For $30 A Month, Get The Metal Detector You Want!

Get the metal detector you want for $30 a month! Apply for financing here at Kellyco. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Comfortable payments: pay for your products in installments, instead of paying at once.

2. Buy what you desire: with our Installment Lease, you get to purchase the better item you really want.

3. Keep your cash, since a large ticket purchase can be a big, draining expense.

4. Skip-A-Payment option: We understand there are times when it gets tight to make a payment. Simply email or call us and tell us which payment you would like to skip. We are all about helping you and making the easiest for you.

5. More! See here.

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The Hoover Boys Find Gold!

This time, The Hoover Boys go metal detecting with their Minelab CTX 3030 machine! You have to see all the neat things that they find!

Finding gold is one of the things that make anyone’s day better!

See the video here:

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One Cool Deal Of The Week!

Are you a huge fan of coins? Do you like to collect them and research them? We have one great book that we know you will love! This particular one is also the featured product for our Deal of The Week!

The 2015 Official Blackbook Price Guide To US Coins includes the most recent information you need on both gold and silver. It’s the best source for coin collectors out there! You can order your copy for only $6.99!

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Funny Metal Detecting Imgur Comic!

TGIF! Check out this funny metal detecting comic sent to us by our fan, Steven Cochran on Imgur.

Image credit: Steven

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Gold At A Four Week High!

According to Bloomberg Business, this is a really good time for gold. If you are thinking about investing or selling gold, this is a opportune time. Over the years gold has gone up and down significantly. The article mentioned that gold gained not only because business orders fell, but due to the Federal Reserve holding off in increasing interest rates until 2016. Another important detail to note, as Bloomberg Business points out, is that higher interest rates have been placed at a hold because of financial uncertainty. George Gero, Vice President of Global Futures at RBC Capital Markets in New York said to Bloomberg Business, “Gold is gaining because of a weakness in economics and possible postponement of a rake hike.” To read more on this, see source below.

What are your thoughts on the direction of gold? Tell us in the comments below.


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New Guest Blog Post By Our Sales Director, Gene Knight!

See our Sales Director, Gene Knight’s guest blog on Digging History. Digging History is the blog run by James Oliver, who is a fan of ancient and pre-history. Oliver got into the hobby of metal detecting because he has always loved things owned by various people in the past. He feels metal detecting is a way for him to connect to the past. See the blog here.

In this guest post, Gene talks about valuable weapons and relics, with a focus on the Civil War. He gives a great introduction on the history of the weapons prior to the Civil war and after. Some of the items mentioned include: the musket, minie ball, etc. Gene argues that there’s nothing like holding a piece of history in the palm of your hand and these items are examples of things that will satisfy tour inner hunter! We highly agree!

Do you want to discover more about the past and find relics? Find the best relic detector here at Kellyco!

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Wonderful Cartoon Made By One Of Our Fans!

We want to share a great cartoon made by one of our fans, John Cave. His talent and creativity is wonderful! We especially love the Indiana Jones theme! He comes to Kellyco for all his metal detecting gear!

Thank-you so much John!

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Want A FREE Minelab GO-FIND Metal Detector?

We have something great you are going to love about the Minelab GPX4500! This is the ultimate gold machine like it’s predecessor! This metal detector comes with a FREE GO-FIND 40! Use coupon code: MLBBOGO40 to get the GO-FIND 40 FREE with purchase!

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New Video On Massive Silver Coin Cache!

We all love hearing and seeing news of huge metal detecting finds! The recent video by JD’s Variety Channel shows a massive cache of silver coins!

There are all kinds of valuable coins out there. Let us help you find as many of them as possible!

This is a treasure hunter’s dream!

Photo credit: JD’s Variety Channel


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Mind Blowing Facts About The Ocean!

The oceans are both beautiful and mysterious. They impact so much of our daily lives; in ways which you may not realize. For example, vital nutrients that the human body needs are in many marine life organisms. They not only help with how we feel, but with how we look, providing a wealth of wonderful things that enrich our world. The sea still has so many areas that are not yet explored and more questions that need answers. The facts about the sea now are pretty amazing! In this recent article from Huffington Post, there are many unique facts about the ocean that make it just one amazing thing. For example, the article mentions about diving deeper:

1. 97% of the earth’s water is contained in oceans

2. 2.5m (8ft) of ocean depth holds as much heat as the atmosphere

3. Half the oxygen we breathe is produced in the ocean

4. Dissolved gold can be found in every ocean, even though the amounts are limited.

5. 25 major animal groups live in the sea

6. 97% of earth’s habitat space is found in the water covering the globe

In addition to all the cool things listed above, another reason why we love the ocean is because you can discover key items from the past. Whether that be something of gold, silver, etc. That and many other reasons, is why the oceans are so precious. We need to do all we can to protect it and care for it. It does so much for us. See source below to read even more on this.



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