Learn How Metal Detectors Work

If you haven’t seen it, you should check our newest blog post on our website. We have other, guest posts and treasure hunting topics. On this newest post, we give you insider info just how your machine works. Learn the ins and outs of your metal detector! Check out the full post here.

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Parts of a Metal Detector

In order to understand how metal detectors work, you first need to know what their key components are. Even though detectors look different, the way they work is typically the same, so they all have parts that function similarly.

The four key components are:

  • Shaft – This is the main part of the detector that all of the other parts connect to. It’s usually adjustable for the user’s comfort.
  • Stabilizer – This attachment is the part of the detector that makes it comfortable to use. Think of it as the armrest of the machine. It stabilizes the metal detector as you move it around.
  • Control Box – The control box is the brains of the machine. It contains the battery, device controls and settings, the microprocessor, readout, and speakers.
  • Search Coil This is the bottom part of the detector that you swing over the ground. It’s an antenna that contains coils that are integral for the machine to be able to detect metal.

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1.2 Million Year Old Fossil Found By Boy Playing Outside!

As mentioned by Good Morning America, a boy named Jude Sparks (10 years old), was with his family near their home in New Mexico. He tripped over what he thought was a cow skull. The boy’s father, Kyle Sparks said, “I imagined through my own mind of being 9 years old and finding something like that and how incredible it would be.  Like most kids, he had this really strong phase, maybe 5 or 6 years old, where he’d be reading every dinosaur and fossil book you can imagine. He’s ectastic about it.” Mexico State University researchers identified the fossil finds as a Stegomastodon or a mastodon-like or elephant-like animal! Read more on this cool discovery! Click source below.

See actual picture by clicking on source

See actual picture by clicking on source


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Treasure Hunter Looking To Return Rings

Treasure hunter Mike Elliot found three rings and is hoping to find the owners. As reported by the Martinez-News Gazette, Elliot discovered an engraved child’s ring (could be a toe ring)  a silver woman’s cocktail ring and the third, which they believe to be gold, is a United States Specialty Sports Association championship ring! Elliott often uses his metal detector in Mountain View and at Waterfront Park. He also discovers plenty of coins, usually modern American ones that get a distinctive patina under dirt. He’s been in the hobby, as the article states, for over 5 years and has familiarized himself with all his detector’s unique sounds for locating treasure.

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More Roman Treasures Discovered!

In Southwestern Spain, silver and gold Roman coins were found at a copper mining site! The news was first reported by The Local. Director of Archaeology at Atalaya Mining, Luis Iglesias believes the coins were owned by a wealthy Roman citizen and stored in a leather. Additional details from Archaeology point that this find is important because it leads others to believe the settlement stretched farther west than previously known. See the sources below for even more info!

Note: Image shown is not actual cache mentioned in article. Image from Pixabay

Source 1

Source 2

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We love to make things easy for our fans. We now have been expanding our Facebook shop, where you can see details on more of our products. See the price, product description and more with this updated FB section! (We are currently adding more as of right now)

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3,000 Year Old Mask Found!

In an ancient cemetery in northern Argentina, an unusual mask was just found. Live Science reported that this particular mask is made of a piece of rectangular-shaped copper measuring about seven inches long and six inches wide. There are also holes where the nose, eyes and mouth should be. According to Live Science, the mask has smaller openings, which would suggest that it might have been used to fasten to a face or an object. Read more about what else they found that makes this one a standout! Click source below.


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Brain Food Vol. 7: Amazing Facts About Gold!

Gold is one of those fun topics. You think of gold treasure, gold jewelry and nothing but sparkle. We like to continually dig on this topic, so that you stay in the know! Here’s some awesome facts on gold from Express News in the UK:

  1. Between the years of 1999 and 2002, the UK Government sold 395 tons of our gold reserves at about $282 an ounce. Right now, that equates to $1,262 an ounce!
  2. There are about 0.2 milligrams of gold in our bodies! The majority of it is in our blood and some in hair.
  3. If you were to take all the gold ever mined, it would fit into a cube with sides are over 68 feet long!
  4. There is just under 150 million ounces of gold at Fort Knox. The number rose to 650 million ounces in 1941!

See all the other facts by clicking source below.


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See May’s Treasure Find Of The Week Winner!

Congratulations to the May 2017 Treasure find of the week winner- Stacey Adams!

Here is Stacey’s winning story!

The duck call was found with the GOFIND 20 metal detector

Send us your story! We love to see what you found!

***Each week, we will pick a story from our treasure find page on the new site and feature it in our Treasure Find of the Week Newsletter! >>>Now, you can send your story along with photos to newsletters@kellycodetectors.com OR via Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag #KellycoTreasure**

>>Your story could be the one! All you need to do is submit your treasure find story for the chance to be featured as our Treasure Find of the Week. One Treasure Find of the Week story will be promoted every Thursday on our website, here on social and in our newsletter! If your story is picked at featured, you will receive a Kellyco bumper sticker.

>>>Each featured find story will also be in the running for our $50 gift card prize. The drawing for the $50 gift card will be during each month. Take a look at our terms & conditions here.

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This Metal Detecting Club In Alaska Loves To Unearth History!

The Mat-Su Dirtfishers Association in Alaska loves to see what pieces of history lay under their feet. Their club has over 170 members, as Frontiersman News points out. Doug Cruthers, President of the Mat-Su Dirtfishers Association, explains in the article, both the ins and outs of metal detecting. According to Cruthers, the club is made up of archaeologists, who not only love history, but appreciate it. We really like how this club president mentions how addicting the hobby is. It’s so true!

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