Learning About The Past Benefits All Generations

This is a great tidbit about archaeology from Upper Michigan Source! At the Marquette Regional History Museum in Michigan, people of all ages got a chance to appreciate the past by celebrating International Archaeology Day. Gathered among the archaeology professionals were archaeology students and kids. They had a chance to learn more about the field of archaeology itself. According to the article, the museum has been the place where archaeologists displayed their wide variety of artifacts dating from the past few centuries to over 12,000 years ago! Read more »

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Turn Your Gold Dreams Into Reality!

It seems gold is the one of the hot words for this fall and winter. We believe that anyone of any age can find gold. Here at Kellyco, we give you the tools and knowledge to find the most gold you’ve ever found.  You will find we are the only ones to give you FREE memberships to the world’s largest gold organization- The Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA)! (This membership is included with select product purchases).

And..if you love to watch TV shows on gold, “Gold Rush” has a new season!

Photo credits: Gold Rush, Discovery Channel



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Brain Food Vol 2: How To Tell If Diamonds Are Real

We came across an interesting post from Wikihow on ways to find out if your diamond is real. Today, the art of creating look-a-likes gets even better, with many people wondering just what a real diamond actually looks like. Here are some ways to make it easier to find the real deal when it comes to these gems:

1. The fog test- Hold the stone in front of your mouth and fog on it, like you would a mirror. It will be a fake if the fog stays on the stone for awhile. For it to be real, the fog would disappear because the real gem would disperse the heat from your breath. As you breathe on fake diamonds repeatedly, condensation starts to build up. If you wait awhile between fogging it up and looking at it, the real diamond still clear much faster than a fake.

2. Mount and setting- Normally, fake diamonds sit in cheaper metal. If you see a”C.Z.” stamp on the ring, it stands for Cubic Zirconia, which is a synthetic diamond. Look for different stamps                inside that indicate real platinum on gold. For example, as Wikihow states, Check for 10K, 14K, 18K, 585, 750, 900, 950, PT, Plat.”

3. Use a tool known as a Jeweler’s Loupe to inspect the gem: Inclusions are naturally occurring imperfections that mined diamonds have, so you can see them with this tool. Look for small color changes or flecks of minerals. if you see evidence of any, you are dealing with a real diamond! Cubic Zirconium do not have imperfections because they are made in a lab. So, if if looks too perfect, that’s your next clue for a fake.

4. Take a look at the reflections. For a real diamond, you will see varying shades of grey. If you look through the top of the diamond and catch a glimpse of rainbow reflections, it is a fake. As Wikihow states, you will instead need to check for “sparkles”. A real diamond will sparkle more than a piece of  quartz or glass.


Read the rest by clicking source below.


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Have You Seen Search Coil Madness?

At Kellyco, we have the top search coils to make your hunt the best! We have prices so good, they are scary!

Each day, from now until October 31st, we will highlight a different search coil for #SearchCoilMadness.

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It’s A Metal Detector Battle!

It’s always great to watch new videos that promote metal detecting or treasure hunting. We like to see what people have found and how much fun they have with the hobby.

We found a new video recently from Dude Perfect on YouTube. This video is entitled “Metal Detector Battle”. Take a look at the treasure they find!

Image credit: Dude Perfect

Image credit: Dude Perfect


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New Treasure Unearthed By Hurricane Matthew

If there is one good thing about storms, they wash all kinds of new treasure possibilities closer to shore. Hunting after a storm is one of the most sought after detecting experiences! We are waiting to see what things come ashore for treasure hunters to find. We recently found an article telling of one, neat discovery! In Folly Island South Carolina, old cannon ball from the Civil War emerged from the sand due to the hurricane. MSN mentioned that a bomb squad is at the area, but could not reach it immediately due to the rising tides. People in the area were warned that they might hear some small “booms”.

An alternate image of the cannon balls from Fox News.

An alternate image of the cannon balls from Fox News.



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A Special Hurricane Message For Our Customers

In light of Hurricane Matthew, we wanted to let you know this. As we receive new information, we will continue to keep you all updated.

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These Give You Better Target Separation!

Here is something to brighten up your week. Did you know the Minelab GO-FIND machines are still one of the most talked about? People love that these metal detectors are not only fully collapsible, but are able to give you better scanning coverage, help you eliminate unwanted “junk” targets and let you use one finger to select what you want to find. In addition to that, you can find some of the best target separation! And…You get a FREE Minelab GO-FIND accessory kit ($24.95 value) with the purchase of the GO-FIND 20, 40 or 60!

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A Villager In China Discovers What?

Global Times recently mentioned that a farmer in Jishui county, East China discovered six Bronze Age artifacts while leveling land. The artifacts found date back over 2,000 years ago! There were also bricks from the Han period that were uncovered. According to archaeologists, these cultural artifacts were daily items, such as utensils. Read more on source below.

What are your thoughts on this discovery?


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These Rock Carvings Are Mesmerizing!

As part of an early understanding of Britain’s oldest types of art, a British archaeologist named George Currie has located a astonishing amount of carvings to a recent project. Based on new data in The Observer, he said he located more than 670 Neolithic and Bronze Age carvings over the last 15 years! Can you imagine the excitement when finding more of these? He mentioned on this finds, “It was ridiculous. I got tired of recording the stuff. I’ve never come across quite so much. It’s quite a privilege.” He does believe that there has to be more out there. His project, as the news site pointed out, will be part of THE largest research project into British prehistoric rock art! As the article says, there are over 6,000 prehistoric rock carvings recorded all over Britain! Most of them have in common a circular pattern. It is thought that the designs have been shared across cultures in Europe. Read more about what the article says on the design by clicking source below.

Example of an ancient rock carving

Photo credits: George Currie and The Guardian News


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