Oak Island Interview Part One!

Here is the first part of the interview with our Consulting Engineer, Dave Spencer, as he talks about The Curse of Oak Island and the hobby of metal detecting.  View the video here.


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Minelab Supergold!

Minelab Super Gold!   This is a gold beauty! An Australian gold prospector unearthed an 87 ounce nugget with his Minelab metal detector!

Guess how much it’s worth? $100,000!

Read more on the story from Coin World here.

Photo credit/s: Minelab, Coin World and Michael Brown)

Photo credit/s: Minelab, Coin World and Michael Brown)


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Sweet Gold Nugget Discovery

Talk about gold galore! WPTV of West Palm Beach mentioned this month that a gold prospector known as Steve Herschback of Reno, found a gold nugget that weighed over 6.5 ounces! In addition to that, as the news station pointed out, Herschback found another 12.3 ounces of gold. According to WPTV, the find is worth $20,000! See source below to read more.

Find more gold this year!

We have the best metal detectors and prospecting equipment for finding all types of gold treasure!

What was your most interesting gold find? Tell us in the comments section.

(Photo Credits: WPTV West Palm Beach and Steve Herschback



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Ancient Computer Older Than Thought?

Last December, Huffington Post mentioned updated news concerning the Antikythera Mechanism or “World’s First Computer.” According to Huffington Post author Macrina Cooper-White, the device was discovered from a shipwreck off the Greek island of Antikythera in the year 1901. The object is made of bronze and for many years, believed to predict things such as positions of the planets, eclipses and even the dates of the Olympics! New evidence has arose, according to Huffington Post, concerning the age of the device. It is now believed that the ancient computer could be at least 50 to 100 years older than previously thought! Read more »

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Your Voice Has Been Heard!

Awhile back, we allowed our fans/customers to pick the machines that they feel performs the best in 5 categories: relic, all purpose, professional, water and gold . Here at Kellyco, we love to give others a chance to speak and voice their opinion.

We have the metal detector winners! Thank-you to all of you who gave your feedback to us. One of the best parts? There is free shipping for all the winning detectors!

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Inspirational Story With Metal Detecting Mention

We found a wonderful article that talks about not just someone finding things in the ground while metal detecting, but the focus and appreciation of God’s beauty,  as well as finding joy in everyday things. For me, I understand that just getting out with my metal detector and trying, even if I don’t expect to find anything, makes me feel good. For me and for others, you realize that being out among nature and with good company, can lead us to becoming more thankful for what we have. Finding the actual treasure is a sure bonus, but at the end of the day, it’s about all that we are blessed with and thankful for. Metal detecting is one those amazing hobbies that allows us to see more than the treasure. Read more »

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New Kellyco Event!

On March 6th, starting at 11am (EST), we invite you to come to the Snowbirds/Treasure hunting beginner’s workshop in Vero Beach, Fl.

This event is so much fun! We want to make sure you get the best out of your metal detector. You get to work with an expert and learn! If you don’t have a detector, no problem. We have machines for you to use; from event sponsors Garrett and Kellyco Metal Detectors. For more details, see here.

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The GoPro Hero4 Is A 2015 Must Have!

There are endless possibilities with the GoPro hero4 camera!

Cameras allow us to capture our world and our lives.

This year, we invite you to capture all the amazing, exciting, spine tingling, goose bump raising, happy moments in your life.

Collect the memories from all your travel adventures, great moments with friends and family and more!

See this great underwater diving video shot with the Hero4!



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Share Your Funny Metal Detecting Story

Do you have a funny metal detecting story to share?

We want to hear about it!

Personally, I think the funniest thing I have to tell,  is just thinking I’ve found something awesome, only to discover things such as pull tabs, trash, etc. You get all excited and then bam! Nothing yet. Ha ha, but I know that has happened to so many detectorists. It’s the fun and the thrill of the hunt that keeps us going.


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New Kellyco Awards From Minelab!

We are thrilled to announce that we have received two very distinguished Minelab awards!

We have received many others as well, that have made us a standout. See more here.


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