dedicated to finding treasures from the past, to be enjoyed in the present. They have a deep passion for history itself and the thrill of the hunt. Like us, they believe the hobby is great for all ages! They have recently announced a new giveaway coming up that has been in collaboration with Minelab. You have the chance to win a treasure chest filled with Minelab goodies! Go on a hunt to find the chest! The giveaway is sponsored by Minelab. These include a GO-FIND 40 metal detector, Minelab hair, Minelab gloves & pouch, thermos cup, NAG shirt, headlamp, key chain and other great items! Click on their original contest post here for more details. Stay tuned for more information!

See their video. 

Photo credit: New Age Goonies Adventures

Photo credit: New Age Goonies Adventures

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These Ancient Coins Were Found Where?

These days, there has been treasure finds popping up all over the world! It’s been great seeing just what has been found by people in any country or city! Recently, some new coin treasure has been found in Dundee, Scotland! The Scotsman has all the new info on this! Based on their article, the new coins finds are ancient Greek coins discovered near a hotel in Dundee! Read more »

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A Minelab GO-FIND Is The Perfect Summer Addition!

A Minelab GO-FIND metal detector is the perfect exploring companion this summer! Now, the GO-FIND is part of our summer deals!

You get a FREE accessory bundle with the GO-FIND 20 & 40 purchase!

The GO-FIND 20 features:
3 levels of sensitivity
2 FIND modes
8″ waterproof coil
5 volume levels

The GO-FIND 40 features:
3 FIND modes
Smartphone app
4 levels of sensitivity
5 treasure view LED’s

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Join This Detecting Selfie Contest!

Do you love showing off your metal detecting apparel and/or Kellyco t-shirt? We want to see!! You have a chance to win a $100 Kellyco gift certificate just for showing off ANY one of our shirts!

(FYI: for Facebook and Instagram only)

Here’s how to enter:

Step 1: Take a selfie with your Kellyco tee.

Step 2: Use the hashtag #KellycoTee on on your post.

Step 3: Post here on Facebook and/or on Instagram. You can post on our Facebook wall, on the contest post, etc.

There’s still time for you to pick up your shirt if you don’t have one! Don’t miss this! You could be the winner!

This contest entry comes from our fan Mark Gregory Pettit!

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Jump For Joy With These New Summer Deals!

It’s like Black Friday in July with all these great treasure hunting savings! Get 60 days interest free with our financing! We give you all even more ways to save for all your favorite products!

Not only that, check out our Minelab GO-FIND new accessory pack deal!

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Metal Detecting Is Better With A…Gold Rush Nugget Bucket!

For our Tip of the Week, we wanted to feature how a metal detector and the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket are a great summer combo!

There’s nothing better than a powerful combo to find you more loot! To start, Your metal detector can help find a solid, tone target and dig to find the target. You can use the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket to shake away the excess clumps and dirt. You can see if you’ve found more gold pieces! We tried taking out the Nugget Bucket with our waterproof Garrett AT Pro metal detector to test the operation of both units together and we were surprised by the results! When you pour water over the dirt and use your hand to shake away clumps, this is where the magic of the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket starts taking place!
Larger objects will often get caught up in the top screen while the smaller pieces flow through the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket’s patented chamber system. The objects caught in this phase are often easy to catch, but if you are digging in thicker soil and can’t identify your target, just run your pinpointer over the top of the screen until you get a solid signal. Find out what else we had to say and what areas we recommend for detecting with your Gold Rush Nugget Bucket.

nugget bucket

Look at this post from the Facebook page of Gold Rush Nugget Bucket! They found the image from a @toriiweaver on Instagram

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Which Battery Gives You Over 40 Hours Of Hunt Time?

Have you heard of Power Plus? It’s one of the most revolutionary batteries and just might THE only metal detecting battery you need!

We now have this product and you have to give it a try! The Power Plus is for the Garrett AT Pro and AT Gold. This is the best, manufacturer of long life rechargeable custom made battery systems for selected high-end metal detectors! In a few short hours,  a special “Smart Charger” will quickly charge the battery and not overcharge or overheat! You will know your battery is ready to go when you see the Smart Charge indicate it for you. This type of battery holds it’s charge for up to 1 year! This is the best out there and a favorite for treasure hunters out there.

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The July 4th Fireworks Come Early!

The July 4th fireworks come early with our new promo to celebrate! Receive a FREE Visa gift card (up to $100) with the purchase of a metal detector on this page.

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