Mysterious “Sea Monster” Found In Baltic Sea?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of sea monster? I think of something intriguing, yet scary. Maybe a creature that has lived a very long life, that we have yet to learn from. Like many others, I’d like to think that there are various types of sea monsters out there. For centuries, sea monsters or monsters in general, have fascinated many cultures and have inspired all kinds of artwork throughout the globe.

So much history with this object! Photo credits: Jon Willen, News)

So much history with this object! Photo credits: Jon Willen, News)

There’s images of them on many items. One of the most recent examples, is this story from According to author Eric Chaney, a team from Sweden’s Blekinge Museum and Sodertorn University have uncovered a “sea monster” in the Baltic Sea. The image found on the item, was reminiscent of ancient sea creatures in old drawings. This time, the neat find turned out to be a ship figurehead over 520 years old! In the article, Chaney states that the creature was carved at the end of a beam on a ship called Gribshunden, or Grip Dog. 

According to the site, the ship sank in a Swedish town known as Ronneby, then sank due to a fire in 1495. One of the most interesting things, as Chaney pointed out, is that the artifact is a very rare find, since no other 15th Century item like it has been discovered before! See source below for more details.



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What’s The Best Day Ever? (Minelab’s Great New Video)

What do you consider to be the best day? Like Minelab does in this new video, we believe one of the best days is spending the day metal detecting with those we care about. There’s nothing like the feeling of the fresh air hitting your face and search for cool stuff! It’s a hobby that can be passed down to the next generation! You get to learn and have fun at the same time! Check out Minelab’s new video here.

Image credit: Minelab

Image credit: Minelab


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UK Metal Detectorist Find Stunning Cross That Is How Old?

Talk about the find of a lifetime! A metal detectorist was searching in Wales, when he discovered a artifact over 800 years old! This particular artifact, according to Sales Wales Argus, is a silver and gold gilded cross. The article also said that the cross came with the Hebrew inscription “Ate gebir leilam adonaI”, which translates to “thou art mighty forever oh Lord”. The man that found this gorgeous cross is 63 year old Malcolm, who, as the article said, is a member of the Gwent Metal Detecting Club in Wales. He said to Sales Wales Argus on the find, “You always live in hope that you’ll find an exceptional item, but it was slow day. I was drawing a blank. Then, there was a faint signal. It was in unbelievable condition, just dropped off the neck. You just think of the person who lost it and their circumstances. That makes you pause for thought.” As far as where the cross is today, it is currently in the hands of coroner, and if it is found to be treasure, it will be up for bid by other museums. To read more, see source below.

Here is the find! Photo credits: South Wales Argus and Malcolm Corfield.

Here is the find! Photo credits: South Wales Argus and Malcolm Corfield.


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New Video Of 4.5 Million Spanish Gold Find!

Do you want to feel the excitement of finding treasure? The rush of seeing new gold coins? Then we recommend you see this video from the Facebook page of 1715 Fleet-Queens’ Jewels, LLC. In the video, you will see the recoveries of the $4.5 million Spanish gold that was found recently! See the reaction of the Capitana crew find the coins, the gorgeous water and more! Nothing like the feeling that you are apart of the adventure!


Photo credits: 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels, LLC, Brent Brisben, Capitana crew, etc.

Photo credits: 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels, LLC, Brent Brisben, Capitana crew, etc.

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This Awesome Story Is One Reason Why People Metal Detect

We have to share news of this unbelievably awesome discovery involving Spanish gold! The crew of a boat known as “Capitana” recently discovered over 350 gold coins! The Capitana is part of the 1715 Fleet-Queen’s Jewels, LLC historic shipwreck salvage operation. The famous 1715 fleet sank in the year 1715, with millions of dollars in lost treasures. The vast amount of coins just recovered were found on exactly the 300th Anniversary of the 1715 Fleet!

According to Brent Brisben, the co-founder of of the 1715 Fleet-Queen’s Jewels, LLC, there were 9 rare coins also found, known as “Royals”. Those coins are valued at $300,000 a piece!! Brisben also mentioned, in a recent press release, that the coins were meant for the King of Spain and these make up 30% of all the known Royals out there! Can you imagine holding a coin such as this? Brisben said that all the artifacts were discovered in shallow waters, about 6 feet deep, off the coast of Vero Beach, Florida. The treasure hunter that made the amazing find was William Bartlett, near a location where Co-Captain, Jonah Martinez chose.

