Nice Discoveries Made With A White’s MX5!

Here is an awesome treasure find story from White’s! The story below comes from a treasure hunter, known as Bob, who found a 1700′s King George copper, an early large cent, musket balls and a piece of jewelry! Those were discovered with his White’s MX5 machine!

(Story and image courtesy of White’s)

Here is Bob’s story:

“I went out with a group to test the MX5 in an area that we have pounded. These people are seasoned hunters with high end detectors. I like to tell folks that with all of our experience we should be over 1000 years old, but that’s another story. It really wasn’t a fair fight because I was playing with programs to find the settings I like best. I dug a great many more targets then I normally dig because I didn’t believe the detector.

In all cases the detector was correct. The bad items were typically cut nails or junk. I kept thinking a bad deep target would get better when the detector got closer. The good news was when it locked on to a good target it was dead on. At noon when I broke for lunch with my playing around, I was well behind the group in recoveries.

I told the group I had a friend named MX5 & we had a new plan. In the afternoon, I hunted in all metal & could hear faint targets many times that were off to the side of me. When I locked on to the signal I would switch back to coin & read the vdi. This approach let me cover a lot more ground. Good targets always repeated. I hit a mid 1700′s king George copper, an early large cent, musket balls & a piece of jewelry.

I ended up with the most rev war targets. One of the boys beat me on earliest coin when he found a 1754 Spanish reale. The bottom line on the MX5, is that in my opinion, it’s the best metal detector on the market for the money. The things I love most about this detector are the tones, depth & threshold. Check the pics out on recoveries.”

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We Wish Everyone A Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Everyone here at Kellyco would like to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!


We are very thankful for all of our fantastic fans and customers! A big thank-you to each one of you!


We want to know. What is one thing you are thankful for today?

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Wonderful Treasure Find Story From White’s

Here is an awesome treasure find story from White’s! The story below comes from a John S, who discovered a round copper token from 1868! The token below was found with a White’s Spectra V3i!

(Story and image courtesy of White’s Electronics)

Here is his story:

“Last year while detecting in Wyoming, I found a round copper like disk. It looked like a bottle cap. Not seeing anything on it at the time, I just put it in my finds pouch. We save all copper, brass and lead for recycling. Also, I always save everything and clean it at the end of the day because you can never tell what is underneath all the dirt.

Lo and behold, under all the dirt was a face of lady liberty and the date 1868. My hunting partner at the time said too bad you don’t have the back. Back I said? Yes it is the front half of a token issued by the sutler at Fort Sanders. He had seen one that a friend found.

Oh well. Half a loaf (token) is better than none. Fast forward to this spring. I went back to the same spot with two of my detecting buddies (Marty and Tom). Marty, who still uses a XLT ( frugal doesn’t even come close), found a back for the same type token. It was all crumpled up like someone threw it away.

Now we have a token divided between two detecting friends. What do we do now? First we send it to Leonard Short in Virginia, the best relic restorer I know of. Well it came back (see the pics), now Marty and I have to come to an agreement on who gets “it”. Everyone should have these problems.

This is a very rare token because it has D.T. (Dakota Territory) on the back. I guess the moral of the story is don’t dispose of anything you find until you determine what it is and always detect with good friends. I use a Spectra V3i for relic hunting with pretty good results so far. In my opinion there isn’t a better detector. I also have a DFX, MXT and beach hunter.”

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A Big Thank-you To All The Veterans!

This Veteran’s Day, we honor all those who served. In honor of each veteran, we are donating a portion of all White’s sales to the Wounded Warrior Project.

All of us here at Kellyco want to say thank-you to each one of you!

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Ice Age Mummy Unearthed In Siberia

Photo credits: Huffington Post and researcher Olga Potapova (mammoth site of hot springs)


We could not believe how old this incredible find was when we first read the article! Dominique Mosbergen for the Huffington Post argued that a bison recently discovered in eastern Siberia has been dated to be over 9,300 years old! She also mentioned that the animal was so well preserved, that the heart, brain, blood vessels, digestive system and fur are intact! According to the Huffington Post, researchers praise the find because it allows new anatomical comparisons with modern species of both cattle and bison, as well as extinct species of bison that disappeared during the Pleistocene-Holocene boundary period of history. Mosbergen argued that the bison unearthed was part of an extinct species known as steppe bison (Bison priscus) and evidence suggests that the animal was killed by starvation.

To read more on this cool find, see source below.



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Over 600 Artifacts Discovered!

VietNamNet News had some exciting news in the world of archaeology and treasure hunting! According to the article,  the director of the Binh Dinh Museum in Vietnam discovered over 600 artifacts including a time god (Kala) statue, Shiva god’s hand, ancient terracotta artifacts and Champa reliefs! I thought this was fascinating because, as the article pointed out, the finds have show signs of Vietnamese, Chinese and Cham origins! To read more on this discovery, see source below.



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