Did You See Our Live Video?

We love using social as a way to connect better with our fans and customers. We feel video is one of the best ways to do that. Our plan is to do more live videos, so you can talk to our treasure hunters no matter where you! Ask them anything and get insider tips! Here is the live video from January 10th.

When we do these videos, we encourage you all to share with the hashtag #KellycoSocialLive. Let all your friends and family know.

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More Archaeologists Joining Forces With Detectorists

For archaeologists, it’s been an ongoing debate- to what extent do they embrace hobbyists and or amateurs? Through the years, many archaeologists have considered detectorists looters who shouldn’t be near labs or dig sites. Now, according to NY Times, two archaeologists are hoping to change the perspective. Dr. McBride, Archaeologist & Director of Research for the  Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center and David J. Naumec, the Senior Historian, are both getting ready to finish a seven year project documenting the Pequot War of 1637. It just so happens that a detectorist known as Keith Wille came into the museum with some artifacts.

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Treasure Hunters Hit Unexpected Jackpot!

Two treasure hunters in Galveston, Texas came across a treasure find that they were not expecting! Robert Hodson and Clyde Longworth discovered several hundred foreign coins on a beach. Hodson said to Click2Houston News, “Sometimes we don’t find like maybe $2 or $3 in maybe a little coin spill, But this was a big coin spill.” They knew immediately that this was a different kind of coin spill, since so there were so many of the coins. They knew it had to be theft. Hodson also stated, “Somebody dumped this. This isn’t a couple coins that accidentally dumped out of somebody’s pocket.” After research online, the two hunters found that the coins belonged to a man known as Peter Grasso. When he was recovering in a senior living center from triple-bypass surgery, he had not only the coins taken from him, but guns and a flat screen TV as well. Read what happens next here.

Photo credits: Robert Hodson and Clyde Longworth




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This Sword Is 2,300 Years Old And Still Shiny!

Based on new information from Dailymail in the UK, Chinese archaeologists discovered one, impressive old weapon- an 2,300 year old sword. The sword was found in an ancient coffin in a Chinese province known as “Henan Province.”  What made this sword find so great is that the sword itself was still sharp and shiny! It was covered in mud, but the wonderful condition of the blade is what willThe condition was great! After more research, it is believed that the origin of the Chinese civilization was in this province! The video of the sword-drawing ceremony received millions of views; 9.3 million! (As Dailymail says). Read more by clicking “source” below!

Photo credits: Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology Also Dailymail UK


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Calling Coin Enthusiasts!

Kellyco will be at the Florida United Numismatics’ 62nd Annual F.U.N Convention tomorrow! The event start on the 5th and lasts through the 8th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

Come see over 600 dealer booths! over 15 educational programs, a competitive exhibit area and much more!

>>>We will be at booth #406!! Come see us!

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Brain Food Vol. 5: Removing Rust On A Find Without Scrubbing

We all know the feeling of finding objects covered in rust. You want to see more detail and find out the object’s story, but it’s tough see when it’s covered in dirt or rust. Searching for cleaning methods can be an exhaustive process. That’s why we feel it’s best to search and find them for you, especially during the holiday rush. Rust is one of the most common things you will see on metal items in the ground. Rust is iron-oxide; a chemical compound that emerges with the combination of iron and oxygen.

When moisture touches that combination, the reaction is the rust we are used to seeing. After a large amount of time, the water, iron and oxygen can cause the item to start to disintegrate. Iron can be a pain, but luckily, we can across some great advice from www.hawk-hill.com. Here’s a few suggestions mentioned: A basic combination of water, citric acid, and time completely removes rust from metal. As their article suggests, citric acid is an organic acid a little stronger than vinegar. It apparently works very well as another option. You can find it in small packages and it also nice as a dish washing detergent.

They recommend having a bucket or a large container, very hot water and the acid itself. Next, you want to place/scoop some of the citric acid into your bucket. As far as the specific amount, they recommend 1/3rd a cup of powder per gallon of water. Then you want to let the rusty object soak for about 10-15 minutes. Look for bubbles forming on the object’s surface. Read next to see what they say! Click source below. If you are looking for more cleaning tips, see what we have to say!


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Don’t Miss This Social Deal!

This is just for our social fans! Private message us on Facebook or Instagram for a special price on the Garmin GPSMAP64 GPS Navigator! This is rugged and waterproof! Locate your position quickly and maintain your location in heavy cover! Easily add more maps with the detailed variety of topographic, marine and road maps. This supports paperless geocaching with 250,000 pre-loaded caches that come with hints and descriptions from Geocaching.com! This displays key information, including terrain, location, difficulty, hints and descriptions. You don’t have to worry about manually entering coordinates and paper printouts! You also get BaseCamp software, which lets you view and organize maps, waypoints, routes and tracks. It is a must have and makes a great gift!

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Last Chance For The 12 Deals Of Christmas!

These are deals exclusively to us! We want you to have the best Christmas and save the most amount of money! Stock up and be ready for the #SeasonOfTreasure!

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Brain Food Vol. 4: How To Identify Rare Washington Quarters

Each small difference in a coin, can speak volumes about the value and history. We want to make sure that you have the info you need to check for valuable quarters. Luckily, we came across a great article from About.com on identifying all the small parts that make up more valuable Washington quarters. You can easily recognize the coin by the description. As they say, many factors come into play for the most accurate value of your coin. Let’s take a look at how to identify pieces of the rare coin puzzle:

  1. 1932-S San Francisco Mint – These quarters were not made in a large quantity; only 408,000 of them were produced. They are a rarity in the series. Look for a small “S” below the wreath on the reverse side.
  2. Heavy Motto (1934)–  On this coin, the motto, “In God We Trust” is bolded and strengthened. You can notice it on the coin. This one is more hard to find.
  3.  1950-D D/S (D over S repunched mint mark) –  you’ll need a magnifying glass of at least 12X to see the repunched mint mark. About this specific one, the article said, “This time, that die was to be shipped to the San Francisco mint but “D” was punched into the die first. Then somebody punched the letter “S” over the “D.”

Read more on source below!


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