See a video from CBS This Morning, where Brisben talks about the find, including the current legal information around the discovery. This find is one of the reasons why treasure hunting as a hobby is so wonderful. Picking up pieces from the past and sharing that with the world is one of the best feelings! The pure happiness and awe, is something that will never be forgotten. No matter what level treasure hunter you are, it’s imperative to find the right equipment and expertise, in order to help you find the treasure you have always been looking for. Start with us, here at Kellyco.

Photo credits: CBS This Morning, 1715 Fleet-Queens' Jewels, LLC and Brent

Photo credits: CBS This Morning, 1715 Fleet-Queens’ Jewels, LLC and Brent Brisben

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More Metal Detector Winners (Dig & Donate Sweeps!)

We are so grateful to see the newest photos of more Dig & Donate winners! The Dig & Donate winners were announced at our 60th Anniversary Event on August 1st. Here are some we received: (There are more coming!)

1.  Here is Jack Kowalczyk, who won a White’s TREASUREmaster metal detector!


2. Here is Shawn Pryor. He won a Minelab SDC2300 metal detector!

Shawn Pryor Minelab SDC 2300 Dig & Donate winner


3. Here is Virgil Akers, one of our Dig & Donate Sweepstakes winners, who won a White’s Coinmaster metal detector!



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Intriguing Monolith Found Off Of Sicily’s Coast

A large, underwater find has scientists talking with curiosity and excitement. David Freeman, author for Huffington Post argued that the off the coast of Sicily, a monolith was discovered and this particular one is thought to be older than Stonehenge itself! According to evidence gathered on Stonehenge, the structure was built between 4,000-5,000 years ago. However, as Freeman pointed out, this new monolith appears to have been built around 9,000 years ago and is 12 meters long! Scientists have confirmed that the structure was found at over 40 meters deep, on a location that was once an island in the Sicilian Channel. As far as who made the monolith? Freeman mentioned that no one really knows for sure, however, there is some evidence to suggest that another Mediterranean culture that stayed there until the sea levels rose. One of the most interesting things about this underwater find, apart from the age, is that there is a hole in the monolith that makes others believe that the monolith served as a lighthouse of some sort. According to Huffington Post, the way the monolith was made, shows that the culture was very sophisticated. To read more on this, see source below.

Here are Kellyco, we believe anyone can find a piece of history. We will give you the right tools and expert advice, so you can unearth a part of the past!

Photo credits: Emanuele Lodolo and Huffington Post.

Photo credits: Emanuele Lodolo and Huffington Post.


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Great Photo Album From Team ATC (Diggers) Featuring The Kellyco 60th!!

We came across a wonderful collection of photos from Team ATC (Diggers) today on our 60th Anniversary event! In the photo collection, Team ATC includes pictures with customers and other special guests such as the Schmitt family, who discovered the $1 million Spanish gold treasure off the Florida Coast! We are so glad to read that they had a fantastic time and made great memories! We did as well. Thank-you Team ATC! In the photo below, you can see George (very far left in green shirt) and Tim (far right with green shirt and black hat) with our CEO, Stuart Auerbach (in white shirt), our President, David Auerbach (in berry colored shirt), Eric Magnuson from “Legend of the Superstition Mountains” (very far right in the grey shirt with Minelab vest) and the members of the Schmitt family (Rick in the center with black shirt, along with his wife in the blue shirt).

Photo credit: Team ATC (Anaconda

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The Dig & Donate Winners Are Here!


Cue the drumroll…:)

We have the complete list of winners from the Dig & Donate Sweepstakes that were announced at our 60th Anniversary Event on August 1st.

At the event, we had a total ending number of over 800,000 pull tabs! We are overwhelmed by the amount of participation! Thank-you to each and every one of you.

In addition to the list and where the winners are from, you will also see a video of the winners being announced live at the event.

Some people you will see in the video include:

Stu Auerbach, our CEO, drawing names on behalf of Nokta
Gene Scullion, Sr Sales Manager, and Mike Scott, Director of Sales at First Texas

James Hurst, Vice President and Director of Sales & Marketing at Garrett Metal Detectors

Mark Chrislip, Director of Sales & Marketing at White’s Electronics

Gary Schafer, General Manager of WW Consumer Markets & the Americas at Minelab


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